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Egypt, the land of pyramids, is an enchanting land. It was fascinating even when you used to read about the pharaohs and the Nile River. Now it is time to explore Egypt in reality. Egypt is a hot desert. So, the mercury does not take a chill pill here. Planning your vacation around the best time is inevitable if you want to have an exhilarating experience on the island. Egypt in October happens to be just the right time to gaze at the pyramids and take a cruise on the Nile.

Weather In Egypt In October

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Egypt is a desert place. So, it gets hot during the day and cold at night. The temperatures are always high despite its proximity to the Nile River. October is the time in Egypt when the temperature begins to cool off. You may still feel hot but the heat is not as atrocious as it is in the summers.

What makes October a good time to plan a trip to Egypt is that it is the beginning of tourist season. So, the tourists in Egypt are sparse. You get uninterrupted views of the pyramids and other beaches. You might also get good deals on hotels and airfare if you plan your vacation for October.

Things To Do In Egypt In October

Here are the must-do activities to strike off your bucket list apart from gazing at the pyramids when you are on a vacation in Egypt.

1. River Cruise On Nile

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One of the most recommended things to do in Egypt in October is taking a river cruise on the Nile. the climate in October is perfect for planning an outdoor activity such as cruise. You may even get handsome deals on the price of cruise as it is not the peak season yet. Enjoy a myriad of activities on the cruise and learn about the ancient history of the world’s longest river. It is one of the best ways to explore the major cities of Egypt. There are a number of cruise lines operating on the river. Make sure you go along with a reliable and trusted company.

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2. Watersports

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It is always a good time to get into the cool, cool waters of the Red Sea. In October, it may not be as hot as it is summer but it is definitely an amazing time to indulge in watersports like snorkeling and scuba diving. Explore the underwater treasures of Red Sea as you plunge deep into the ocean. Again, it is not a peak time. So, you may get a good bargain on the prices.

3. Western Desert

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There could not be a better time to explore the western Desert than October. Summer is when it is scalding hot. So, you should definitely avoid visiting the desert in Egypt. In the winter, the temperatures at night plummet down below zero degrees. So, the weather in October is a good combination to plan a safari in the desert.

Events In Egypt In October

If you are in Egypt in October, it may be a good time to get a sneak-peek into the culture and traditions of Egypt because it is a festive time in land of pyramids.

1. Abu Simbel Sun Festival

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The Temples of Abu Simbel are a popular attraction in Egypt that lures thousands of tourists each year. The temple is carved out from a sandstone cliff located on the banks of the River Nile. you will find a 65-foot statue of King Ramses seated outside the temple. What is special about this temple is that it remains in darkness for entire year except on two occasions in February and October. It makes you go whoa. This is why you should definitely visit the temple. The construction and design of the temple is in a specific way to align the light of the sun where required.

When: 22nd October

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2. Siyaha Festival

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Siyaha Festival is an annual get together in the oasis to celebrate the harvest of dates. It is celebrated on the eve of the full moon. For three days, the Siwans gather at Gebel Dakrur where they settle their old quarrels and renew friendships.the eat together, pray together and in the evening, they dance to the Sufi music by forming a zikr. Women are not allowed at this festival

When: during full moon in October

3. Moulid of Sayyid Al Badawi


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Watch a million pilgrims gathering in the city of Tanta by the banks of the River Nile on this festival. The intense ritual takes place in the last week of October to honor the Moroccon Sufi saint Sayyid Al Badawi. It is one of the most important religious events where you will see snake charmers and Sufi Saints. Women should not attend this festival alone and be escorted by men at all times. You will only enjoy this festival if you don’t mind crowds, like massive crowds.

When: late October

Egypt in October can be a wonderful time to plan a vacation to the land of pyramids. Whether you want to do a little soul-searching or celebrate your honeymoon in the oasis, Egypt can be a wonderful choice for you. Do not wait for the peak season to plan a trip to Egypt if you hate crowded places and want to have the whole place to yourselves.

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