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The homestays around Iruppu Falls are tucked into the lush greenery of Coorg, supplying their occupants with a hassle-free environment with the smell of coffee or the misty air swirling around them. Join us in experiencing the thrill of the western ghats, raging rivers, misty hills and famous coffee plantations, all within your budget. Coorg will offer you tranquillity, peace, picturesque scenery, and time to reflect on yourself. A trail to your preferred homestay, surrounded by hospitable staff, hygienic interior and exterior, and various outgoing activities for all attending. Get ready to explore your preferred homestay near Irrupu Falls Coorg.

Coorg’s Enchanting Homestays Near Iruppu Falls

A serene photo of the Iruppu Falls

Image Credit: Rameshng for Wikimedia Commons

Coorg is a rural district in Karnataka with growing green hills. The density of forests there has earned it the name ‘Scotland of India’. The district offers high-quality coffee to tourists and visitors. Nature lovers, food lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and culture explorers will all love Coorg. Coorg gives you the time to take in its beauty and traditions without the hustle and bustle of the city. Coorg has a lot to offer tourists and the local people. Jeep Safari, Dubbare Elephant Camp, Golden Temple, Iruppu Falls, Barapole for river rafting, Madikeri Fort, Quad biking, and Coorg’s speciality, Coffee Plantation tours are some of them.

1. Coorg Coffee Camp

A picture of the homestay from the front

Image Credit: Navi guy for Wikimedia Commons

This homestay is the most sought-after in Coorg due to its amenities and proximity to Iruppu Falls. Coorg Coffee Camp has indoor and outdoor games like cricket and badminton, rooftop dining, authentically cooked food, and vast living quarters and bedrooms. There are couple, Family, and joint-family cottages with price deferring for each cottage. The host, Nikhil, has always been prompt and tries to address the people staying here. He has also helped arrange tours around other attractions in Coorg with good-quality experiences. Thanks to what this homestay offers, it is on the list of must-go homestays near Iruppu Falls.
Things To Do: Trekking to Iruppu Falls, Tea & Coffee estate visits, Tiger safari
Price: 3200/- per person onwards
Distance From Iruppu Falls: 11 km

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2. Sherlock’s Jungle Retreat

 A photo of a homestay in Coorg

Image Credit: InfonesiaNatureID for Pixabay Commons

Sherlock’s Jungle Retreat is another homestay near Iruppu Falls Coorg. It is located at the foothills of the valley of the Brahmgiri Wildlife range. It has 8.5 acres of coffee plantations, four cottages, and a main building with dormitory-style accommodation. The area in which the homestay is located is also known as the Elephant Corridor because The Brahmgiri wildlife corridor is a vital link between the states of Kerala and Karnataka, connecting the Nagarhole forest with the Brahmgiri range in the Western Ghats. The residents can expect to see the majestic Malabar giant squirrel, Sambar Deer, and elephants while going on Treks or exploring the forests a little deeper. It is the closest homestay to Iruppu Falls and has the best services one homestay can offer.
Things To Do: Treks through coffee plantations, meditation, outdoor sports like cricket or badminton
Price: 6,586/- per night onwards
Distance from Iruppu Falls: 540m

3. Pepper Trail Homestay

A picture of a homestay beside a river

Image Credit: sarangib for Pixabay Commons

The Pepper Trail homestay is located near Nagarhole National Park, which makes it easy to go on jungle safaris in the morning or evening. The homestay is surrounded by spice plantations, with the aroma of tea or coffee plantations wafting through the air. Local people who work in these plantations allow tourists to walk through their village for walks. Ashwini Karumbaiah and her family host the homestay, and many previous guests have gushed about her treating them as family rather than strangers. The rooms are spacious and clean, providing a hygienic experience. With all the amenities you will get, Iruppu Falls is 10 minutes away, and the price per night occupants must pay will be affordable and worth it. It has become an affordable homestay near Iruppu Falls.
Things to do: Village walks, exploring spice plantation, jungle safaris in the morning and evening
Price: 1900/- per night onwards
Distance from Iruppu Falls: 2.8 km

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4. Casa Coorg Homestay

An image of Casa Coorg Homestay

Image Credit: milanecek for Pixabay Commons

Another Coorg homestay is owned by an army officer couple who have made it into a cosy estate in the middle of a coffee estate in the Coorg District. They provide their guests with good home-cooked food, birds chirping from the trees, coffee filling the air, and a golf link near the homestay for external activities. They provide two deluxe rooms and one country cottage and do not host more than six people at a time. This is the best homestay near Iruppu Falls for people who wish to lounge around staring into the distance, over the horizon. Other activities outside the homestay are all within 50 kilometres of it. River rafting, visiting the Iruppu Falls, Mryuthyunjaya Temple, and Dubbare Elephant Camp. Casa Coorg Homestay offers serenity, enjoyable activities, and time away from the city and brings attention to the wildlife and nature of Coorg.

Things to do: Play golf, Bird-watching, Occupy the Serenity Halls
Price: 4200/- per night onwards
Distance from Iruppu Falls: 42 km

5. Vanadhara Homestay

A picture of a homestay with a swimming pool

Image Credit: Oanh MJ for Unsplash Commons

This is an eco-sustainable villa and luxury homestay located in Kutta South Coorg. It is one of the best homestays near Iruppu Falls. It offers six bedrooms with a private bedroom. Greenery surrounds the rooms on all slides, with a view of the mountains out the windows. Vanadhara Homestay aims to provide its guests with the best and most memorable experience. They have some of the most scenic spots with a luxury homestay in the background, almost as if giving a person connection. Nagarhole Tiger Reserve point, Dubare elephant camp, and river rafting, although they are seasonal, are other popular attractions within the distance.

Things to do: Outside activities are River rafting (seasonal), Iruppu Falls, and Nagarhole Tiger Reserve Safari Point Dubare elephant camp; in-house activities are swimming, bird-watching, Cricket, Badminton, carrom, and fish-feeding.
6500/- per couple onwards
Distance from Iruppu Falls:
13.1 km

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestay Near Iruppu Falls

Which homestays are closer to Iruppu Falls?

Several are close to the falls. Some examples are Sherlock’s Jungle Retreat, Pepper Trail Homestay, Coorg’s Coffee Camp, and Beans and Berries. They are all within 10 kilometres of the Iruppu Falls.

Are there any pet-friendly homestays near Iruppu Falls?

There are a few. However, it also depends on which homestay you are looking into. Speaking to the hosts can also change their rules, given that you follow them. This varies depending on the homestay you choose. Some will allow pets, which may require an early booking so the arrangements can be made accordingly. Other homestays could consider security concerns and other guests

Are there restaurants or dining areas near the homestays in Iruppu Falls?

Almost all homestays offer homecooked meals as part of the pricing package. Local restaurants can be nearby and will provide a diverse range of regional dishes, but you might have to drive for 15+ minutes.

What activities are available around Iruppu Falls?

Guests can participate in activities like trekking, birdwatching, nature walks, and river rafting and visit the Nagarhole National Park or the Brahmgiri Peak. A few homestays will organise tours to explore the local culture.

When is the best time to visit homestays near Irrupu Falls Coorg?



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