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Mauritius has a rich and diverse culture. And it is only normal for the same to be reflected in its cuisine. The Mauritius food has been richly influenced from the mélange of residents – Creole, French, Chinese, and Indian people. So, if you are planning a holiday to Mauritius, I suggest you to try the best of the Mauritian cuisine and the best restaurants in Mauritius.And to help you with the same, here is a comprehensive list. Here, we have tried to compile everything from food to beverages and even restaurants to savour them for you to have the most sumptuous experience, have a look.

  • Restaurants
  • Indian Restaurants
  • Dimsums
  • Boulettes
  • Mine Frites
  • Farata
  • Curries
  • Mauritian Biryani
  • Bol Renverse
  • Mauritian Seafood
  • Dholl Puri
  • Du Pain Frire
  • Vanilla Tea
  • Petit Rum Punch
  • Alouda
  • Phoenix Beer
  • Sugar
  • Gâteau De Patates Douces
  • Mithai
  • Mazavaroo
  • Coconut Chutney
  • Achard Legumes

Best Restaurants In Mauritius For Mauritius Food

Tourists dining at the Cafe des Arts in Mauritius

Image Source

Mauritius offers a rich culinary experience that has been inspired by the various ethnic groups residing on the island. And there are no better places to taste the specialties of the Mauritian kitchen than the following:

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Best Indian Restaurants In Mauritius For Indian Cuisines

The beach dining experience at the La Chaumière Masala that is an Indian restaurant in Mauritius

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And in case you are looking for Indian food in Mauritius, you are in luck. The island is replete with some amazing diners that serve the best of Indian food.

Mauritius Food: Best Foods, Beverages And Desserts

Now that you have a list of the best restaurants in Mauritius with you, check out the best drinks and food in Mauritius. From curries & rice to seafood, and snacks to sweet; the list is huge. So, go on. Pamper your taste buds with this list of the best food in Mauritius.

1. Dimsums

A pot full of dimsums being served in a Mauritius diner

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Thanks to the fair share of Sino-Mauritians (people of Mauritius who trace their ancestry from China) in the country, there are many restaurants in Mauritius that serve delicious Cantonese food (Chinese cuisine). Of all the Chinese dishes, dimsums are the most popular ones. They are basically small bite-sized portions of vegetables or meat wrapped in dough, fried or steamed, and served with chutneys.

Where to try: First Restaurant, Port Louis

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2. Boulettes

A bowl of the famous boulettes that are popular in Mauritius

Image Source

Another variant of the Chinese dumplings included in the Mauritius cuisine are the boulettes. They are basically dimsums served in a flavorsome broth (bouillon). The dumplings may be made with fish, pork, prawn, beef, or even vegetables. The broth is made with proper chicken or fish stock, spring onions, and a variety of sauces.

Must-try variants:

  • Niouk Yen: Chayote dumplings in chili, garlic, or soy sauce
  • Shao Mai: Vegetarian or pork dumplings that can be made solely of chayote or mixed with pork, meat, chicken or shrimp, wrapped in a dough skin made of flour, egg, water, & salt, and then steamed before eaten
  • Meat and Fish Balls

Where to try: Streetside vendors at China Town, Port Louis

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3. Mine Frites

The popular Chinese Mine Frite dish being served with chutneys in Mauritius

Image Source

Another popular street food of Mauritius that has been derived from the Chinese cuisine is this simple dish of soy-sauce-fried noodles with toppings of spring onions and chillies. Though this is a kind of dish that you would easily find anywhere, each place adds its own touch and ingredients to fried noodles. So, its worth giving a try!

Where to try: Streetside vendors at China Town, Port Louis

Also try: La mousse noir (Herbal Black Jelly)

4. Farata

Vaindaye Ourite being served with Farata in Mauritius

Image Source

For those who are looking for Indian food in Mauritius, we suggest you to try this Mauritian variant of the Indian Parantha. It is a buttery flatbread that is eaten with curry or chutney. A bite of the spicy filling warped in the farata bread will lead to a burst of flavours inside your mouth.

Also try: Roti Chaud; another Indian food in Mauritius that is served with curry, chutney, or pickle.

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5. Curries

A dish of fish curry that is a popular Mauritius food

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With a strong influence of Indian food in Mauritius dishes, it is not surprising that curries have become a major component of the Mauritian cuisine. But not all Mauritian curries are like the Indian ones. In addition to the traditional Indian curries, there are the tomato-based Creole curries and more. However, all these curries have the same base of garlic, onion, fresh curry leaves, and turmeric. These curries can be savored with rice, breads (farata and roti chaud), lentils, chutneys, and pickles.

Must try: Octopus curry at Chez Rosy on Gris Gris beach

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6. Mauritian Biryani

A tempting dish of Mauritian chicken biryani

Image Source

The Mauritian Biryani is another Mauritius food item with Indian influence. Drawing its roots from the Hyderabadi Biryani, this is a fragrant rice dish made from a plethora of spices, long-grained Basmati rice, meat, and yoghurt. However, it is slightly different from the Hyderabadi version. The Mauritian Biryani smartly uses potatoes to absorb the spices at the bottom of the vessel during cooking, thereby preventing the rice from burning or sticking.

Where to try: Le Tandoor, Grand Baie

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7. Bol Renverse

The upside down bowl dish of Bol Renverse

Image Source

Bol Renverse, a type of biryani, consists of three layers – fried egg, chicken/seafood stir fried with veggies and Asiatic sauces, and boiled rice. While preparing, the base is of fried egg, followed by chicken stir, and then rice. However, when served, the bowl is turned upside down. Each layer is perfect in its flavour and taste, so take time and dig in.

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8. Mauritian Seafood

A popular Mauritius seafood dish

Image Source

Seafood makes up for a large chunk of the Mauritius food. From curries and stews to the Chinese and Indian dishes, the Mauritian cuisine is seafood-heavy. The best seafood dishes range from local fish Capitaine and crab soup to calamari and lobsters. And we bet, you will fall in love with the juicy – delicious sea foods in Mauritius even if you are not very fond of sea foods in general.

Must try: Rougaille (a stew-based Creole dish made with meat/fish, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and thyme) at La Rougaille Creole (Grand Baie)

Also try: Vindaye ourite (octopus) and Vindaye poisson (fish) – which are curries of octopus and fish based on mustard, saffron, & lots of spices; crab curry; coriander & chili fish; and fried squid

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9. Dholl Puri

Dholl Puri is a popular street food in Mauritius

Image Source

If you looking for mauritius vegetarian food, here it is. Amongst the best dishes of street food in Mauritius, Dholl Puri ranks above the rest. It is basically a fried thin bread made of wheat. It is stuffed with ground yellow split peas and is served curry, pickle, and chutney. This popular street food of Mauritius is sold at the street stalls all over the island.

Where to try: Dewa, Rose-Hill

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10. Du Pain Frire

Du Pain Frire being served with chutney

Image Source

Du Pain Frire (fried bread) is a popular street food in Mauritius. It is basically a crunchy fried bread served with chutney consisting of tomatoes, chilli, and coriander leaves. A lot similar to the Indian break pakora, this snack will surely make you feel at home. Enjoy some Du Pain Frire with your friends, over an evening tea.

Also try: Gâteaux piments (fried balls of lentils and chilis), manioc goujons (cassava chips), and samosas

And the best part about the Mauritius street food is that you don’t really have to worry about where to try these dishes. Just head for a sightseeing tour of the best places to visit in Mauritius and grab these dishes from street vendors outside these attractions.

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11. Vanilla Tea

The famous vanilla tea at the Bois Cheri Cafe in Mauritius

Image Source

Tea has always been a refreshing and prominent beverage in most of the cultures. One of the most popular drinks from the Mauritian cuisine is the Vanilla Tea. Locally grown black tea is mixed with Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka and vanilla flavoring imported from all South Africa. This gives, what is commonly known as, the Vanilla Tea.

Where to try: Bois Cheri Café in Bois Cheri Tea Estate

12. Petit Rum Punch

Ti Rum Punch and Rhumerie de Chamarel where one can try the drink

Petit Rum Punch, or Ti Rum Punch as it is more commonly called, is sold all over the island. This local drink is made by adding different ingredients added in the base of rum and sugar syrup. For example, the Ti Rum Punch Graham is made by adding fresh lime juice to rum and sugar syrup. You must try these interesting and flavoursome combination of ingredients.

Where to try: Rhumerie de Chamarel

Also try: Home-made rum arrangé; which is a rum steeped in fruits and even chilli

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13. Alouda

The different flavors of Alouda in Mauritius

Image Source

Mauritians drool over the local variant of the Indian falooda – Alouda. The gelatinous milky drink – pink or green in color – is prepared by dissolving agar agar (a gelatinous substance obtained from certain red seaweeds and used as a thickener in foods), basil seeds, and vanilla-and-almond essence in milk. This mind-blowing blend of ingredients make Alouda a tasty, vibrant and healthy drink.

Where to try: Alouda Pillay, in Port Louis

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14. Phoenix Beer

Phoneix beer glasses lined u

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The local beer of Mauritius – Phoenix Beer – is an award-winning lager named after the town where it is produced. It is crisp & refreshing and goes with pretty much everything that you will eat on the island. This is a must try drink on your Mauritius food bucket list. Enjoy some beer time with your friends. Just grab a Flying Dodo or Phoenix Beer and relax at one of the best beaches in Mauritius.

Also try: Flying Dodo; the only craft beer produced on the island

15. Sugar

Several shots from the L’Aventure du Sucre that is a popular sugar museum in Mauritius

Image Source

Don’t be surprised to find Sugar in the list of the best dishes from the Mauritian cuisine. For centuries, sugar was the island’s currency. Even today, sugar is the main exported commodity. And to taste the different types of sugar for free is so fascinating.

Where to try: L’Aventure du Sucre – a sugar museum that offers sugar tasting for over 9 variants of sugar

16. Gâteau De Patates Douces

A dish of Gâteau de patates douces in Mauritius

Image Source

The Gâteau de patates douce or the sweet potato cake is one of the most popular sweet dishes of the Mauritian cuisine. The tasty Mauritian tea-time treat is basically a deep-fried sweet potato dough encasing a filling of coconut, cardamom, and sugar.

17. Mithai

Some of the popular sweets sold at the Bombay Sweets Mart in Mauritius

Image Source

And whether it is India or Mauritius, the Indian sweets are there for the sweet-toothed tourists. They are sugary, buttery, and delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you got to try some of these popular sweets in Mauritius. And you would definitely need a bite after tasting the spicy – yummy Mauritius food.

Where to try: Bombay Sweets Mart in Port Louis lets you taste several of their sweets

Also try: Coconut cakes (coconut and sugar cookies) at Escale Creole, Gateau Napolitaine (jam-sandwiched biscuits covered in icing), and Poudine Mais (a vibrant yellow polenta cake made with coconut and sultanas)

18. Mazavaroo

A bottle of Mazavaroo chillies

Image Source

Chillies are essential sides of the Mauritius food. Be it fruits, baguettes, curries, or stews; every dish of the Mauritius cuisine is eaten with chillies. And the Mazavaroo is a perfect chilli paste. Chillies, onions, baby prawns, garlic, and ginger are cooked in olive oil and lemon juice base. You can order it any restaurant or pick a bottled version of the same.

19. Coconut Chutney

A bowl of the popular coconut chutney

Image Source

Chutneys are also among the essential sides that are a part of the Mauritian cuisine. Of these, the coconut chutney is the most popular one and complements the spicy dishes of Mauritius. The creamy, sweet and sour taste mixed with a tinge of spices will make you forget about the dishes served along with it.

Note: Coconut is the quintessential island ingredient. Coconut water, fresh coconut fruit, and coconut cakes are some of the other popular coconut products savored by the Mauritians.

20. Achard Legumes

A plate of Achard Legumes

Image Source

It is a popular Mauritian pickle made up of vegetables. The ingredients include carrots, cabbage, french beans, green chillies, dried red chillies, garlic, and turmeric powder. You can have it as a sandwich filling or as sides with curries, breads, and biryani.

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The Mauritian cuisine is, indeed, a culinary melting pot and you would not need to care about the Mauritius food prices either, as there are good restaurants to suit every budget. It would be a shame if you don’t try the above-mentioned dishes on your vacation in Mauritius. Plan a trip to Mauritius now and try these dishes with your friends or family. Also, share with us your pick from the lot.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mauritius Food

What do Mauritians eat for breakfast?

The popular breakfast dishes in Mauritius include: 1. Gratinated eggs Florentine with spinach and mornay sauce 2.Gateau Piment sandwich 3. Uttapam

What is the local drink in Mauritius?

If you are exploring Mauritius food and drink, you must try the local drinks in Mauritius including a cane rum which is produced by them using local techniques. They also drink a cocktail made with this rum, coconut water and a hint of lemon. The most popular local beers include Phoenix and French Black Eagle Beer.

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