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    Singapore is one of the Asia’s hit list destination and a melting pot of culture, modern infrastructure, Michelin star restaurants and friendly locals. Despite of being a vibrant island city, there is a long list of things to do in Singapore without spending a penny. Yes, you read that right! There are plenty of free things to do in Singapore and places to visit in Singapore for free that are as fun as ones you’d do spending the hard earned moolah around. And we list exactly what we promise without any attempts to disguise the costs involved.

    But mind you, our list of best things to do in Singapore on a budget is not exhaustive. These are just a few handpicked ones of many, many free things to do in Singapore.

    1. Movie mobs under the clouds and stars

    Movie Mob is the top free thing to do in Singapore

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: You get to choose the movie.

    Watching a classic on a giant outdoor screen with a lot of strangers – does it sound like your idea of fun? If yes, Movie Mob should be the first among the things to do in Singapore on a budget. It takes the concept of drive-in movies to a whole new level, and allows you to pick the flick too. Look out for updates on location and timings on their Facebook Page.

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    2. Enjoy heady live music at Esplanade

    Live concert at Esplanade is the most spontaneous free activity to do in Singapore

    Image Source

    What’s Exclusive: Free rooftop garden and live music.

    Of all the free things in Singapore, this one is most suited for musical souls. Catch live concerts at the Esplanade for free and mingle around with kindred spirits. With endless performances and dance routines, you will not have a dull moment here. Full of vocals, recitals, music and happy chatter, this place will make you feel alive. Don’t miss out on Esplanade Roof Garden and Music Library, which are, of course, free too.

    Preferred time: Night. The creative visuals and expansive views are best in the dark.

    PS: Please note that the concerts are paid if the performing artists are high profile celebrities.


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    3. Be a part of vibrant Singapore festivals

    During Mid-autumn celebrations local streets are the best free place to visit in Singapore

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: Meet new people and make some amazing friends.

    Colorful, vibrant, crowded, and hip – such is the scene of festivals of Singapore. Enjoy various festivals and carnivals and enjoy their fun celebrations. Don’t miss among Singapore festivals are the Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa and Mid-autumn festival.

    4. Experience the MacRitchie Treetop Walk

    Walking among the trees at MacRitchie is one of the awesome free things to do in Singapore

    Image Source

    What’s Exclusive: Walk among the animals at the canopy level and observe their lives.

    Walk among the trees and wildlife living on them, on the MacRitchie suspension bridge. Sounds cool, right? Check out the dynamics on the tree tops super closely. And the best part, it is totally free.

    Preferred Time: Morning or Evening. Afternoons can be very hot at the upper level.


    5. Free Market of Singapore

    Free market in Singapore is a very free place to visit in Singapore where everything is up for grabs

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: Well, I guess free market in itself is exclusive enough.

    Ever heard of Free Market? No, it’s not typo. Yes I mean free, and not flee. Places to go in Singapore without spending money or free things to do in Singapore are still digestible. But, free market is a whole new level. Grab anything you want at the market and acquire it at zero cost. However, repay the kindness with your own free wares to sell. Trust, you can safely leave your wallet at home. You would not require it here.

    Look out for updates on the location and time of this market at their Facebook page.

    6. Walk around the meandering Southern Ridges

    Meandering Southern Ridges is among the places to visit in Singapore for free

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: 10 km trail with panoramic views.

    The trail is stretched between Mount Faber and National University of Singapore (NUS). Not an arduous walk, it is suitable for people even with mild medical conditions. Breathtaking views and perfect places for selfies, make this place popular among people of all age group. Carry extra water bottles.

    Preferred Time: Any time of the week is apt to stroll on these ridges. Surely, a good thing to do in Singapore for free.


    7. Kite around the Marina Barrage

    Among exciting things to do in Singapore for free is flying kites at Marina Barrage

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: Kiting is a popular choice for many among other things to do in Singapore for free.

    Marina Barrage is among the good places to visit in Singapore for free. Chill with your friends, fly a kite or two, or just hang out and watch others. No matter how many people try to be there at once, the huge grassy land will be able to accommodate all.

    Preferred Time: Activities are going on here during all the time.


    8. Bait the fishes at Yishun Dam

    Fishing at Yishun Dam is certainly an awesome free stuff to do in Singapore

    Image Source

    What’s Exclusive: A good fishing spot.

    The tranquility and calmness of this place is magical. Think about all the free things to do in Singapore and fishing at Yishun Dam is the most refreshing one for sure. Enjoy some me-time bait good old fishes. The density of fishes here is high and importantly, you can be assured that the fishes are not from fishy (:-P) water. What else could you possibly ask for?

    Preferred Time: Start at dawn


    9. Picnic at Chek Jawa

    Chek Jawa is the most serene of the places to visit in Singapore for free

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: Getaway to serenity.

    Reminisce your childhood and have an outdoor picnic at Chek Jawa. The serene environment teamed with rich biodiversity makes picnicking at this spot, one of the top free activities to do in Singapore. Pack your picnic baskets with everything fun and lots of food and beverages. And hey, don’t forget to carry loads of sunscreen; you don’t want a bad tan for sure!

    Preferred Time: Dusks and dawns


    10. Hunt and pose with all Merlion statues in Singapore

    Hunt all 8 of Merlions - An exhilarating free stuff to do in Singapore

    Image Source

    What’s Exclusive: Exhilarating hunt for all 8 Merlions.

    Now, now, did you know how many Merlions adorn the city of Singapore? Well, it’s 8 in number. Go and hunt these down and pose for a picture with all of them. Now this is what I am talking about when I say free stuff to do in Singapore. Explore, traverse and enjoy!

    Preferred Time: Any time of the day.

    Location: Start with the Merlion Park at One Fullerton and find your way, further.

    11. Hiking and exploring at Mount Faber

    Trail at Mount Faber is a great place to visit in Singapore for free

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: Stunning aerial view of Singapore’s Skyline from the top.

    Hiking is among popular free things to do in Singapore. And when the trail is of Mount Faber, then it’s an experience of its own. Stretched landscapes, murals beneath the platform, and large variety of flora and fauna pump in a lot of beauty.

    Preferred Time: trek during the day. The Skyline is extraordinarily beautiful at dusk.



    12. Doodle your heart out on the walls of Somerset Skate Park

    Graffiti at Somerset Skate Park is a creative activity to do in Singapore for free

    Image Source

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    What’s Exclusive: Enough space for novice and experienced Graffiti artists, and Skateboarders.

    Imagine painting a wall with your creative graffiti in broad daylight, without the fear of getting caught by a cop. Yeah, it is perfectly legal to doodle on walls, display your graffiti art on the city space and perform skateboard stunts at this free attractions in Singapore.

    Preferred Time: Indulge in these free activities in Singapore from dawn-to-dark, to feel utterly liberated.


    13. Stroll around the bewitching Gardens By The Bay

    Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay is a green place to visit in Singapore for free

    Image Source

    What’s Exclusive: Man-made gardens.

    These gardens are the most green of free attractions in Singapore. A great example of human’s creativity and scientific knowledge, they look fantastic with waterfront views and varied collection of exotic flowers and plants.
    Preferred Time: Night. When the monstrous Super Trees aglow with their acquired solar energy, it is truly a sight to behold.

    Note: The admission is free to only a few gardens, namely, Sun Pavillion, Supertree Grove, Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, Far East Organization Children’s Garden, World of Plants, Heritage Gardens, and Bay East Garden.


    Surprised, aren’t you? After reading this if you’re planning a quick vacation to this island city, then book your personalised Singapore holiday package with TravelTriangle and enjoy the perks of these freebies while in the city.

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