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    Bali is the ultimate travel destination and it’s a place for everyone! Bali is famous for its volcanic mountains, gorgeous beaches, coral reefs and exemplary rice paddies. This tiny Indonesian Island offers serenity as well as a fun-filled night. A holiday in Bali is an amalgamation of art, culture, modernity and of course, a union with nature.

    10 popular villages in Bali

    Amongst this lively environment, one often forgets to explore the island from within: the people, the art, and life. Therefore, make sure that you explore the top 10 famous villages in Bali, which lets you dwell in the traditional Balinese life.

    1. Trunyan

    right at the center of Bali

    Image Source

    Located near Lake Batur, this village is right at the center of Bali at the Kintamani district which can only be accessed by a boat. The village is home to the Bali Anga, who have the most interesting funerary ritual. They dont burn their dead or bury it, rather the inhabitants of this village leave their dead out in the open to decompose naturally. They lay the body near the kemenyan (incense) trees, which neutralizes the smell.

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    2. Tenganan

    first known as Bali Aga

    Image Source

    Tenganan was first known as Bali Aga, the culture that still holds to the original traditions, ceremonies, and rules of ancient Balinese. Tenganan has unique village layout and architecture. Houses in Tenganan are built on either side of the north to the south concourse with doors opening on to it. The entrances of the houses are narrow allowing one person to enter or leave at one time.

    The main attraction of Tenganan is the cultural ceremonies performed by the residents. This village has unique practices and traditional rule called awig – awig, under which polygamy and divorce are banned. They weave their own fabric called Kalin- gringsing and make beautiful leaf art. One should visit the village in the months of June and July for Mekare- Kare and Perang Pandan, which are two of the most well-known ceremonies.

    3. Penglipuran

    cleanest village in the world

    Image Source

    Penglipuran village is situated in the mountains and has been declared as the cleanest village in the world. You will find peace and lush greenery all around, with some impressive architecture on the traditional houses. Interestingly, no vehicles are allowed to enter the village, however, the locals are very friendly and might invite you home. Nesting at the foot of Mount Batur, it has cooler air compared to other villages.

    The most fascinating thing about this village is that all the entrance gates are made similar to each other, they are orientated north-eastwards towards Mount Agung situated in northeast making it look beautiful. The countryside religion leader is called as Jero Bayan which has 3 Jero Bayans; a Jero Bayan Mucuk and 2 people of Jero Bayan Nyoman. The specific cultural potential like the pattern of building architecture remains to be traditional.

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    4. Celuk

    famous for jewelry and silver

    Image Source

    This village is famous for its jewelry and is the largest silver jewelry producing area in Bali. A shopping hotspot for tourists, you can also learn how to make them yourselves. It is an ideal place for buying souvenirs in silver and gold, and the best part is that you can get one custom made.

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    5. Batu Bulan

    favourite for tourist place

    Image Source

    An amalgamation of literally the entire island, this one is among the favorites of the tourists. You immerse yourself in traditional dances like Barok, Kecak, and Legong, or walk around and admire the breathtaking pieces of art. You can also watch stone carvers in action. Do not forget to get yourself a stone carved souvenir!

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    6. Mas Village

    place for art lover

    Image Source

    If youre an art lover, this village is for you. Another favorite, among the tourists, you can watch terrific art pieces being carved live. Mas village, located south of Ubud is lined with Art Galleries, the most famous one being, Nyana & Tilem Gallery.

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    7. Batuan

    famous for its style of painting

    Image Source
    This village is famous for its style of painting which began in the 1930s and then boomed into its major Balinese artistic style, Batuan painting. It is also famous for its ancient Gambuh dance performed on full moon day. It is one of the non-violent villages in all of Bali. Pura Puseh, the village temple is known for its stone carving. The fat Buddha statue is also well known.

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    8. Denpasar

    main center of culture and activities

    Denpasar has a fascinating history and whole lot of Dutch influence. This is the main center of culture and activities in Bali. With its white sand beaches, this region provides the perfect spot for the famous Bali sunsets and a thrilling surfing experience. There are restaurants and tiny cafes lined up serving an International and traditional cuisine.

    9. Kuta

    This is a surfers paradise!

    Image Source

    This is a surfers paradise! The waves on the beach of Kuta are high and strong, ideal for a good surfing experience. This is also the sole entry point of southern Bali and has become a thriving spot of nightlife and luxury resorts. It offers the best of both worlds, the traditional setting with a modern lifestyle.

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    10. Ubud

    enjoy ancient temples, large rice fields

    mage Source
    This is the heart of Bali, it is literally at the very center of the island, close to the mountains and the beaches alike. A hub of arts and literature, famous painters such as Rudolf Bonnet stayed at this village.

    You can enjoy ancient temples, large rice fields and most importantly some amazing artwork, this is also the most recommended place to find your accommodation if backpacking.

    Bali is indeed a top go-to travel destination in Southeast Asia. Should you plan on exploring the beautiful country, head to these famous villages in Bali that offer a heavy dose of nature and perfect solace. It lets your mind roam free and your body relax. So, don’t waste any time and plan a trip to Bali now!

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