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Hostels are not every person’s first choice when it comes to staying around in a new place. If it’s the United Kingdom, chances are that you might have a hard time deciphering what’s good and what’s not. If you are a student or even someone who is on the lookout for a cheaper place to stay, hostels in the United Kingdom are actually a good enough option to look out for. Often, they tend to be cleaner in comparison to the cheap hotels that many of us tend to incline towards. But, even with all the speculations and the talks surrounding, there are chances that you will come across the “good” hostels and the “bad” hostels.

But to make it easier for you, here’s list of the best hostels in United Kingdom that’ll help you explore the country easily.

10 Top Hostels In United Kingdom

Take a look at these 10 hostels that make for kickass accommodation options for your next trip to the UK. You’d surely have a very comfy and homelike stay.

1. Budget Backpackers

Budget Backpackers

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Located around in Old Town, Edinburg, Budget Backpackers is exactly what the name suggests. This is an ideal mode of accommodation for travellers who are on a shoestring budget and can’t necessarily afford a good enough hotel to stay around in. It is located just a few minutes walking distance of the train station as well as the castle. If you are backpacking around the world, striving your way through on the cheap budget around, the budget backpackers are actually a good enough option for you to look into. People who have visited and stayed there have claimed that the hostel is quite clean and has spacious rooms for staying. The walking tours and the pub crawls around the place are equally riveting.

Location: 37-39 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JR, UK
Price per night: 7-54 pounds
Rating: 4/5

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2. Seadragon Backpackers

Seadragon Backpackers

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Yeah, the name in itself is often more than enough to steer people away but trust us, the facilities in this hostel are nothing like no other. The Seadragon backpackers are located around in Brighton and are one of the most popular ones around the place, hence why it is always pre-booked. If you want to avail the best prices around, make sure that you don’t end up making the bookings at the last minute because that is exactly where you won’t get the places. This hostel only has 6 rooms in entirety and is quite a quaint place to spend your holidays in. They come with bunk beds and have memory foam mattresses in their beds. The pier and the nearby beach is located in a walking distance which further helps establish it as an even better option.

Location: 36 Waterloo St, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 1AY, UK
Price per night: 15 pound

3. Wombats City Hostel

Wombats City Hostel

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Yet another one of the amazing hostels in United Kingdom is the Wombats City Hostel. It is one of those hostels around in London that you keep coming back to, mainly because of the kind of ambiance and service they provide. Majority of the people who visit the place have time and time suggested how clean and lively the place is. It is one of the new hostels around the place and is always hyped up around with young people who need some good place to spend their night in. It even has an underground pub around in the basement and is located in close proximity to the Tower of London.

Location: 7 Dock St, Whitechapel, London E1 8LL, UK
Price per night: 21 pound
Rating: 4.5/5

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4. The River House Backpackers

The River House Backpackers

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Located predominantly around Cardiff, the River House Backpackers are definitely one of the best bets if you are travelling around in Cardiff and need a decently clean place to stay in. The best part of this hostel is the amazing location it is set around in. It is located inside a 120 year old Victorian House which is what makes it one of the best options for you to look into. It is way over in Wales and is located around in the area which is what is one of the hot favourite amidst the youth around the place. It is believed that it is quite a clean and organized place to spend your night in while you are backpacking through Cardiff and the area surrounding.

Location: 59 Fitzhamon Embankment, Cardiff CF11 6AN, UK
Price per night: 17 pound
Rating: 4.5/5

5. Carlisle City Hostel

Carlisle City Hostel

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If you are on the lookout for independent hostels that will help you juggle around no nuances whatsoever, the Carlisle City Hostel is definitely your best bet in that regard. It is situated in the northwest of England, so if you are on the lookout for one of the best hostels in United Kingdom, this one is actually your best bet. The prices are predominantly a lot cheaper than most of the hostels and hotels. It is also the only independent hostel in the city which is what makes it one of the best ones in the lot. Majority of the visitors tend to say that the hostel has been made around with some real love and affection.

Location: 36 Abbey St, Carlisle CA3 8TX, UK
Price per night: 19 pound

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6. Castle-Rock Hostel

Castle-Rock Hostel

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Yet another one of the best hostels in the United Kingdom is located around in Edinburg as well. The specialty of the hostel is not just the services and the facilities they provide but also the amazing building everything is situated in. It is built inside one of the 171- year old building which is situated right next to the Edinburgh Castle. The place is adorned with beautiful pieces of art on the walls and majestic suits of armor around on the stairs. Overall, it does look great nevertheless.

Location: 15 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW, UK
Price per night: 12 pound
Rating: 4.5/5

7. Skyewalker Hostel

Skyewalker Hostel

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Now, wait up, this one is a special one. If you are on the lookout for not just a hostel but an amazing experience nonetheless, the Skyewalker Hostel is the answer to that. The main site of the attraction of the place is the glass dome. The best thing about this hostel is the location it is built around. The amazing picturesque beauty of the place around is everything your little heart desires. The quaint cottages are located under the starlit sky which makes the overall stay worth the while.

Location: The Old School, Portnalong, Isle of Skye IV47 8SL, United Kingdom
Rating: 5/5

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8. easyPZ Backpackers Penzance

easyPZ Backpackers Penzance

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Quite a catchy name for an even amazing hostel, right? The easyPZ Backpackers Penzance is one of the most popular hostels in London UK and all for the right reasons. This has a very laid back and cozy vibe to it which is what attracts the attention of the people availing the rooms. If you are in the southwestern part of England and looking for a hostel that overlooks the beautiful oceans around, this is the one you need to sign up for. Several of the rooms in the hostel overlooks the ocean and thus counted as one of the most tranquil experiences of your stay there.

Location: 29 Lannoweth Rd, Penzance TR18 3AB, UK
Price per night: 18 pound
Rating: 5/5

9. Totters Independent Hostel

Totters Independent Hostel

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Located around in North Wales, this home like hostel is one of a kind in the area. The best thing about the place is the kind of hospitality it brings in to the lives of the people staying. Many people who have stayed there claimed that their stay didn’t feel like something of a hostel but more like that of a friend’s house. If you want an experience like that, ensure to visit around the place.

Location: Plas Porth-Yr-Aur, High St, Caernarfon LL55 1RN, UK
Price per night: 19.50 pounds

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10. North Shore Bude Backpackers Hostel

North Shore Bude Backpackers Hostel

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Last but not the least on the list is the North Shore Bude Backpackers Hostel. It is one of the highest rated hostels around in the locality of Cornwall and is often considered one of the best places of accommodation around. The incredible atmosphere around the hostel is definitely one of the best things that the majority of the people rave about.

Location: 57 Killerton Rd, Bude EX23 8EW, UK
Price per night: 22 pound

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When it comes to skirting around looking for good hostels around the United Kingdom, ensure to look around for the reviews first. That is what makes the difference. Don’t just look around the prices but the locality in which they are located because the safety is just as important. These top 10 hostels are inevitably the best ones in the UK. So, don’t think much and plan your United Kingdom trip with TravelTriangle right away!

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