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    A woman reading a book in Dead Sea in Jordan

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    When life gives you lemons, you grab a tequila and salt,
    But when life gives you excessive salt blended with some heavenly blue waters, you float on it, and make merry while holding a malt!

    That’s how the magical nature enthralls you with its breathtaking shades and dramatic creations, and the Dead Sea in Jordan is the perfect example. BTW it’s not just Jordan but the super salty lake almost equally falls in the territory of Israel too. At 423 m below sea level, Dead Sea is a hypersaline water body well enveloped by Jordan and Israel from all sides. The high density of water doesn’t let anyone drown in its waters and body tends to float on it effortlessly when left alone.

    A beautiful sunrise view over Dead Sea

    The minerals and clay found in the waters of Dead Sea possess miraculous properties that have been popular as beautifying and healing agent. No wonder why Cleopatra – the great ruler of Egypt, ordered to set up a cosmetic factory by the shore of Dead Sea!

    Here, I am more fascinated about the Dead Sea in Jordan and in the coming write up we are going to discuss the same.

    Geography of Dead Sea

    Map depiction of the Dead Sea landlocked by Israel and Jordan

    Divided by the international border separating Jordan to the East and Israel and Palestine to the west, the Dead Sea is an oasis of wonder in the middle-east Asia. The super saline water body dates back to 3 million years and is known to contain magical healing properties. Its water has saline content that exceeds dangerous limits making it extremely bitter. So, don’t even think of tasting it!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dead Sea In Jordan

    Is the Dead Sea toxic?

    The high salt and chemical content in the water of Dead Sea make it toxic for marine life. For humans, it is perfectly fine unless you expose a cut or wound to the saline water, which causes a stinging sensation.

    Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?

    The super saline water (8.6 times saline than the ocean) of Dead Sea makes it difficult for ocean animals to survive in it. That is the reason why it is named the Dead Sea.

    Can you go diving in the Dead Sea?

    Yes, you can go diving in the Dead Sea. Diving in the Dead Sea is one of the most daunting and unusual adventure activity to pull off.

    Why do you not sink in the Dead Sea?

    Dissolved salt content in the water of Dead Sea makes it denser than seawater. Thus making swimming in the waters of Dead Sea difficult. The fact that the Dead Sea is denser than human body means it is impossible to sink in it.

    What animals live in the Dead Sea?

    The high salinity of Dead Sea makes it difficult for sea life to flourish in the Dead Sea. Only bacteria and microbial fungi are the microorganisms that live in the Dead Sea.

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