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Run through the ethereal places and visit the holy shrine of Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada This holy place of worship is located in the city of Vijayawada and symbolises the constant endurance and beliefs of Christians. The Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada is a centre of devotion and pouring out of affection towards Mother Mary perched in the ambience of incense and songs of reverence. One will find that the environment is quite worshipful and will be relieved by the beautiful carving on the walls, depicting the passion and prowess in the art and architectural design that the region carried out.

Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada History

Statue of Mother Mary at Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada.

Image Credit: tomasz_mikolajczyk for Pixabay
The origin of the Gunadala Matha Shrine can be attributed to the initiative of the Catholic priests, particularly Fr. Huges Pezzoni and Fr. P Arlati. In 1923, Fr. Pezzoni bought 25 acres of land and built an orphanage to bring Catholic institutional influence to Gunadala. On 24 June 1924, the construction and management of the St. Joseph’s orphanage were officially commissioned, and Fr. Arlati placed a miniature statue of Mother Mary onto the hill of Gunadala.

In the following years, the grotto was modernised, and the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes was inaugurated, first on September 8th and then on February 11th. There were many tribulations, but the constant efforts of several individuals were made to lay the foundation stone and erect a proper church in 1971, thus ensuring the consecration of Vijayawada Gunadala Church.
Gunadala Church Mass Timing: 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Daily)
Gunadala Church Entry Fee: Zero

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Gunadala Matha Festival

Mother Mary Monumental tower at Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Customernote_com for Pixabay
Gunadala Matha Festival is a prominent festival that takes place every year in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a three-day festival celebrated in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, also famously called the Mary Matha festival, conducted at Gunadala Matha Shrine. The festival is celebrated from February 9 to 11 every year, and people from different states such as Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala will participate.
Starting from Padavala Revu, the celebration covers the route of Eluru Road up to Ramavarappadu Junction. Events include processions, cultural shows, religious activities, and more. The place is illuminated, and makeshift amenities such as Water Resource Centers, prasadam distributors, and other resting places are provided for the devotees.

Significance Of Gunadala Church

Pilgrims at Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada

Image Credit: armennano for Pixabay
Gunadala Church, also known as Gunadala Mary Matha Church or Our Lady of Lourdes Church, is one of the famous religious places in Vijayawada city of Andhra Pradesh in India. The church retains excellent cultural and religious importance for the community of believers and is partially used for pilgrimage. Here are some of the key aspects of its significance:

  • Pilgrimage site: Speaking about Religious tourism, Gunadala Church is an important destination for Christians in the Andhra Pradesh state, receiving lakhs of devotees annually. One of the major events in the area is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, celebrated every year in February, which attracts many people for religious activities.
  • Spiritual significance: It is a church where Christian people go to worship, with a special focus on the Virgin Mary. This work depicts a serene environment and an interesting design of the church, and thus, it is famous as a worship place.
  • Historical significance: The church is historical, with records pointing to 1925, when the rector of St. Joseph’s Orphanage at Gunadala placed such a statue. The church was finally dedicated in 1971 and then observed every year as the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

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Places To Visit Near Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada

Gunadala Matha Shrine is one of the religious and spiritual destinations situated in Vijayawada city of Andhra Pradesh, India. This place is revered by people of all religions, especially Christians, who come to make their requests and pray. The shrine is located on a terrace. Therefore the view of the city is beautiful from there.

1. Kanaka Durga Temple

Gopuram of the Kanakadurga Temple near the Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Balajirakonda for Wikimedia Commons
Kanaka Durga Temple is a well-known Hindu shrine next to the Gunadala Matha Shrine, a temple of the goddess Durga. The religious setting and value of this old temple reflect the attractiveness of the artistry of the carvings and structure. Endearing the community from every corner and attracting clients to pay their respects to the temple, the aura and the spiritual environment around the temple are relaxing and inspiring among the troubled hearts. Located in the wonderful landscape, the Kanaka Durga Temple belongs to the area’s highlighted cultural and historical complex and provides people with an excellent opportunity to enjoy their spiritual experience.
Timings: The temple is open from 6 AM to 9 PM daily.
Facilities: There are prasadam counters, a free cloakroom, and a small shop for pooja items inside the temple premises.
Activities: Visitors can participate in the daily rituals, take part in special pujas

2. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON temple, a spiritual site in the vicinity of the Shrine

Image Credit: Ilya Mauter for Wikimedia Commons
The Spiritual Global Collegiate at Vijayawada is a splendid temple for Lord Krishna’s worshippers, symbolising divine love and compassion. This temple under construction is blessed with ultramodern architectural designs and a serene environment that gives devotees as well as visitors a natural feel of tranquillity. The stonework and peacock colours that cover the walls are incredibly intricate and complex to look at. The sound of priests chanting spiritual songs can be heard on the premises. Famous for its serenity and recreational spirituality, ISKCON Temple, Vijayawada, exemplifies comfort and solace to those seeking spiritual education and divine intervention through Lord Krishna’s mercy.
Timings: The temple is open daily from 4:30 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM.
Facilities: A dining hall offers vegetarian meals (prasadam), a bookstore, and accommodation for devotees.
Activities: Visitors can attend the aarti ceremonies, participate in kirtan (devotional singing), and take part in spiritual discourses and classes.

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3. Bhavani Island

The image shows the scenic Bhavani Island, a popular spot near the Shrine in Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Krishna Chaitanya Velaga for Wikimedia Commons
Located in the course of the Krishna River, Bhavani Island is an absolute natural beauty often compared to a recreational island. This place paved with greenery and small alleys provides a person with the desire to unwind from the world’s chaos. Soft gurgling sounds of the river water splashing on the island produce rhythmic sounds, and the cool breeze comes with a story of tranquillity. Bhavani Island was beautiful and calm which helped one to relax in the serenity of the environment, meditate in the quietude of the island and revive one’s body, mind, and soul.
Timings: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Facilities: Parking, Food stalls, Boating facilities
Activities: Picnicking, Nature walks, Boating, Photography

4. Prakasam Barrage

Prakasam Barrage, an iconic structure near the Shrine in Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Ramireddy.y for Wikimedia Commons
Constructive engineering mastery is reflected by the Prakasam Barrage setting, making it a major tourist attraction and sightseeing point in Vijayawada. This bridge stretches across the Krishna River and gives a magnificent view of the city skyline, and tourists love using it for picnicking or boating leisure. When the calm water flows over the barrage one is presented with scenes of natural beauty to marvel at while standing still. Whether you want to find some peace from the noises of the city or want to click a beautiful picture of the views, then you must go to Prakasam Barrage, which is an ultimate example of engineering along with nature’s beauty.
Timings: The barrage is accessible throughout the day.
Facilities: visitors can find local food stalls and vendors nearby.
Activities: Sightseeing, Photography, Picnicking, Boating

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How To Reach Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada

Know how to reach the temple in Vijayawada

Image Credit: tekhnika for Pixabay

Here are some of the ways to reach Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada:

By Road: Talking about transport, Vijayawada is well connected by roads to most of the cities in Andhra Pradesh and other states. The shrine is also located near the main means of transport, hence people from all parts of the city can easily access the shrine. The available means of transport include a taxi, auto rickshaw, or a city bus to get to this place.
By Rail: Vijayawada Junction rail hub can be regarded as one of the biggest railway centres in South India. Several trains link channels in the city of Vijayawada to other cities of significance in the country. Taking local transport is recommended from the railway station to reach Gunadala Matha Shrine.
By Air: The nearest airport is the Vijayawada International Airport situated approximately 13.7 miles off from the city. A taxi could be hired or a bus could be taken from the airport to get to the shrine.

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The Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada is something you must include in your itinerary when you are planning your trip to Andhra Pradesh. This temple showcases the beautiful history of religion and is a wonderful place to stay for a while and enjoy the essence of the sacred place and fresh air. See with your own eyes the passion of the pilgrims, capture the passion of the festivals, and feel the spirituality of this holy place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada

Is Vijayawada fun for tourists?

Yes, Vijayawada is one of the best cities in India. There are many places around to visit.

Are there any special rites that people can perform at Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada?

Yes, the public is allowed to attend specific prayers and mass services that other holy services that are conducted within the shrine.

Is it possible to take a guided tour at Gunadala Matha Shrine Vijayawada?

Local guides give a briefing and explain as much as possible about the history, role and significance of this shrine.

How many steps need to be climbed to reach Gunadala Matha Shrine?

Gunadala Church's steps are around 500, so it is advised to visit the temple early in the morning when the weather is cool and the crowd is less.

What to do while visiting the church?

While you are here, do not forget to pray and take blessings from Mother Mary. It is a surreal experience.

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