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    Places To Visit In Dubai

    Won’t it be great to begin a new year with a new adventure? To start 2019 with a trip to Dubai in January that takes you to the world’s best entertainment parks, architectural wonders, museums, beaches, malls, and hotels! Prepare to be spoiled by the modern-day oasis and here’s why the right time to go to Dubai is NOW!

    Start the year in a royal fashion by flying out west to the magnificent city of Dubai. Now a trip to Dubai in January comes with added perks and advantages. Not only do you get to witness all the incredible sightseeing places in the best weather conditions, you also get to witness the incredible Dubai Shopping Festival.

    10 Must-Have Experiences In Dubai In January 2019

    Here’s why we feel that Dubai should be the first vacation you deserve to take in 2019 for a memorable holidaying experience.

    Note: Click on the titles below to know more about Dubai!

    1. There’s no better place to shop in the world!


    2. Dubai has everything a family vacation needs

    Dubai Family Trip

    3. Indian restaurants that have the real ‘Desi flavor’

    Indian Restaurants In Dubai

    4. Experience the best of sightseeing in winters

    Dubai In Winters

    5. Experience an unforgettable Desert Safari in Dubai

    Desert Safari in Dubai

    6. The perfect honeymoon destination to bathe in luxury!

    Honeymoon in Dubai

    7. Low on budget? Here are things that won’t cost you a dime!

    Free things to do in Dubai

    8. Romantic hotels to rekindle your love life!

    Romantic hotels in Dubai

    9. Taste something deliciously authentic in Dubai

    Cuisine in Dubai

    10. Hassle-free Visa policy for Indians!

    Dubai visa policy

    So many compelling reasons to visit a vibrant, exotic, luxurious, and an entertaining destination have sounded their call for a beginning to an adventurous 2019. Book a customized Dubai Tour Package with TravelTriangle and redefine the way you travel!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai In January


    Q. Which is the coldest month in Dubai?

    A. January is the coldest month in Dubai when the average temperature is around 19°C with clear skies and sunshine.

    Q. What can I do in Dubai in January?

    A. There are many things to do in Dubai in January. You can explore the beaches on Palm Jumeirah, go flyboarding, have an enthralling Desert Safari, enjoy the rides at Aquaventure Waterpark, take a Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise, go hot air ballooning, or shop at the Mall of the Emirates, among others. Other than this, you can also try the various adventure activities in Dubai, like skydiving, shark diving, and sandboarding.

    Q. Is January a good time to go to Dubai?

    A. January is a great time to visit since it is the coolest month in Dubai as compared to the other months. It’s also the time when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held. However, you will be met with a huge crowd of tourists here during this month.

    Q. How hot is Dubai in January?

    A. January is in fact Dubai’s coldest month. But it is still quite warm here during this time as well since Dubai is a Middle-Eastern city. The average temperature during this time is usually around 20°C, with no humidity.

    Q. What is the best time to go to Dubai?

    A. January and December are the best months to travel to Dubai. Dubai experiences a desert-like climate with mostly year-round sunshine and hot temperatures throughout the year. There are two types of weather in Dubai – hot and hottest. It is only during the months of January and December, that the blazing temperatures mellow down a bit and give you those occasional cool winds.

    Q. What clothes to wear in Dubai in January?

    A. You should pack your most comfortable summer clothing that would keep you cool in that hot Dubai weather. Pack items like:
    1. Comfortable hiking shoes and flip flops
    2. Shorts or loose linen trousers
    3. Hats
    4. Sunscreen
    5. Sunglasses
    6. A light rain jacket
    7. Umbrella and raincoat
    8. Insect repellent
    9. A light jacket for cooler evenings
    10. Sarongs

    Q. Can you wear shorts in Dubai?

    A. Yes, you can wear shorts in Dubai, as long as they’re not too short. While it’s true that you should dress modestly in Dubai, it is perfectly alright to wear sleeveless or short-sleeved tops and dresses as well as body-hugging clothes. However, make sure you dress conservatively if you’re going to any religious site or important historical tourist places in Dubai. Your legs, shoulders, and head hsould be properly covered before you enter a mosque or temple.

    Q. Is 3 days enough in Dubai?

    A. A duration of 4 to 5 days is considered to be ideal for a trip to Dubai. This time will allow you to experience all that this fabulous city has to offer, including desert safaris, dinner cruises, theme park visits, shopping, dining, and much more.



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