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Los Angeles is one of the most exciting places to visit in the United States of America. There are many superb attractions that the tourists can visit here. Apart from the touristy sites, there are plenty of good restaurants and cafes where one can try different cuisines and other lip-smacking dishes. Los Angeles is the second largest city of USA and has many urban infrastructures. It is home to the famous Hollywood sign which attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world.

One can visit the Beverly Hills to experience the glamour of the city or one can spend some time soaking in the sun on the beautiful beaches that are here at Los Angeles. For adventure seekers, there are exciting hiking trails to go hiking in Los Angeles too. It is a place where you will find a variety of things to do, so make sure that you spend a few days here to experience the best of it.

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles

Hiking is a great way of exploring an area and a superb way of maintaining one’s health. It can be a great activity that the entire family can get involved in. Our routine lives don’t allow us to do hiking and trekking on a daily basis, but on vacations, we can enjoy such activities. So we have listed the sites and trails where one can go trekking when at Los Angeles.

1. Elysian Park Hiking Trail

Elysian Park Hiking Trail

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This particular hiking trail caters to a lot of people. The trail is designed in such a way that people can choose the trail that suits them the best out of the three different levels of hiking that the Elysian Park Hiking Trail has. It is a great place for both beginners and experts who want to hike. The terrain is quite good and one can witness some of the stunning views while hiking. It is a great place and activity to enjoy for the entire family and the trail is safe for kids as well.

Address: Elysian Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
Phone: +1 213-485-5054

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2. Westridge Canyonback Wilderness Park

 Westridge Canyonback Wilderness Park

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This is one place that is great for hiking or even going for a picnic with friends and family. The hikers can choose to go walking, cycling or even horseback riding. The views that you will get on this hiking trail are really stunning. The trail is not a very difficult one and most people can do hiking easily on these trails. This is a must visit place for those who want a nice long hike. The place is dog-friendly, so you are going to spot some furry pals along the way to your hike! Also, you can get your ball of fur along!

Address: 17500 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA
Phone: +1 310-589-3200

3. Hollywood Sign the Canyon Drive Trail

Hollywood Sign the Canyon Drive Trail

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The trail is really good in terms of the places it leads to. You can choose to go hiking to the world famous Hollywood sign or go to the picnic area. There is an option of going to the old zoo too. The trails are very well marked with signs so you can follow them and choose your trail. The walk is quite long and it gets hot during the walk so make sure you have sufficient water and do not forget to carry sunscreen. The only drawback of the place is that there are no washrooms in the path of the hiking. But the trail is worth it, as you get to go the iconic Hollywood sign and enjoy the stunning views on your hike up there.

Address: Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Phone: +1 213-202-2700

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4. Getty View Park

Getty View Park

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Not many of us are a pro at hiking. So if you are a rookie who has just begun hiking then the Getty View Park hiking trails are perfect for you. The trails are pretty easy to complete. It is not a very long hike but good enough for enjoying some peaceful time with nature and for exercising your muscles! The place is also a good spot if you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset. Head here with your partner and have a great time watching the sunset together after an exciting hike!

Address: 1399 Casiano Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

5. Will Rogers State Historic Park

Will Rogers State Historic Park

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The Will Rogers State Historic Park is a great place for enjoying a host of activities. You can go hiking along the various trails that the place offers, and enjoy the stunning views of Malibu. Or you can even choose to stay in the lush garden that the place has and unwind there. The park also offers bike riding facility to all its visitors. There is even a provision of horse riding and you can even learn to ride horses here. You can visit the museum that is situated here, which is quite informative. Have a great time at this historic park.

Address: 1501 Will Rogers State Park Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, USA
Phone: +1 310-454-8212

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6. Amir’s Garden

Amir’s Garden

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There are many trail options that you get here at the Amir’s Garden. The trails here tend to get steeper and more difficult gradually. So if you are a habitual hiker then this place is going to be a great challenge and fun for you. The views of the mountains that you get are really amazing. You will even find a place for a picnic where the kids can have fun, making it an amazing spot to head with family. Have a great time hiking here at the Amir’s Garden.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

7. San Vicente Mountain Park

San Vicente Mountain Park

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The hiking trail here is an uphill walk. It is not too difficult but do not forget to carry sufficient water. The place is really beautiful and worth a visit. Once you reach the top of the mountain, there is an old Cold War Nike Missile site that you can visit. The place is even good for kids and you are allowed to bring bikes up here. The place tends to get very hot as the day proceeds, so it is advisable to come a little early for hiking. Hike or bike here at the San Vicente Mountain Park.

Address: 17500 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA
Phone: +1 310-858-7272

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8. The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail

The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail

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The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail has trails that you can choose according to your preference. The difficult trail tends to get steeper, so it advised only for experienced hikers. You can also opt for moderate and easy trails. The place also has sufficient resting spots that you take a break at. If you are lucky, you may even spot some rabbits or deer on the way. Head here with your folks and have a great time hiking at the Eagle Rock Canyon Trail.

Address: 5499 Eagle Rock View Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90041, USA
Phone: +1 323-452-3720

9. Wonder View Trail Head

Wonder View Trail Head

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The Wonder View Trailhead has many trails that lead to various locations. You can choose the trails according to your own liking. There is a trail that leads to the Hollywood sign as well. Then there is one of the trails that leads to the wisdom tree. It might get a little tough but the trail is worth it! Have a great time heading to the spot with your folks. Be sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes as the hike can get a bit tedious.

Address: Wonder View Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA

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10. Griffith Park


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If you are looking for a peaceful and calm location for a hiking trail, then Griffith Park trails are where you should head. The trails are very easy and you can feel a sense of tranquillity out there. It is a great place to be close with nature and spend some time in nature. The park offers some of the best trails to go hiking in Los Angeles. Have a great time enjoying with your folks here at the Griffith Park.

Address: 2715 N Vermont Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

11. Ferndell Trail

Ferndell Trail

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The Fern Dell trails have got trails that have lush greenery and stunning views. You will get to see some waterfalls while you are hiking here. There is a creek that runs along the trail where you can spot turtles, fishes and other aquatic animals. The trail is sandy but is still easy to walk it. It is a great trail that you can enjoy hiking at with amazing views. Head to the beautiful waterfalls as you hike the Ferndell trails.

Address: Fern Dell Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

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Hiking with a view is indeed one of the best ways you can enjoy the beauty of any place. And there are many hiking trails that you can choose from in Los Angeles according to your comfort and preference. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a great time hiking in Los Angeles.

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