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Attention all travellers, divers, and those who love water! If you are planning to take a tour of Andhra Pradesh make sure to include VMC Disney Land Vijayawada in your itinerary. This exciting water park has exciting things such as water slides, waves, and other water attractions, promising an amazing experience for all. Picture yourself challenging the twisting tubes, enjoying the refreshing showers and the cool hug of the wave pools. The VMC Disney Land Vijayawada is an excellent place to be for those tired of the extremely hot weather, calling for a great day of splashing and fun.

VMC Disney Land Vijayawada Overview

Water slide rides at VMC Disney Land Vijayawada.

Image Source: Pxhere

VMC Disney Land is one of the leading amusement water parks in Vijayawada City of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is among the biggest water parks in the city. It has many water-related games that children and even adults can play. It also has many steep participants, including water slides, wave pools, and rivers, as well as sections exclusively for children.

Visitors can take a break from the hot sun while having fun in the park, especially when enjoying water activities. VMC Disney Land has enough trees, bleachers, dining areas, and lavatories to make it a complete one-stop entertainment destination for friends and families. Its lively scene park plus adequate infrastructure have constantly made it the park of choice for anybody in the region who would like to enjoy water-related activities for the day.

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VMC Disney Land Vijayawada Location And Ticket Price

Know about the location and the ticket price of VMC Disney Land Vijayawada

Image Credit: Edwin Soto for Pexels

VMC Disney Land is in Ajit Singh Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. Particularly, it is located on Pipula Road Junction, Ajit Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, 520015. This is a well-recognized and frequented water park within the city and it embraces swimming pools for adults and children, water games and activities, games, fun rides, aqua dancing, and a wave pool.

VMC Vijayawada Disneyland ticket prices vary based on age and activities. Special discounts and packages might be available for groups or during festive seasons, so it is best to check the official website or contact the park directly. Below are the ticket prices for VMC Vijayawada Disneyland:

Adults: INR 120
Children above 5 years: INR 60
Children below 5 years: Free entry

VMC Disney Land Vijayawada Rides

Twisting Tube rides at VMC Disney Land Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Matti Blume for Wikimedia Commons

VMC Disney Land rides offer a unique experience, catering to different interests and age groups, ensuring that visitors have a memorable and enjoyable time at the park. Here are some of the popular attractions of the park:

  • Wave Pools: A dedicated children’s wave pool features gentle waves and interactive water features to keep your little ones entertained. The pool provides a safe and enjoyable environment for children to splash around and have fun. The parent pool with larger waves and deeper waters is for adults seeking a more exhilarating wave pool experience.
  • Aqua Dancing: This is an entertaining aquatic game, where you can groove to music and have fun. Water jets and fountains synchronised to the music add to the fun, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere for guests of all ages. Immerse yourself in this unique aquatic adventure and feel completely relaxed.
  • Twisting Tubes: A really exciting slide that involves twisting and turning in enclosed tubes. If you are looking for some adrenaline-pumping adventure, then this ride is a must-try. Whether you’re sliding solo or racing with friends, the sharp curves, thrilling drops, and unexpected twists along the way will leave you wanting more.
  • Waterfalls: The park houses artificial waterfalls to provide a refreshing experience of natural waterfalls. These water features create a cooling and relaxing ambience, with cascading water streams and pools that guests can enjoy. The rushing water streams give a feeling of coolness and freshness of waterfalls, adding a delightful touch to your visit.

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Places To Visit Near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada

While VMC Disney Land is a great destination, other places to visit in and around Vijayawada are worth exploring. From the famous Kanaka Durga Temple located on a hill to the serene Bhavani Island and the ancient rock-cut architecture of Undavalli Caves, there are many attractions nearby.

1. Kanaka Durga Temple

Gopuram of the Kanakadurga Temple, a key landmark near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Rahmanuddin for Wikimedia Commons

Kanaka Durga Temple is a famous Hindu temple of the Kanaka Durga deity which is established around 10 km from VMC Disney Land. This has been an historical place of worship and religious tourism with worshippers from the surrounding areas visiting the temple. This temple has some of the most eye-popping architecture of any temple in Andhra Pradesh today. The artwork and sculptures, the towering gopurams, are truly a sight. Kanaka Durga is the principal deity considered the goddess we should worship for wealth, health, and salvation. This very spiritual place also contains shrines to several other gods in the temple’s compound. Guests can enjoy the special spiritual atmosphere and live through the daily and annual liturgical events.

Timings: Open from 6 AM to 9 PM daily
Facilities: There are prasadam counters, a free cloakroom, and a small shop for pooja items inside the temple premises
Activities: Visitors can participate in the daily ritual and take part in special pujas

2. Prakasam Barrage

Krishna River, a notable attraction near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Subhash Chandra for Wikimedia Commons

Prakasam Barrage is a boating and picnic ground around 5 Km from VMC Disney Land. This is a beautiful barrage across the river Krishna where one can escape the usual rush of city life. You can have a boat ride and take time to watch the river and the lush green area of the Boyoma Mountains. The gardens and open areas surrounding the barrage are very well-cared for and hence perfect for family outings and such related activities. Prakasam barrage is available to tourists as well as the local public who want to enjoy and spend their leisure time on the natural site. Due to its availability of facilities and accessibility, it has become a well-known destination attracting countless visitors for a relaxing day out in nature, although close enough to VMC Disney Land’s entertainment.

Timings: The barrage is accessible throughout the day.
Facilities: visitors can find local food stalls and vendors nearby.
Activities: Popular activities include sightseeing, photography, picnicking, and enjoying the views of the Krishna River and the city skyline. Boating is also possible in the area.

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3. Bhavani Island

Scenic view of Bhavani Island, a popular attraction near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Krishna Chaitanya Velaga for Wikimedia Commons

It is an island in the middle of river Krishna suitable for a day’s tour and located approximately 15 Km from VMC Disney Land. This beautiful piece of nature provides the much-needed laid-back mood and atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of the city ambience, green cover, water sources, birds, etc. Nature walks, picnics, and sightseeing are some of the exciting features tourists can partake in while at the island. Thus, one can use Bhavani Island as a day’s escape for leisure and explore the location’s flora and fauna. Due to its close location to VMC Disney Land, one can easily schedule the two destinations for a balance of adventure and relaxation.
Timings: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Facilities: Parking, Food stalls, Boating facilities
Activities: Picnicking, Nature walks, Boating, Photography

Restaurants Near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada

Restaurants near VMC Disneyland Vijayawada offer various dining options to suit every palate. From local Andhra cuisine to popular international dishes, visitors can enjoy a diverse culinary experience. These eateries provide a convenient and delicious respite after a day of fun and excitement at the park. Here are some popular restaurants near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada:

1. Minerva Grand

Hotel Minerva Grand is one of the best hotels near VMC Disney Land Vijayawada

Image Credit: neshom for Pixabay

It is a multi-cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant located in the busy marketplace of Governorpet in Vijayawada. It has wide-ranging dishes that are aspirated from the Indian, Chinese, and Continental food categories. Such a focus on the quality of services and the friendly staff further, combined with the appropriate design of the restaurant’s interior, has always created quite a lasting demand for this eating joint among the locals and tourists who find it convenient to enjoy the best food cooked by qualified chefs.

Timings: 8 AM to 10:30 PM (Daily)
Cuisines: South Indian

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2. Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Rayalaseema Ruchulu is one of the best eateries near this water park

Image Credit: Life Of Pix for Pexels

This is a full-fledged Andhra restaurant with traditional food mainly from the Rayalaseema area present at Benz Circle, Vijayawada. It is famous for its true taste in the region’s native foods and is a hub for the Rayalaseema region’s delectable tastes and flavours. The restaurant presents a savoury selection of small plates and large dishes, representing the region’s taste. Featuring spicy curries, aromatic biryanis as well as tasty vegetarian dishes, Rayalaseema Ruchulu serves as a culinary tour through southern India, particularly the area of Andhra Pradesh, while striving to remain true to the regional specialities.

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM (Daily)
Cuisines: Authentic Andhra and Telangana cuisine

3. Aromas Cafe

Aromas Cafe is another best rasutants nearby

Image Source: Pixabay

It is situated on Tikkle Road and is primarily a café and restaurant where customers can enjoy delicious food in Vijayawada. This place has a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly team that invites guests to try a wide menu of spicy Indian dishes, tasty Chinese dishes, and classic European cuisine. There are subtleties in the menu that were created by masters of culinary arts using fresh, quality ingredients. Whether one is in the mood for a delicious curry, stir fry, or pasta, Aromas Cafe guarantees the provision of delicious meals and quality service in a quaint and serene environment.

Timings: 11 AM to 10 PM (Daily)
Cuisines: Continental, Chinese, Indian

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How To Reach VMC Disney land Vijayawada

Know how to reach this park

Image Credit: Avinash Patel for Pexels

There are an array of ways to reach the VMC Disney Land Vijayawada:

By Road: When coming to VMC Disney Land from Vijayawada Bus Station, the driving distance is 99 miles (160 km), and it takes about 2 hours based on traffic conditions. To get to VMC Disney Land, you can either take a taxi or, better still, hire a car from the Vijayawada Bus Station.

By Public Transport: From Vijayawada Bus Station, you may board a bus and alight at the Pipula Road bus stop. It is the closest bus stop to VMC Disney Land. Auto rickshaws or taxis can be hired from Pipula Road to reach VMC Disney Land.

By Air: The nearest airport is Vijayawada International Airport, located about 15 miles (24 km) from the landmark of VMC Disney Land. From the airport, one can either use a taxi or hire a car to get to VMC Disney Land.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Vijayawada railway station, approximately 16 kilometers from VMC Disney Land. One can hire a taxi or self-drive a car from the railway station to get to the VMC Disney Land.

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VMC Disney Land Vijayawada guarantees to make people leave their normal routine behind and go wild on the water rides. Featuring exciting and dynamic attractions such as fun, thrilling water slides and a luxury wave pool, this water park promises to leave you glowing and filled with energy to pack your bags further and plan your next trip to Andhra Pradesh.

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Frequently Asked Questions About VMC Disney Land Vijayawada

When is the best time to visit VMC Disney Land Vijayawada?

The ideal times to visit are from October to March because the water park will be so much fun without the heat. VMC Disney Land Vijayawada timings are from 11  AM to 5 PM and is open daily for visitors and locals.

Is there any function or occasion for which people go to VMC Disney Land Vijayawada?

Yes, it has events such as music festivals, food festivals, celebrations in times of major events or holidays.

Are people allowed to take their food and drinks to the water park?

It is prohibited to carry and consume food items and beverages purchased from outside the park, but there is a wide variety of food vendors and eating places in the park.

As for the group reservation, does the hotel offer any package or any lower price for that?

Certainly, VMC Disney Land Vijayawada comes up with good group bookings and packages for family, schools, and corporations.

Are there any facilities/amenities exclusively allocated for children who are two years or below?

Yes it does, it has a water park that has a children's swimming pool with shallow water that contains slides meant for children only.

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