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With the temperature in Singapore usually touches 35°C you would like to remain hydrated as you explore the city. Once it’s time for a drink, try cooling down with one altogether these famous drinks in Singapore. Singapore is a foodie paradise. In Singapore, food is viewed as necessary to national identity and a unifying cultural thread. Food could be a frequent subject material of communication among Singaporeans. Singapore’s cookery is as varied as its tradition. it’s an extension of Malay cookery but impressed by means of the Chinese no longer to mention the Indians, Arabs, British and different settlers who’ve contributed to creating Singapore one amongst the world’s most significant commercialism ports.

Singapore offers a variety of liquids, each alcoholic and non-alcoholic, best cocktails in Singapore and traditional drinks. Singapore sling, Kopi-o, and Teh Tarik, amongst others, are as delicious as the Singapore flat noodles and would possibly compel you to go to this lovely town once more and once more. No ride to the country is ever entire till you have tried variety popular drinks of Singapore. Singapore’s delicacies are world well-known, only some notice more or less its overwhelming style. Despite the fact that the excessive imposition of taxes on alcoholic beverages, makes them an expensive indulgence but vacationers and locals ne’er omit a threat to down a drink or for people who wish to stay aloof from alcohol or can enjoy cheaper however equally pleasant native arrangements is frequently open.

12 Famous Drinks In Singapore

Quench your thirst with one by ordering a Chendol, Kopi-O, or alternative native favorites and the quintessentially Singaporean beverages. Choose from these 12 famous drinks in Singapore:

  • Kopi-O
  • Teh Tarik
  • Milo Dinosaur
  • Bandung
  • Bubble Tea
  • Tiger Beer
  • Sugarcane Juice
  • Chin Chow Drink
  • Barley Water
  • Singapore Sling
  • Penicillin Cocktai
  • Cider

1. Kopi-O


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Just like any other country, coffee is one of the most famous drinks in Singapore. Want to recharge yourself within the morning before you warmth out for sight-seeing? Grab a Kopi-O. This is the standard black coffee with sugar that you just could get at each coffee shop/stall, referred to as Kopi Tiam within the native language. This drink is best-enamored breakfast as its sturdy flavor and high caffeine content keeps you active for hours. For similar reasons, taking this drink simply before the sleeping ought to be avoided. If the classic version of this drink is just too plain for you, many coffee chains currently additionally serve several jazzed-up types of Kopi-O.

Where to buy: O’Coffee Club, Singapore

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2. Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik

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If coffee is on the list of the famous drinks in Singapore, Tea has to to be there too. Tea lovers everywhere the planet travel to Singapore to undertake “Indian Teh Tarik”. It is made with tea liquor and milk, it’s a novel sweet style. This hot liquid isn’t solely refreshing, it additionally provides relief in a common cough and cold once ginger is supplementary to that. Ginger Tea is thought as “Ta Halia Tarik” and is equally widespread among the locals. Apart from style, the preparation of Teh Tarik is additionally quite fascinating to observe. The tea hawkers froth it up by gushing it from one pot to {another|to a different} from an arm’s length. This method enhances the style and brings the recent liquid to the optimum drinking temperature. don’t miss this delight, next time you’re in Singapore.

Where to buy: Mr. Teh Tarik, Bedok, Singapore

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3. Milo Dinosaur

Milo Dinosaur

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Traveling with children or wish to treat your own inner child? Then milo dinosaur is your go-to factor. This malt primarily based drink is counted among the popular drinks in Singapore because it enjoyed by children and adults alike. Chocolate flavored milo maize is mixed with cold milk and is then liberally lidded with dry milo maize or frozen dessert. The richer, creamier and tastier frozen dessert topping makes it milo Godzilla (Go for this variant if you favor Godzilla over Jurassic period park or if you’re a frozen dessert fan, in general). Originally found in Singapore, this drink is currently southeast Asia’s hot (or rather, cold) favorite. A glass of chilled milo maize dinosaur can keep your children happy whereas you buy at one amongst the busiest looking centers within the world.

Where to buy: Kopitiam, Singapore

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4. Bandung


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What does one get after you combine chilled milk with rose syrup? Sheer awesomeness aka Bandung. You must have heard of this beverage a lot but if you have tasted it, you would know why it is one of the most popular drinks in Singapore. You’ll simply get this cooler at native cafes on Singapore streets. While its sweety-rosy style can quench your thirst, its candy pink color can soothe your eyes however don’t take it to be simply associate eye-candy, it’s high nutritional and medical properties too. except for Singapore, this drink is additionally well-liked in the Asian nation wherever it’s typically served as ancient welcome drink wedding ceremonies.

Where to buy: Power Rojak Bandung, Singapore

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5. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

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Originated in Taiwan, Bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks in Singapore among teens. A drink that appears pretty much as good because it tastes, Bubble tea is currently counted among Singapore’s favorite beverages. This drink is created exploitation tea, food product balls, sweetener (sugar, honey, stevia, sweetener etc), milk and or crushed fruit. Bubble Tea could be a slushy drink which may be served hot likewise as cold. The food product balls float around as if the drink is crammed with bubbles, giving it a novel and fascinating look. additionally referred to as Boba, this liquid will definitely take your taste buds swiftly.

Where to buy: Woobbee, Singapore

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6. Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer

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It will not be an exaggeration to call brew, the world’s most admired alcoholic drink. And once it involves selecting their favorite beer, Singaporeans have zeroed-in on Tiger brew. If drinking alcohol is your guilty pleasure, then you need to do this swish, golden drink. Singapore’s domestically brewed Tiger brew is currently sold in nearly sixty countries everywhere the planet, however tasting it in its country of origin are going to be special expertise for all brew lovers. you’ll simply get a Tiger tin or bottle in any respect the alcohol retailers and bars in Singapore. This is on the list of best drinks in Singapore because of beer lovers.

Where to buy: Tiger Brewery Tour, Singapore

7. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice

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Sugarcane juice is accessible nearly all over within the world, then what makes it thus special in Singapore? it’s the standard of sugarcanes that are created during this country. Singapore’s weather is ideal for sugarcane growth which is that the reason that this country produces a number of the best types of sugarcanes. You can believe this only you see the brilliant, soothing inexperienced juice that the seller offers you to drink once crushing the sweet sugarcane before of your eyes. Sugarcane juice cools down the body, offers you instant energy and has therapeutic effects on your liver. it’s a gently sweet flavor that you just can relish for long. you’ll truly feel your body thanking you once had a glass of this organic drink.

Where to buy: Victory Sugarcane Juice, Singapore

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8. Chin Chow Drink

Chin Chow Drink

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Since this part of the planet gets extremely popular in the summer, several cooling beverages become one of the best drinks in Singapore and are considered as an integral part of the standard drinking culture of the country. One such refreshing cooler is Chin Chow drink or the Grass Jelly drink. As you’ll guess from its name, this can be prepared exploitation Grass Jelly or Chin Chow mixed in water, fruit crush or cold milk and syrup. it’s associate exotic look and tastes superb. After you’re done drinking it, you’ll singly eat the jelly items that could be a fun factor to try to. This drink can guard you against sunstrokes on a hot summer day and provides you energy to hold on all the travel that you just ought to do. you’ll relish this drink once shopping for it from native vendors otherwise you can even prepare it yourself by shopping for a packet of Chin Chow, simply accessible in markets.

Where to buy: Shun Xing Coffee Stall, Singapore

9. Barley Water

Barley water

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This drink of stewed barleycorn and rock sugar could be an ancient Chinese remedy for reducing body heat that makes it a preferred steep Singapore’s atmospheric condition. Since it’s simple to create several Singaporeans brew broth reception, however, you’ll be able to notice it at occasional outlets and hawker centers. The taste is gentle however the slippy texture positively takes time getting accustomed.

Where to buy: Kopitiam, Singapore

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10. Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

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This tropical treat may be a must-try in each weather. Initially fancied by the illustrious Raffles edifice in Singapore, this gin-based cocktail presently became well-liked everywhere South-East Asia. Singapore Sling may be a concoction ready exploitation Gin, Benedictine, Cherry Heering and fruit crush creating it each sweet and lemony at a similar time whereas giving it a foamy high.

Where to buy: Long Bar, Raffel Hotel, Singapore

11. Penicillin Cocktail

Penicillin Cocktail

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Penicillin Cocktail is one of the best drinks in Singapore. This is an intoxicating concoction of Islay Scotch, honey-ginger sweetening, and recent juice, the drink is lemony, sweet and alluringly smoky all promptly. There are variations of the penicillin cocktail served within the fun bars in Singapore. You must try this incredible concoction when you visit Singapore. The cocktail tastes like a slice of heaven. It will be worth it.

Where to buy: Skinny’s Lounge, Singapore

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12. Cider


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Singaporeans love their cider. It is a fresh and sweet sort of cider which will put its English counterpart to shame. Having said that, there hasn’t been much development made in terms of the locally-production of cider. The most peculiar microbrewery in town has taken care of that since 2013, however. Cider is available in abundance at Adstragold’s main Katong outlet. Make sure to try this incredible concoction on your trip to Singapore. You can easily find this is any of the best bars in Singapore.

Where to buy: Adstragold, Katong, Singapore

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Singapore offers lip-smacking oriental cookery. The famous drinks in Singapore offer the tourists an experience of a lifetime. But that’s not all that! Singapore offers a bunch of beverages, each alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that will leave you longing for more. Plan a trip to Singapore and enjoy a fine dining gourmet experience. This trip will be worth it!

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