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An adventure packed vacation for Harkirat and her friends took them to thefoothills of Himalayas. Read all about their 1 night/2 days weekend trip to Rishikesh in which they experienced the thrill of river rafting for the first time ever.

2 Days Itinerary For Rishikesh

  • Day 1: Trekking across to a gorgeous waterfall
  • Day 2: The thrill of navigating through the scary rapids
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Rishikesh Package Details

Trip Cost: INR 3,600 per person on quad sharing basis
Trip Duration: 1 night/2 days
Month of Travel: April 2017
Inclusions: return ticket, accommodation, meals, and river rafting
Exclusions: entrance fee, return journey dinner

My friends and I wanted to make a habit of doing adventure sports during our free time. Therefore, river rafting in Rishikesh felt like a good starting point for a budding “to be” adventure junkie like me.

We had already traveled once on a weekend getaway with TravelTriangle on new year’s eve to Dhanaulti. Our experience with TravelTriangle was great and we had no complaints whatsoever. This meant that we already knew where to look for weekend holiday packages. Getting my friends on-board the idea of river rafting in the sweltering heat of April was an easy sell. Just like that, we were a group of 10 people booking a weekend getaway to Rishikesh.

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We were asked to gather outside Akshardham Metro station at 11 pm to board our bus to Rishikesh. As soon as everyone arrived, we began our night journey to Rishikesh. We stopped occasionally for tea or snacks to help us last the night.

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Day 1: Trekking across to a gorgeous waterfall

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Adventurous 1N/2D Friends Trip: River Rafting In Rishikesh

We arrived in Rishikesh at 7 am and checked into the Vatika Luxury Camp. The location of the camp was very scenic, as it was located in the wilderness surrounded by mountains on two sides.Post breakfast, I decided to relax in the camp grounds while listening to music on my earphones. It really lifted my mood when I was surrounded by greenery and had my favorite songs playing in the background.

After a while, everyone assembled outside the campsite for the valley crossing adventure activity. My friends and I quickly went through with valley crossing and return to the camp around noon where we could relax and chill in the pool. Oh, what a relief it was! Taking a dip in a pool in that summer heat felt like the ideal way of spending my afternoon.

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Adventure Sports On A 1N/2D Weekend Trip To Rishikesh

Later in the afternoon, our entire group went for a trek to the riverside. It was a very beautiful two hour trek that led us to a small diverged tributary of Ganga. The place became very scenic around sunset urging us to click lots of pictures. We returned to the camp in the evening, and got ready for the DJ night.

At night, the campsite had a DJ setup installed for us, along with snacks and dinner. That night was the best time for us to get to know other travelers, as all of us shared stories sitting around the campfire till midnight.

Day 2: The thrill of navigating through the scary rapids

The next day, we quickly had breakfast and got ready to check out of the resort and eventually head for river rafting. The headline event of our weekend trip was about to begin in Shivpuri, Rishikesh.

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For first timers like me, river rafting was an adrenaline rush like no other. At one point, our rafting experience got a little scary. As we were going through one of the rapids, the right ride of our raft tilted due to the force of the water and four people fell into the water. For a few seconds, we couldn’t see where they went, but thankfully, the force of the water took them out of the rapids and we pulled them out pretty quick.

As our rafting course ended, I got off the boat and got this amazing feel of having taken part in something that was beyond me. I gave a lot of credit to my friends who motivated me through this challenging activity.

Afterwards, we boarded the bus and started for our return journey to New Delhi. What an incredible weekend it was! Rishikesh gave us everything- be it rafting, camping, trekking, or picturesque scenery.

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I really appreciate this weekend group travel concept started by TravelTriangle. It provides a safe option for girls who want to start traveling solo or in small groups. In the future, I would definitely feel comfortable in exploring other weekend destinations TravelTriangle Weekend Getaways has to offer.

High Points:

  • The first time river rafting experience was incredible.
  • Trek to the riverside was a pleasant surprise on the first day.

Low Points:

  • After the rafting tour finishes, the organizers can try and provide a changing room for girls.

Adventure begins in Rishikesh! Book your Rishikesh weekend getaway and live life on the edge!

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