Beaches are the best way to escape the routine life and hit the blue waves with sun-kissed sand. Life just takes a beautiful turn when we see the waves hit the shores and then turn back to meet the ocean. Beaches are fun either you are with your family, friends or partner. If you are planning to holiday at a beach, don’t forget the very beautiful Gris Gris Beach! The Gris Gris Beach is a perfect beach for enjoying breathtaking views and romantic walks with your partner.

Best Time To Visit Gris Gris Beach


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Gris Gris beach is one the most beaches in South Mauritius. Situated in the extreme south of the island, Gris Gris Beach offers a spectacular view to the visitors. However, the beach does not advise swimming due to huge waves and currants. This beach is more for viewing rather than swimming or performing any water sport. Well, there is no particular month which is suited to visit this scenic beach; its beauty can be admired all year around. The temperature of the beach remains mild in all the months of the year. The immaculate view is just stunning. The Gris-Gris public beach is not a calm beach to play around; it’s a beach to be viewed from a distance and adored for its beauty!

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About Gris Gris Beach


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As Mark Twain quoted, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius”. And, this quote was certainly for the amazingly beautiful beaches it possesses. The beaches make Mauritius a perfect beach holiday destination. Just land in Mauritius and visit the beaches. Every beach has its own specialty; like the Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius which is known for its breathtaking beauty and a small story of its origin, formation, and how it got the name Gris Gris.

The beach has amazing shapes which have been formed as a result of the absence of a coral barrier. The powerful waves and the basaltic rocks have formed amazing shapes which make this beach worth visiting. There are many stories associated with the beach which shall be heard when you visit the island. Also, the other beaches in South Mauritius are calm as compared to the Gris Gris Beach Mauritius with golden sand and blue sea. The way the water rushes into the rocks gives the impression that the cliff is crying.

Things to do near Gris Gris Beach

You just cannot visit the beach on your holidays and come back. So, if you have planned a visit to Mauritius’s Gris Gris Beach, there are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit near the beach.

1. La Vanille Nature Park

 La Vanille Nature Park

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Covering an area of 3.5 hectares, this park is a serene place possessing lush tropical vegetation. The entire walk around the park will take around three hours and will give you an unforgettable experience of watching Aldabra tortoises; their number is more than 1000. Plus, there are 2000 Nile Crocodiles along with a host of other animals like iguanas, monkeys, deer, eels, bats and much more. There is much more to watch and experience.

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2. Quad Biking Activities

Quad Biking Activities

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There is nothing like biking around near the beaches. There are various companies that offer quad biking activities to the visitors for an enhanced outdoor experience in southern Mauritius. You can take a tour of entire south Mauritius while quad biking. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exhilarating experience of biking on the golden sands during your vacation!

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3. Horse Riding

Horse Riding

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Well, certainly there can’t be anything more fun-loving and unique than enjoying a horse ride. There are horse riding agencies that cater to both beginners as well as experienced horse riders. It will take around one to two hours to enjoy a horse ride near and around Gris Gris beach in southern Mauritius. But we can guarantee that the memories of this unique experience will remain with you forever!

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4. Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

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Well, well, well! There lies a fun of another level exploring the area by you rather than on public transports or even private cabs. You can explore authentic southern Mauritius. What can be better than riding electric bikes and go on a journey exploring the region, the art, the locals, and the cuisine! The panoramic views can be well enjoyed on these electrically assisted bicycles.

5. Heritage Nature Reserve

Landscape Tree Beautiful River Mauritius Sky

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The mountainous landscape of Heritage Nature Reserve is so beautiful that you will cherish the memories years after. The waterfalls, the scenic beauty is so overwhelming that you can discover its beauty through activities like quad biking, trekking, or even a safari. The idea is to explore the place and its captivating beauty. However, before planning your tour to this overwhelming place, it is always advisable to check the timings.

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6. Tonton Diving Tour

Tonton Diving Tour

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If you want to take good memories of a tropical holiday, include Tonton Driving Tour in your itinerary. It will surely be an unforgettable memory where the amalgamation of the beautifully formed rocks and the warm water is just perfect and too good to resist. There are good accommodations near Tonton diving tour, so you can even plan a night or two here and visit other attractions nearby.

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7. Bois Cheri Tea Factory

Bois Cheri Tea Factory

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You just need to cover a distance of 11 km from Gris Gris Beach Mauritius, and you will reach Bois Cheri Tea Factory to have a look at the oldest tea plantations. You can book a tour here in advance to visit the plants and the museums, and enjoy tasting their signature flavors of tea amidst the panoramic view! However, make sure of the opening and closing time of the tea factory.

So, if you happen to visit Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius, just do not confine yourself to the beach. The beach in south Mauritius is undoubtedly beautiful, like other beaches. In fact, there are so many ways to explore the beaches and region of southern Mauritius. The place has it all. You can explore the vegetation, the natural beauty, enjoy water sports, and go on dolphin tours along with BBQ lunches, and what not.

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There are hiking trips, different treks amidst the breathtaking views of the mountainous topography. Not only the activities, but South Mauritius also has an array of mind-blowing accommodations near the Gris Gris Beach. From resorts to villas, the properties are as beautiful as Mauritius! So, book your trip to Mauritius for a soul-soothing experience like never before!

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