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    Best things to do in Coorg cover

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    Undulating green hills with bright blue skies throughout the year, no wonder Coorg is heralded as the ‘Scotland of India’! The picturesque region is known for its high-quality coffee, but there is so much more to see and do in Coorg. Nature lovers, food connoisseurs, photographers, adventure enthusiasts and culture vultures, every type of traveler will find interesting activities in Coorg. And like all good things in life, some of the best things to do in Coorg are completely free of cost!

    28 Best Things To Do In Coorg

    Coorg has some of the most extraordinary landscapes spanning verdant mountains, strong rivers, dense forests, and rocky waterfalls while considering the adventure sports in Coorg. These places make the best sites for various adventure activities in Coorg. There are also several attractions exploring which is also among the best things to do in Coorg. We have compiled a list on the most un-missable activities that you experience in here:

    • Dubare Elephant Camp – Bathe Elephants
    • Golden Temple – Experience Tibetan Culture
    • Abbey Falls – Click Pictures
    • Trekking – On The Gorgeous Routes
    • Food Tour – Explore The Flavours
    • Coffee Plantation Tour – Surround Yourself With Endless Greens
    • Camping – Riverside And Jungles
    • Kaveri River – Go Fishing
    • Homestays – Choose To Stay Here
    • Barapole – Enjoy River Rafting
    • Virajpet Day Trip – A Breathtaking Avenue
    • Jeep Safari – Sightseeing And More
    • Hiking – The Spellbinding Western Ghats
    • Madikeri Fort – Heritage Tour
    • Quad Biking – Befriend The Muddy Roads
    • Wildlife Safari – Nagarhole National Park
    • Bird Watching – Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Holy Bath – Talacauvery
    • Rappelling – At The Waterfall
    • Microlight Flying – Fly Like A Bird
    • Civet Creek Camp – Experience The Adventure And Thrill
    • Iruppu Falls – Witness The Splash Of Cool Waters
    • Activities In The Misty Rainforest Near Coorg – Feel The Dare And Adventure
    • Cycling Tour To Kote Betta – Ride In Fresh Air
    • Kushalnagar – Experience The Greenery
    • Night Mountain Drive In Coorg – Encounter The Night Thrill
    • Talacauvery – Experience The Serenity
    • Nisargadhama – Enjoy Natural Beauty

    1. Dubare Elephant Camp – Bathe Elephants

    Elephant bathing at the Dubare Elephant Camp, Madikeri

    Playing and taking care of elephants is the most fun activities in Coorg. The elephant camp in Dubare which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Coorg has a large herd of elephants that you can feed, bathe and ride. Located on the river bank, it’s the perfect place to cool off in summer and is among the best things to do in Coorg in May.

    Location: Kushalnagar, Coorg District, Nanjarayapatna
    Average cost: INR 670 per person

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    2. Golden Temple – Experience Tibetan Culture

    Experience Tibetan culture at the Golden Temple coorg

    Image Source
    There several temples in Coorg but this one is simply unique beautiful. Coorg is the only place in Southern India with a Tibetan settlement. The Namdroling Monastery, better known locally as the Golden Temple is a beautiful Tibetan monastery. It’s a great way to introduce children to a different culture. The surrounding stalls also have Tibetan food like momos and thukpas! Visiting Bylakuppe is truly one of the best things to do in Coorg.

    Location: Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe
    Average cost: Free

    3. Abbey Falls – Click Pictures

    Photograph the Abbey Falls coorg

    Image Source

    Coorg is blessed with nature’s bounty and photographing it is one of the best things to do in Coorg. The milky waterfall located in a scenic coffee and spice plantation offers a great view for that perfect Instagram photo. So don’t fret wondering what to do in Coorg, just head to Abbey falls! This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Coorg.

    Location: Near Madikeri
    Average cost: INR 15 per person

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    4. Trekking – On The Gorgeous Routes

    Trek through the hills and jungles coorg

    Image Source
    The verdant Western Ghats dot Coorg offering ample opportunities for hiking and trekking. Some of these treks include Tadiandamol, Kodachadri, Kumara Parvatha, Mullayanagiri, and Brahmagiri. Trekking is ideal during winters when the forests are dry but green, which is why it features among the popular things to do in Coorg in December.

    Location: Western Ghats
    Average cost: Varies for different treks

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    5. Food Tour – Explore The Flavours

    Relish ‘pandi curry’ and ‘akki rotti’ coorg

    Image Source

    Coorg cuisine is unique and different from the rest of Karnataka. It’s predominantly non-vegetarian and uses local ingredients like forest produce, meat, rice and rice-based products. Eating their famous pork or pandi curry is one of the must things to do in Coorg India. For vegetarians there is akki rotti, nool puttu, and koovaleputtu. If you are looking for things to do in Coorg at night, then enjoy one of these dishes for dinner on your trip there.

    Location: Taste Of Coorg
    Average cost: INR 1000 for 2

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    6. Coffee Plantation Tour – Amidst The Endless Greens

    Take a walk in a coffee plantation coorg

    Image Source
    Coffee bean picking is one of the best things to do in Coorg. The region is the largest producer of coffee and you will find coffee and spice plantations all over the area. The coffee picking season is usually between November-January. You can also explore the plantations via nature walks on a one day trip to Coorg!

    Location: Coorg
    Average cost: INR 200 (Approx)

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    7. Camping – Riverside And Jungles

    Enjoy camping under the stars coorg

    Image Source

    Camping in Coorg has become popular over the past few years with several campsites to choose from. In fact, with a camping trip you don’t have to worry about what to do in Coorg. You can simply pick, book, and relax in your tent with a cup of coffee during the day and count the stars at night! Star gazing is one of the best things to do in Coorg at night.

    Location: Coorg
    Average cost: INR 2000 onwards

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    8. Kaveri River – Go Fishing

    Go fishing in the rivers and lakes of Coorg

    Image Source
    Coorg has many lakes and rivers. In fact, the river Kaveri originates at Talacauvery near Madikeri and is rich in aquatic life and ideal for fishing. Angling and fishing are some of the most popular things to do in Coorg. The rivers abundant with food for these fish during monsoons turn fishing into one of the best June activities in Coorg.

    Location: Kaveri
    Average cost: INR 1500 onwards

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    9. Homestays – Choose To Stay Here

    Live the Coorgi lifestyle at a homestay coorg

    Image Source

    Homestays are a popular accommodation option in Coorg. Many coffee and spice estates have colonial bungalows that have been turned into homestays by their owners. Here you can experience Coorgi lifestyle and enjoy home cooked meals. If you are lucky, you can visit a Coorgi wedding which is definitely one of the best things to do in Coorg.

    Location: Coorg, Karnataka
    Average cost: INR 600 onwards

    10. Barapole – Enjoy River Rafting

    Enjoy river rafting in the Barapole coorg

    Image Source
    One of the most underrated activities to do in Coorg is river rafting. Coorg is in fact a great place for whitewater rafting, especially during the monsoons. The Barapole river has grades ranging from I to V offering the ultimate adventure experience to travelers. River rafting in Coorg is one activitiy that you must add to your list of things to do in Coorg in August.

    Location: Virajpet Taluk
    Average cost: INR 1200 per person

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    11. Virajpet Day Trip – A Breathtaking Avenu

    a muddy trail through the jungles of Binsar

    If you are done visiting the tourist attractions in Coorg, then you can also plan a half day sightseeing tour to Virajpet. It is a town located at a close distance of around 22 km from Coorg. The lush green environs of the town make it a great place to drive to. One can hire a car or taxi and enjoy a half day sightseeing tour to this beautiful town.

    Location: Virajpet
    Average cost: NA

    12. Jeep Safari – Sightseeing And More

    A jeep on a road in the forest

    If you love exploring, then one of the top things to do in Coorg is to enjoy the Jeep Safari. There are various jeep safari tours available and one can choose the best one suited to their preferences. Some of the best places to explore on a jeep safari in Coorg are Kabbe Hills which offers breathtaking views of the landscape, Nishani Hills which is an off road jeep drive, and Mallalli waterfalls which takes one to the cascading falls in Coorg.

    Location: Kabbe Hills and Nishani Hills, Coorg
    Average cost: Varies for different locations

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    13. Hiking – The Spellbinding Western Ghats

    Raja's Seat - one of the most scenic places to visit in Coorg

    Another one of the adventure activities in Coorg for those who love the outdoors and exploring is hiking. Plan a hike to Raja’s seat on a trip to Coorg and have a great time watching the panoramic views around. The spot is famous for the glittering sunset views but one can head here during the morning hours too.

    Location: Madikeri
    Average cost: NA

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    14. Madikeri Fort – Heritage Tour

    Madikeri Fort

    Madikeri Fort is an interesting heritage building in Coorg which dates back to the later half of the 17th century. The fort had a palace inside its wall. Formerly constructed by Mudduraja, the fort has been rebuilt and renovated by Tipu Sultan and the Britishers. Today the fort boasts of a clock tower, a museum, and a park in its premises. If you are planning a trip with your folks, then taking a tour of this fort is one of the best things to do in Coorg with family.

    Location: Madikeri Fort, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201
    Average cost: Free entry

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    15. Quad Biking – Befriend The Muddy Roads

    Quad Biking Activities

    If you love adventurous things, then one of the must do things in Coorg is quad biking. The best part about this activity is that the trails in Coorg are natural and one can ride on the natural terrain of Coorg. There are steep slopes and paddy lands to maneuver through while quad biking in Coorg which adds on to the fun and thrill.

    Location: Dubare Elephant Camp
    Average cost: INR 600 per person

    16. Wildlife Safari – Nagarhole National Park

    A deer at Nagarhole National Park, Coorg

    Image Source

    Coorg is blessed with nature and wildlife places. Therefore, experience a wildlife safari in is one of the best things to do in Coorg. And Nagarhole National Park is one of the perfect places to do so. Also popular by the name Rajiv Gandhi National Park, this park comes within the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It is surrounded by Brahamagiri Mountains and has Kabini River flowing through it. The safari can bring you face to face with wild beasts like tigers and Asian elephants.

    Location: Mysore – Madikeri Rd, Hunsur, Karnataka 571201
    Average cost: INR 400 – INR 1500 per person

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    17. Bird Watching – Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

    Woods in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Coorg

    Image Source

    Pushpagiri Sanctuary gets its name from the peak located here, which happens to be the highest peak in the region. The sanctuary is among the 21 recognised sanctuaries of India. The Kadamakkal Forest Reserve is also a part of this sanctuary. The lush and forested mountains within the region are home to a variety of rare and endangered bird species. Take a birdwatching tour through this region to spot some winged creatures you’ve never seen before.

    Location: Subramanya, Road, Kumarahalli, Karnataka 571236
    Average cost: INR 10 (entry fee for the sanctuary)

    18. Holy Bath – Talacauvery

    Holy Bath, Talacauvery, Coorg

    Image Source

    Kavaeri or Cauvery is one of the most prominant rivers of India, flowing through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Talacauvery is considered to be the source or the starting point of this holy river. This place is belived to be sacred and is therefore visited by Hindu devotees. They come here to take plunge in the common bath. The beauty of this place also attracts several tourists from across the globe.

    Location: Brahmagiri Hills, Coorg District, Karnataka 571247
    Average cost: NA

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    19. Rappelling – At The Waterfall

    A girl enjoying waterfall rappelling

    Image Source

    Waterfall Rappelling is one of the most adventurous things to to in Coorg. Enjoy this thrilling sport at one of the most stunning locations – the Chelavara Waterfalls. During this acitivity, you will be coming down the rocky surface of the waterfall with the help of a harness. Though the safety precautions will be taken, this one is not for the weak-hearts.

    Location: Chelavara Waterfalls, Chelavara, Madikeri
    Average cost: INR 500 – INR 1000

    20. Microlight Flying – Fly Like A Bird

    Microlight Flying

    Image Source

    The dramatic landscape of Coorg is perfect for a microlight flying experience. Fly about 5000 feet above the ground to feel the adrenaline rush. Soar above the verdant mountains and gushing river Cavaury to enjoy the spellbinding views. The flight starts from Ponnampet and goes to the South of Coorg. The duration is usually between 10 to 30 minutes.

    Location: NA
    Average cost: Starting at INR 2,500

    21. Civet Creek Camp – Experience The Adventure And Thrill

    Image Credits: Wikipedia

    Camping in the lap of nature is what most of the people have dreamt about. Imagine how it would be to sleep under stars shining in the sky, tranquillity of the hills in Coorg? The experience will indeed be amazing in itself. You will be trekking in the middle of forests, slopes, plantations and streams. Capture some of the spectacular scenic beauty by opting for camping in Civet Creek Camp.

    Location: Madikeri, Coorg
    Average cost: INR 3000 to INR 3300 per person

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    22. Iruppu Falls – Witness The Splash Of Cool Waters

    Image Credits: Wikimedia commons

    Want to experience one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Coorg? Then you must visit Iruppu Falls which will offer you greenery and serenity in the lap of mother nature. Travellers visit the falls in huge number as the falls is famous for Shiva Temple Rameshwara which is derived from Ramayana epic. You must add Iruppu Falls in your itinerary as it will mesmerize you and your senses completely.

    Location: Kurchi, Karnataka
    Average cost: INR 50 per person

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    23. Activities In The Misty Rainforest Near Coorg – Feel The Dare And Adventure

    Image Credits: Wikipedia

    The four primary activities that you are going to come across in Misty rainforests are walking in the exotic wildlife known as Rainforest walk filled with flora and fauna, enjoy the splendid views of the viewpoints in Coorg, treetop adventure like pool walk, wobbling bridge walk, climb the giant hammock, walk on the tires and ziplining at a speed of 40 km/hr speed. Come and experience the fun here.

    Location: Misty Rainforest, Coorg
    Average cost: Starting from INR 750 per person

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    24. Cycling Tour To Kote Betta – Ride In Fresh Air

    Image Credits: Gaston Cuello

    Cycling tour to the Kote betta hill will turn out to be the best experience for you as it will add on to all the exciting elements and adventure. There will be a variety of terrains coming on the way and riding on a cycle will amaze you at viewing the amazing Kote Betta. You will be cycling and reach Kote Abbi waterfalls, Harangi backwaters which will enhance your overall experience.

    Location: Kote Betta, Coorg
    Average cost: Starting from INR 4000 per person

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    25. Kushalnagar – Experience The Greenery

    Image Credits: Wikimedia commons, Vinayaraj

    Kushalnagar is a beautiful town which is laid with greenery, exotic wildlife, waterfalls and monasteries. Travellers generally visit Cauvery Nisargadhama which is an island by Kaveri river where you will get to see hanging bridge, deer park, tree houses and bamboo forests. You can also pay a visit to various monasteries like Tibetan monastery which is a must visit for you.

    Location: Kushalnagar
    Average cost: NA

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    26. Night Mountain Drive In Coorg – Encounter The Night Thrill

    Image Credits: Wikimedia

    Night is laid with beauty of stars and clouds and a mountain drive in Coorg is all that you will desire for as it is indeed a beautiful experience. For a night drive it is your choice to hire a jeep or any vehicle. The beginning spot is Kabbe where you need to reach in the evening and the overall ride is of about 1 hour 30 minutes where you can glance the beautiful sky and the spectacular hill station.

    Location: Madikeri, Coorg
    Average cost: Starting from INR 350/- per adult

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    27. Talacauvery – Experience The Serenity

    Image Credits: Wikipedia

    Talacauvery is the most beautiful experience that you are going to witness in Coorg which is acknowledged as the source of the river Kaveri. You will experience spirituality and peaceful atmosphere here which will be relaxing for you. Talacauvery is dedicated to the Goddess Kaveri and has now become a hub for the travellers during Tulasankaramma festival.

    Location: 44 km from Madikeri on the slopes of Brahmagiri Hill
    Average cost: NA

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    28. Nisargadhama – Enjoy Natural Beauty

    Image Credits: Wikimedia commons

    Nisargadhama will offer you the natural beauty and the place is indeed a beautiful place which is a must visit when you are on a vacation in Coorg. The Nisargadhama delta is spread over 64 acres giving an enriching experience of spectacular views. You will arrive at this place by a hanging bridge and will view bamboo grooves, sandalwood trees and other teak trees.

    Location: Near Kushalnagar in the Kogadu district of Karnataka.
    Average cost: NA

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    These are our choices for the best things to do in Coorg. They sound awesome, don’t they? Book your trip to Coorg with TravelTriangle for a fun-filled and memorable holiday with friends and family.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Things To Do In Coorg

    Are there any adventure activities to do in Coorg?

    Yes, there are plenty of adventure activities that one can engage in when traveling to the land of nature, Coorg. Camping, trekking, white water rafting, fishing, and hiking are a few activities in Coorg that satiate the thirst of thrill among travelers.

    What is Coorg famous for?

    The tranquil, little town of Karnataka, Coorg is nestled in the Western Ghats amidst the lush greens. This quaint town is famous for its varied exotic wildlife, camping sites, trekking trails, austere sights, outstanding coffee plantations, the Kodavas, and the ethnic warrior locals of Coorg.

    What is the best time to visit Coorg?

    Coorg is one of those destinations that welcome travelers with pleasant and favorable weather throughout the year. Coorg is an all-year destination. For those who are traveling to Coorg to engage in some adventure activities such as trekking, months from October to March are the best time with temperatures hovering between 15 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius.

    Where should I stay in Coorg?

    There is no dearth of places to stay in Coorg. Some of the best accommodations that one can take a roof under in Coorg are The Wildflower Resort and Spa, Heritage Resort, Coorg Jungle Camp Resort, Vivanta by Taj, and Amanvana.

    Are there any lakes in Coorg?

    Yes, there are numerous lakes in Coorg. Some of the famous lakes sitting in Coorg are Honnamana Kere Lake and Perumbadi.

    Where should I eat in Coorg?

    Some of the famous places to eat in Coorg are Raintree Restaurants, Coffee Blossom Restaurant, Udupi, Tiger Tiger, Zaffron, Spicy Treat India, and many more. The famous food that one should try in Coorg are Sannakki, preparations of pork, meat, fish, and other dishes of authentic Kodava cuisine.

    How can I reach Coorg from Bangalore?

    Reaching Coorg from Bangalore is not much of a task. There are many private and public buses that run from Bangalore to Coorg on a daily basis. One can also hire a private taxi, take a public taxi, or simply hire a self-driven car from Bangalore to Coorg.

    What are some things to do in Coorg?

    Some of the famous things to do in Coorg are bathing elephants, witness the Tibetan culture, photograph the falls, trekking in the hills and jungles, try local cuisine, walk in the middle of coffee plantations, camp under the stars, and many more.

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