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    Tourists celebrating one of the popular festivals in Singapore

    Grand shopping malls, luxury dine inns, graceful colonial buildings, and historic street marts amidst high rises – Singapore is sinfully famous for its sheen of wealth and glamor. Besides, the vibrant heritage and diverse ethnicities of the city-state celebrates its lives in the shades beyond imagination. Be prepared to get dazzled as we take you down the lane of popular festivals in Singapore. Add these vibrant festivals in Singapore to your list.

    9 Popular Festivals In Singapore 2019

    Here are 9 festivals of Singapore that can surely add a lot more fun to your Singapore vacations. It is a smart idea to plan your trips around these festivals. So, we are also providing you the months/dates when these festivals are observed.

    1. New Year celebration 2019

    Dragon Dance during the New Year Celebration is one of the major attraction from festivals in Singapore

    Image Source

    This is one of the most popular Chinese festivals in Singapore. Entire Chinatown comes together for a fortnight, every year, in the middle of January and celebrates what is also known as the Lunar New year. During the Chinese new-year celebration, houses are cleaned and beautifully decorated. The malls and streets are dolled up with bright red and extravagant decorations.

    Key attractions: Decorations, ornamented houses, stalls selling raw fish salad, night markets, and temples which open their doors for public entry
    Don’t miss: Dragon Dance and Chingay parade at Marina Bay
    When: Mid-January to mid-February

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    2. Thaipusam 2019

    A decorated devotee during the Thaipusam Festival is one of the most photographed revelers

    Image Source
    Okay! Statutory warning first – the processions during this festival is not for the light-hearted. Sharp skewers pierced through tongues, cheeks and bodies as a practice of self-mortification, the devotees may send shivers down an onlooker’s spine. Celebrated in early February on the brightest moon night, Thaipusam worships lord Murugan and can be easily compared to the popular Thanksgiving festival.

    Key attractions: Ornate, colorful frames – Kavadis being carried to the temples, sacrifices, and shoes during the processions
    Don’t miss: The final stage of the procession, sweets that are distributed after being served as an offering to God
    When: First or second week of February

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    3. Singapore Art Festival 2019

    A fire artist performing during the Singapore Art Festival

    Image Source
    A must for culture buffs, the Singapore Art Festival is home to ensembles, music, theater acts, international dances and art installations. With great talent to be seen and heard around for almost an entire month from May, it is among very few fests which celebrate such diverse range of art forms on one platform. This deserves to be your one of the must attend festivals in Singapore 2019.

    Key attractions: International film screenings, painting competitions, and nothing really is not an attraction if you have the right taste for art
    Don’t miss: Street performances
    When: May – June; you can sync your calendar from the official event calendar

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    4. Hari Raya 2019

    A decorated street during the Hari Raya celebrations in Singapore

    Image Source
    Among the other famous festivals in Singapore, this is the local version of Eid which is celebrated after the month-long fasting of Ramadaan. This is one of the traditional festivals in Singapore. The Muslims in Singapore put on new clothes and begin their day by visiting the nearest mosque where they offer their prayers. Rest of the day is spent by visiting the friends and relatives.

    Key attractions: The colorful streets, the festive attire, mouthwatering delicacies
    Don’t miss: Decorated bazaar at the Sultan Mosque, breaking fast rituals at any mosque in the neighborhood
    When: June- July

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    5. National Day 2019

    A fireworks display from Marina Bay

    Image Source
    The nation celebrates its freedom from Malaysia on its National Day – the most popular among festivals in Singapore. Like all, it has a public display of its culture, heritage, defense, power, and diversity. Another special feature is the stunning display of fireworks on the eve of the day. Witness the elaborate celebrations of the Singapore National Day.

    Key attractions: National Day rally and parade
    Don’t miss: Fireworks at Marina Bay
    When: August 9,  every year

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    6. Singapore River Festival 2019

    A performance during Singapore River Festival

    Image Source
    Well, this one among the festivals in Singapore is about illusions on the river water. International artists and DJs spend a week here to ensure that the outdoor parties are grooved by all.  Parades and performances along the river Singapore celebrate the origination of the country Singapore. The folk performances are a delight to watch.

    Key attractions: Folk performances, optical illusions, and heritage shows
    Don’t miss: The special 2015 Silver Jubilee celebration; get updates from the official Facebook page
    When: October 23-25, 2015

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    7. The Lantern Festival 2019

    The animal shaped lanterns during the mid Autumn festival in Singapore are popular attractions

    Image Source
    Also known as  Mid-Autumn festival, Lantern festival is one of the most popular Singapore festivals. It celebrates the legend of Chang Er – the lady who, apparently floated to the moon after swallowing the elixir of eternal life and now resides on the moon. Be a part of this exciting festival in Singapore.

    Key attractions: Traditional dances, performing arts groups, stalls selling mooncakes
    Don’t miss: Opening ceremony, and the beautifully decorated lantern in various shapes design
    When: September, 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar

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    8. Spicy evenings for Deepavali

    A decorated road during deepavali festival

    Image Source
    Indian connection, folks!  Singapore celebrates Diwali like nobody does it outside India. Like India, Singapore celebrates it on the 15th day of the Kartik month. Interestingly, Singapore Deepawali lasts for a week. With vivid hues of warm golden lights, the Hindu community all over Singapore celebrates the festival spreading joy and cheer. Indian festivals in Singapore are celebrated with full pomp and show.

    Key attractions: Fireworks, display of light, shops full of fragrant garlands, incense sticks, shopping
    Don’t miss: Exquisite delicacies trying visiting a local’s home
    When: November usually, 9th November in 2015

    9. Christmas 2019

    Christmas decorations during Christmas

    Image Source
    Lights! Camera! Christmas! Come mid-November and the streets of Singapore turn into one of the most enchanting fairylands at night. Singapore celebrations during Christmas are beautiful. Thousands of glittering lights and bulbs drip down from decorated trees and arches while the roads dress up like they are going to host a carnival. Christmas in Singapore is the nicest way to end the year.

    Key attractions: The Christmas carnival on the Orchard road, fantastic festive decorations where the malls try to outshine each other to win the popular ‘best-decorated mall’ award
    Don’t miss: The street performances
    When: Celebrations start from 15 December onwards

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    Travel is always fun and festivals raise the bar of excitement even higher. Willing to witness these cultural and glittery festivals in Singapore 2019? So, plan a trip to Singapore right away and make sure that the dates you lock include at least one of these festivals. Happy holidays!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Festivals In Singapore

    Q. What are the festivals in Singapore?

    A. Some of the main festivals in Singapore that bring people together are National Day, Christmas, New Year, Lantern Festival, Art Festival, and more.

    Q. What are the main holidays in Singapore?

    A. The main holidays in Singapore are New Years Day, Chinese New Year, Good Friday, Vesak Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, and Labour Day.

    Q. Is Thanksgiving celebrated in Singapore?

    A. In the initial years, Thanksgiving was not celebrated in Singapore. However, in recent years many people have started celebrating Thanksgiving just like people do in the United States Of America. Many try to cook or cater to similar food that is considered as authentic Thanksgiving dishes.

    Q. How is New Year celebrated in Singapore?

    A. Singapore celebrates Chinese New Year just like they do in China. The entire Chinatown comes together in the middle of January for a fortnight and celebrates this day in the most vibrant and lively manner. Malls and streets get adorned with lights and decorations of red, and one can see happiness all around.

    Q. When is the National Day celebrated in Singapore?

    A. Every year, the National Day in Singapore is celebrated on the 9th of August. There are public displays of culture, defense, heritage, diversity, power, and other national elements to celebrate this day.

    Q. Is Diwali celebrated in Singapore?

    A. Singapore celebrates Diwali in as extravagant manner as India does. With lights adorning the streets and houses, Diwali in Singapore lasts for a week and is celebrated on the 15th day of the Kartik month.

    Q. Does Singapore celebrate Christmas?

    A. Yes, Christmas is one of the popular and most-loved festivals that is celebrated in Singapore. The whole nation turns into a fairyland and carnival vibes encircle the atmosphere.

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