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The isle of Aphrodite presents to you not just good-looking landscape like golden beaches and plain blue water, but also has an undomesticated Cyprus nightlife that draws thousands of tourists towards it, every year. Everlasting enjoyment is something that anyone can be sure of, once they step on to this isle. All towns have an overabundance of nightclubs and bars, in numbers, which will assure you of a memorable time to be spent.

The major club spot in Cyprus is Ayia Napa, which is globally known as one of the final gathering city; Limassol follows next on the nightlife degree, then come Paphos, larnaca, Protaras, and Nicosia. In the summer, entertainment takes on an entirely different note; a fresh sense in Cyprus. Fun, melody, non-stop dance, soulfully-made food and drinks, pleasant climate, and funky clubs situated on the seashore are a few things one could ask for from Cyprus nightlife. Bars and pubs in Cyprus, are accessible until about 2.00 am, while nightclubs in Cyprus continue to buzz with activity till the premature hours of the daybreak.

Cyprus Nightlife Trend

The actual enjoyment begins at about 1.00 when the clubs in Cyprus set to let in visitors, and they go wild on the bop ground. In Cyprus, you will find various bars compete among themselves with music to draw a crowd. The clubs usually close at around 5 in the morning, but some of them wait till 7, or even 8.

The region of Ayia Napa is extremely up to the beat, with attractive seashore of the Blue Sea, joint with an unexpected presence of the night entertainment. There are ample options for a tourist to hop the night away till sunrise. Not a long time ago, Ayia Napa was a drowsy fishing township situated in the South-eastern part of the isle of Cyprus in the 90s. It has since, rapidly become a significant summer target for the clubs it in itself, is a great deal, especially to its competitor Ibiza.

If one is looking for additional laid-back enjoyment opportunities till the twilight, Paphos offers a decent number of bars and clubs, with a bonus of a Mediterranean blaze. Dining in Paphos, on freshly caught seafood, till the twilight is out, is the center of attraction here.

Limassol’s thrilling nightlife may not be up to the expectations of the ones looking for a night like that in Ayia Napa. However, following a night out in jam-packed bars, one might be keen to avoid the crowd and discover an additional sophisticated bar, coffee bar, nightclub, or restaurant for one’s twilight amusement. This is where Limassol comes to play. It gives you a more private, peaceful, and laidback nightlife opportunity.

6 Locations in Cyprus to enjoy Nightlife

Here is the total guide to the nightclubs and bars in Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia, and Paphos:

  • Blue Moon Bar
  • River Reggae
  • Fantasy Boat Party
  • Rialto Theatre
  • Castle Club
  • Secrets Freedom

1. Blue Moon Bar

Blue Moon Bar

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The Blue Moon Bar is the major club in AYIA NAPA for Scandinavians, though it still attracts worldwide clients. The bar employees perform with delight in the show, while putting on an odd costume, and demonstrating fire sports, particularly in the bar’s themed night, like the Masquerade Wednesday, the Full Moon Party and night Playboy.

Address: 1 Ari Velouchioti Street, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Timings: Open daily from 1.30 to 5.00.

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2. River Reggae

River Reggae

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River Reggae is the place you go to, to turn crazy, and enjoy the Cyprus nightlife to the fullest. Situated in a little vale filled with plants, a play of brightness and a calm environment, the club has a big pond and a bop ground. On these bubble parties, swimsuit and damp tee shirt contests are often organized. Bubble parties are those in which all the guests are showered with bubbles. The river REGGAE is absolutely a necessity of nightlife of AYIA NAPA. It is a necessary pace if one wishes for gathering up in Cyprus. The club is situated within walking distance from accommodations, and the distance can be covered under the romantic illumination planned in the skies.

Address: Misiaouli & Kavazoglou 12, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Timings: Open daily from 1.30 to 7.00.

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3. Fantasy Boat Party

Fantasy Boat Party

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Party on the boat? If that idea excites you, then you are in for a treat on your vacation in Cyprus. The best part is that you can party through the day till the sun goes down and that too in the Mediterranean Sea. The Fantasy Boat Party organizes boat parties each day throughout the months of July-August. 5 hours of festivities in the center of the marine environment, with bop floors, both inside and out, noisy melody and alcohol. This is a party one must not miss if you are going on a holiday in Cyprus.

Address: Ayia Napa Harbor, Cyprus

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4. Rialto Theatre

Rialto Theatre

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This 1930 construction went under and maintenance and development in the year 2000, and is at present the most prestigious venue for solemn melodic, bop and dramatic shows of the south coast – both Greek and foreign – as well as one of Cyprus 2 yearly movie events. If you are an intellectual person who loves to explore art and theatre, then you should definitely give a try to watching a play at this theatre. The venues hosts a multi-cultural audience conducting international events in music, drama,cinema, dance and opera.

Address: Andrea Drousioti 19, PlatíaIroön, 3603 LIMASSOL, Cyprus
Prices: events range from €15 to €25
Opening times: vary

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5. Castle Club

Castle Club

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Situated in the Centre of AYIA NAPA, and listed amongst the top hundred clubs by the DJ Mag, the CASTLE CLUB is one of the major discos in Cyprus, with five dissimilar zones, as well as a recreation room and a luminary verandah. In this club, there is something for everybody at any given time: the three CASTLE CLUB bop floors have their own separate ambiance, and each has a unique kind of melody suggestion, and their team of the occupant, and global DJs.

Address: 20 – 22 LoukaLouka, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

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6. Secrets Freedom

Secrets Freedom

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The isle’s largest gay society, continuing ever since 2005 and renovated in April 2013, has recurrent subject gatherings (typically on Saturday), infrequent haul show (girls only on Friday nights), to a varied Greek video recording mediated by occupant DJ Ntia, or visitors. If you are queer and want to explore new things, then you can come to this gay bar in Cyprus. You will sure have a good time, that is guaranteed as the experience here is different from all other bars.

Address: Artémidos 67 (the airport road), Larnaca
Prices: basic cover of €10 holds first drink, €16 gets you entrance and 3 drinks, €20 5 drinks
Opening times: Wed, Thursday, Sun, 10pm-3am, Fri–Sat 11 pm–4 pm; Jan–Feb Fri & Sat only. (Please try to convert the currencies, if necessary)

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Cyprus Nightlife Tips

Here are a few important Cyprus nightlife tips to keep in mind while planing your evening out on the island:

  • Lots of discos and nightclubs often organize nights or events with global DJs. These events are mostly live from June to late August (a few from April to late November).
  • A lot of clubs provide free admittance for persons who arrive throughout the opening hours, or during the ground season. Whereas, throughout the high period, you can be made to pay up to twenty-five Euros for admittance alone, depending on the occasion.
  • Each club in AYIA NAPA has some public relations that deal out inexpensive tickets or discounts on food and drink. There is no costume cipher, where one will find a broad variety of style, particularly very creative.
  • At the beginning of the nighttime, the bars that provide the cheapest nibbles are likely to be more packed than the bars in the metropolis hub.
  • The nightlife in Cyprus really does provide a broad option of seats for your enjoyment. Whatever the melody or the gathering may be, one will definitely find a bar here, that suits their taste.
  • Nightlife in Cyprus gives immense pleasures and happiness to people. It is especially true for the youngsters who like to have lots and lots of fun in each of their vacations. They attract people from all over the world every year.

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This will tell you that the nightlife in Cyprus does not let anybody down in terms of enjoyment. Come, Witness, Enjoy and Get Loose on the Most Happening Cyprus Nightlife. Plan an international trip to Cyprus, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean region and have a great time with your friends.

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