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Los Angeles is a Southern Californian city in the USA famous for its film and television industry. The deep valleys, vast mountain ranges and beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean make Los Angeles one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The skyscrapers inside the city and the natural beauties outside make Los Angeles a popular tourist destination.

When we talk about natural beauties, there are several natural and man-made hot water springs in and around Los Angeles that are very popular amongst the tourists as well as the locals. People have a lot of fascination for these hot water springs as they come out from an unknown source and are warm and sometimes very hot. A lot of people believe that these natural hot waters can cure many diseases and visit these places while some people come to these places to spend some quality and quiet time with their families and friends.

Top 10 Hot Springs In Los Angeles

For whatever reasons you are in Los Angeles, you will surely not regret it. Some of the best Hot Springs in and near Los Angeles are mentioned below. Take a look!

1. Saline Valley Hot Spring

Valley Hot Spring

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Saline Valley Warm spring is an oasis in the Death Valley desert with green lawns and soaking tubs. It is a very remote area and not many people try to come to this place because it is far from human population and you have to come fully prepared with your food, water, fuel, maps, and all the necessary supplies. Sometimes even your phone’s reception might not work so come prepared. After all these hardships, once you enter the Saline Valley, it’s a heavenly feeling. It is so beautiful and natural that you fall in love with the place instantly.

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2. Willet Hot Springs

Willet Hot Springs in Los Angeles

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A 20-mile trail through the Los Padres forest takes you to the Willet Hot Springs and it is very difficult to reach the place unless you are in a good shape. After so much of hiking, you will find a metal tub that is fed by the tubes of running water containing Sulphur wherein you can dip your feet to get relief from the aching feet. Such a tough journey gets totally worth once you reach the springs and take a dip into the natural mineral water that soothes you down and heals all your aches.

3. Sespe Hot Springs

beautiful natural hot water

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Hiking down 16-miles on the Sespe river brings you to the most beautiful natural hot water springs called Sespe Hot Springs. The view of the mountains and valleys are impeccable and adheres you to the scenic beauty.

You will find numerous pools along the way that are perfect for swimming and takes away all your tiredness and pain once you take a dip into them. It is advisable to visit the Sespe Hot Springs in winters. During the Summer season, the temperature of the water at Sespe Hot Springs can even reach upto 100 degrees.

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4. Springs And Mud

Springs And Mud

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The Glen Ivy Hot spring with the nickname “club mud” is a place which features red clay mud baths for skin treatment. It is located in the 11 acres of land and it lies in the shadow of the Santa Ana Mountains near the city of Corona which is about 58 miles away from Los Angeles. The facilities which you can avail here are hot spring pools, sauna, and steam bath. “Spring and mud” also offers you a water aerobics, yoga sessions, exercise classes available at specific time and days.

5. Deep Creek Hot Spring

national forest

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This Hot Spring is located in the San Bernardino national forest and this thermal spring is at a distance of about 100 miles from the city of Los Angeles. Be aware that the last 9 miles are on a dirt road so choose your vehicle accordingly. You will find five natural pools at this place which varies in temperature from hot to cool. There are no luxury facilities available at this place such as restroom, potable water and also the temperature may exceed 100-degrees F in the month of summer. Beware of the rattlesnake and carry your water bottles as the water may not be suitable for drinking.

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6. Salton Sea

Salton Sea

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For experiencing this wonderful place you need to keep your entire weekend free. From Los Angeles, it will take approx. 2.5 hours to come to this place. The natural mineral spring facility in the uncrowded dessert environment makes this place a paradise. It is spread in 90 acres of land and has awesome facilities such as freshwater hot spas, steam rooms, and waterfall spa. Bashford’s’ hot mineral spa at the base of the chocolate mountain offers you the fresh hot water spa and six hot water mineral baths with water pipe from 530 feet beneath the surface of the earth. You can also enjoy the heated swimming pools and the whirlpools at this place.

7. Tecopa Spring

warm and soothing water

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They offer you the unique experience of camping every day and is located 90 miles away from Los Angeles in the quirky hamlet of Tecopa. When you visit here the first time it might look like a random puddle by the side of the road but once you enter into the location you will love the place as it has warm and soothing water surrounded by the mountains which give very eye-filling view and it is the perfect place for sunset soak. You can enjoy the sight scene with your loved ones at this place.

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8. Remington Hot Spring

Hot Spring

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The best part of this hot spring is that it is decorated from hippie art. Today this spring is the only place which is free, public and has an undeveloped hot spring in the Kern River Valley. It is a very quiet place as it is not overcrowded and is a very nice place to take a dip in the hot water for quick refreshment. It is very beautiful and full of natural resources but the only challenge is that it is not located at the easy location and you need to tackle a rather steep hike to reach the Remington hot spring. The riverside pools are very beautiful as they are decorated with river rocks and full of hippie message of love and peace.

9. Gaviota Hot Spring

Gaviota Hot Spring

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This is a pretty nice and clean place to visit and enjoy the natural resources. It is a small natural spring which is located just off the 101 near Santa Barbara. There is a relatively steep hike to reach the spring, but be aware that this place smells strong because of Sulphur. For reaching here you need to take a twenty-mile trail through the Los Padres Forest. Finally, you will find a metal tub which is full of sulfurous water running through the tubes where you can stay and give relax to your tired feet.

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10. Big/Little Caliente Hot Spring

hot water

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It is located out of two hours from Santa Barbara in the Los Padres National Forest. A stunning natural place to watch the sunset view even you can arrange firework show and enjoy the evening. This place consists of a big concrete tub in the shaded picnic area which also consists of two soaking pools and a swimming hole located at the short hike away. It consists of three pools in the grassy canyon and is about half a mile down the road. Although it not easy to reach here but once you reach, it will make you feel like a heaven on the earth.

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These are some of the best and the most beautiful Hot Springs in and around Los Angeles. Although many of the places are located very distantly and it is very difficult to reach there but trust me, once you are here, it’s a different feeling altogether. So, plan your perfect Los Angeles Vacation and have the best trip of your life.

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