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    Cruises In Santorini

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    Santorini is the largest multicolored Island found on the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. It is widely recognized as the precious remnant of the volcanic caldera in the heavenly kingdom of Greece. Being a perfect blend of scenic panoramas, splendid volcanic sand beaches, and romantic sunsets, the celestial destination has stolen the heart of all the travellers.

    Turning it up to the seventh cloud, stupendous cruises in Santorini are sure found in the bucket list of every wandering soul out there. Get headed to the plethora of fun and frolic experiences on an enthralling excursion to the promised land of Greece.

    7 Most Popular Cruises In Santorini

    The heavenly kingdom of Santorini widely offers the backpackers with an enormous amount of glorious tourist attractions. Among all, some of the most popular and exciting cruises in Santorini are as follows:

    1. Sunset Dinner Cruise

    Sunset Dinner Cruise

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    The Sunset Dinner Cruise including Nea Kameni visit stands out to be one of the best cruises in Santorini. On the day of excursion, you would be heading towards the lavish cruise boat that would sail all across the Caldera and wonders of Santornini Islands. Afterwards, proceed to the mesmerizing hot springs beside the hidden beauty of Sanbtorini’s volcano named Nea Kameni. One could also explore Thirasia, the wonderful Island on the northwestern coast. Rejoice in the mouth watering Greek dinner and fine glass of wine while admiring the panoramic views of the sun setting down and merging into sea of Aegean.

    Ports: Nea Kameni Volcano, Thirasia shores, and Santorini Caldera
    Price: INR 7,530
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 6 Hours

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    2. Sailing Catamaran Cruise

    Sailing Catamaran Cruise

    Image Source

    The Sailing Catamaran Cruise is renowned to provide the travellers with an unforgettable experience in Santorini. The Catamaran sails all across the Islands passing by the hidden volcano, lighthouse, hotsprings and Amoudi Bay in Greece. The mesmerizing views features are sure a treat for sore eyes. One could also enjoy a delicious barbeque lunch and sip the fine wine and soft drinks offered on one of the most amazing cruises to Santorini 2022.

    Ports: Amoudi Bay, Santorini Volcano, Palea Kameni, Akrotini Lighthouse, Red and White Beach
    Price: INR 7,530
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 5 Hours

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    3. Caldera Morning Cruise

    Caldera Morning Cruise

    Image Source

    The Caldera Morning Cruise with King Theras Boat is renowned among the popular cruises in Santorini, Greece. The gigantic King Theras Boat sails from the Athinios port all across Santorini covering its three magical lava Islands, including Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, and Thirasia Island. At each stops, hop around in the beauty and approach the alluring still active volcanoes. One could also reach to the hot springs in ordinance to relax and unwind themselves. Upon exploring all of the happening village of Manolas, sail across Oia gazing at the picturesque views of the mountanious ranges.

    Ports: Santorini Volcano and Greece
    Price: INR 3,091
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 7 Hours

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    4. Captain Lambros

    Captain Lambros Traditional Private Cruise

    Image Source

    On an enthrailling excursion to the Captain Lambros Traditional Private Cruise, the traditional fish boat would be set to sail across the Aegean sea with a Captain. Allow the scenic departure from Ammoundi Bay reveal the hidden secrets of Santorini to you. If you are one of the divers, then the beautiful stop of Thirasia is the ideal destination for you to enjoy. Rejoice swimming in the curative waters in the hot springs. Moreover, the major highlight of this cruise is the personalized extraordinary experience.

    Ports: Caldera, Volcano, Hot Springs and Thirasia
    Price: INR 36,462
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 4 Hours

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    5. Lagoon 400

    Lagoon 400 Sailing Private

    Image Source

    Among the variety of day cruises in Santorini provided to us, Lagoon 400 Sailing Private Tour with lunch and drinks is the most indulging one. The adventurous 5 hour tour allows the wandering souls to explore the phenomenal sandy beaches of Santorini. You could indulge in fun and interesting watersports like snorkelling and swimming in the hot springs with your travel companions. Adorn the glorious atrractions of Greece, namely Indian Rock and Aktorini. Thereafter, end your splendid cruise tour with a delicious barbeque lunch meal and drinks.

    Ports: LightHouse, Indian Rock and Akrotiri
    Price: INR 39,633
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 5 Hours

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    6. Private Dinner Night Cruise

    Romantic Private Dinner

    Image Source

    Romantic Private Dinner Night Cruise is the perfect one for couples on their honeymoon in Greece. As the lavish yatch sails across the sea, breath in the air filled with immense love and pleasure. Sit back and relax along with your best choosen life partner at the splendid beaches of Satorini, notably Vlychada and Perissa Black Sand Beach. Find romance under a sky full of stars while having the most delighful candlelight dinner in Santorini. It would prove out to be the most idyllic night of your lifetime.

    Ports: Vlychada Beach and Perissa Black Sand Beach
    Price: INR 59,450
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 3 Hours

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    7. Private Oia Cruise

    6 Hour Private Oia Cruise

    Image Source

    If you are someone seeking to avoid uninvited crowd of greece, think no more before taking the 6 Hour Private Oia Cruise. Unlike other ordinary day cruise tours, it would enlighten you about the rich history and cultures of the Islands of Santoirini. At Red Beach in Aktorini, the panoramic views of Minoan ruins would not fail to surprise you with its extremely magnificient charms. Take your trip to a notch by adding further personalised customisations on your pretty perfect excursion.

    Ports: Red Beach and Oia
    Price: INR 13,871
    Timings: Everyday
    Time Duration: 5 to 6 Hours

    8. Santorini Catamaran Red Cruise

    Best Cruises From Vancouver

    Sail into the sunset off Santorini on a 5-hour cruise on board a catamaran, and enjoy a complimentary barbecue supper. Sip on a glass of wine while you marvel at the gorgeous sunset views and sail past the beautiful Red Beach and white Beach, go on adventures into the water and indulge in snorkeling.

    Ports: Ammoudi Port of Oia or the Athinios port, south of Fira
    : INR 7,705
    Time Duration: 5 to 6 Hours

    9. Santorini Sailing Dream Catcher

    Sunset Cruise in Maldives

    Spend your entire day in the water and indulge in snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming on this 5-hour long cruise. Witness sea landmarks along the way like the Indian Head Mountain and the Old Venetian Lighthouse. Visit Red beaches and White beaches, take a dip in the hot spring and a luxurious meal on-board.

    Ports: Vlichada Marina Santorini
    Price: INR 7,708
    Time duration: 3-4hours

    10. Santorini Volcanic Islands Cruise

    Get mesmerized by breathtaking views of Santorini’s natural and histoirc beauty on this tour, making it ideal for first-time visitors and travelers. You’ll get to explore Ancient Thira, Santorini Hot Springs, and the volcanic crater of Nea Kameni.

    Ports: Órmos Athiniós, Greece
    Price: INR 2,840
    Time duration: 1hour 30minutes

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    Are you fascinated enough? If yes, then plan a trip to Santorini and warmly welcome the enthralling adventures heading your way. Before escaping on an amazing tour, make sure to read all about these cruises in Santorini. You would be grateful, leaving imprints on the promised land and carrying a handful of happy memories back home.

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