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Kosi Kalan, situated at the core of Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, India, remains an undiscovered gem yearning to be located by whoever seeks an exceptional travel experience. The rich hotels in Kosi Kalan promise to make your stay unforgettable that you will never want to leave. Come with us on a tour around this secret paradise, where luxurious places invite you to experience pleasurable moments. Explore Kosi Kalan’s incredibly beautiful trance and refined architecture, characterising its hospitable environment. Let’s take a good look at some of the best hotels in Kosi Kalan for a hospitable stay and fulfilling spiritual tour.

Unveil The Finest Hotels In Kosi Kalan

This world is a marriage between luxury and peace, a frontier devoid of hospitality that is limitless. Welcome to a world full of opulent peace; where the welcome never ends and explore some of the finest hotels in Kosi Kalan – every experience worth its while in comfort, finesse, and service like no other.

1. Pooja Mahal Hotels & Resorts

Pooja Mahal Hotels & Resorts has its location at the centre where it provides luxurious accommodation

Image Credit: Tim36272 for Wikimedia Commons

In Kosi Kalan, Pooja Mahal Hotels & Resorts has its location at the centre where it provides luxurious accommodation and first-class services that are given its four-star status. People on vacations and business trips like this hotel because it has a 4.2-star rating on Google. This hotel contains 33 rooms which have air conditioning, flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi among other supporting features. Suppose individuals need somewhere to spend their quality time with loved ones, go for lunch or dinner; there is a possibility within the region while checking into it. The hotel moreover houses a restaurant, bar as well as a fitness centre to be able to cater to all those who may wish to engage in some physical activities such as jogging around its compound.

Location: Kokilavan, Kosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh 281403
Starting Price: INR 1,000 per night

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2. Wingston A TreeHouse Hotel, Barsana

Find respite from the noise and hustle of the cities with this amazing hotel in Kosi Kalan

Image Credit: Hotel Wingston for Facebook

Wingston A TreeHouse Hotel, Barsana, is the quietest place on Earth with very high ratings by tourists. Walk under its shaded boughs and be soothed into slumber by the murmur of the trees. For those who crave respite from urban noise and haste, it is a comfortable retreat – at once simple in its rusticity but equipped with everything you might need for an enjoyable stay.

Location: Nandgoan Road, opp. Rangili Mahal, Kosi Kalan, Barsana, Uttar Pradesh 281405
Starting Price: INR 3,500 per night

3. Country Inn Kosi Kalan

The Country Inn in Kosi Kalan is an amazing 3-star hotel that provides great housing solution to guests and tourists

Image Credit: Santeri Viinamäki for Wikimedia Commons

The Country Inn Kosi Kalan is a 3-star hotel that provides an economical yet satisfying housing solution. It is well known for having tidy rooms and accommodating personnel with good ratings by tourists. The hotel has 179 rooms which are all modern depending on their structure including air conditioning, flat-screen TV, as well as free Wi-Fi connection. For people seeking relaxation options, there is no better place than The Country Inn Kosi Kalan which also boasts a restaurant combined with a bar as well as a gymnasium.

Location: Delhi-Agra Highway, 99 km Stone Distt, Uttar Pradesh 281403
Starting Price: INR 3,000 per night

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4. OYO 44660 Muni ji Restaurant & Hotel

Hotel room with all facilities

Image Credit: Kurt Kaiser for Wikimedia Commons

OYO 44660 Muni ji Restaurant & Hotel are situated at the core of Vrindavan. While providing budget-friendly accommodation, their place is also exceptionally great. It boasts of having some of the cleanest rooms around besides operating at a good rating from tourists mainly due to its wonderful service staff. The facility comprises eleven high-standard bedrooms that come with up-to-date appliances including an air conditioner, flat screen TV set and complimentary wireless internet access points. Therefore, if you are looking for somewhere to chill while eating tasty meals or drinking then Muni Ji’s restaurant where they serve both meals, as well as drinks, could be your preferred destination.

Location: Shri Muni Ji NH- 19 Delhi Agra road Kotwan, Vrindavan, Kosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh 281403
Starting Price: INR 1,500 per night

5. Hotel Shagun Residency

Room service at a hotel

Image Credit: Hotel Shagun residency for Facebook

Hotel Shagun Residency has a three-star status providing lavish lodgings along with top-notch services. This high-end hotel is in the centre of Kosi Kalan, a perfect mix of modernity and age-long taste. This hotel has friendly staff and spotless rooms. With air conditioning, flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi among others the rooms at this twenty-room establishment have these features included. The hotel has a bar restaurant so that you can eat indoors or outdoors depending on your preference; there is also a gym where individuals go after days full of activity.

Location: Gauri plaza, Maholi Rd, Madhavpuri, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281004
Starting Price: INR 2,000 per night

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6. Hotel Nova Blu

Woman sleeping comfortably

Image Credit: Derek Jensen for Wikimedia Commons

Nova Blu Hotel is an amazing hotel that truly epitomizes innovation and inventiveness. Placed in the middle of Kosi Kalan town, the hotel signifies a proper mix of contemporary facilities with creative style. Hotel Nova Blu provides inexpensive accommodation that is also comfortable. Hotel Nova Blu in addition to its welcoming personnel has also spotless rooms. The hotel has ten rooms containing an air conditioning system, a flat TV and free wireless internet for connectivity with other people online. Furthermore, if one would prefer not to cook multi-course meals during vacation we have a restaurant as well as a bar on-site at the hotel where they can eat right away—in the process having some drinks to relax after a long journey.

Location: 40 A, Dhauli Pyau, Mayur Vihar, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281001
Starting Price: INR 2,000 per night

7. Shiv Sagar Guest House

Shiv Sagar Guest House is a comfortable place that is ideal for a perfect stay

Image Credit: Shivsagar Farmhouse for Facebook

Shiv Sagar Guest House is a comfortable place that almost everybody who has visited has coined to be his or her own home. It is located right at the centre of Kosi Kalan, which suits those who want a tranquil and enjoyable stopover. It is a budget-conscious option that provides comfortable living quarters. Known for clean rooms and friendly staff, it has a 3.5 rating on Google. It has 10 rooms with each having modern facilities such as air conditioning systems, flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. This place has got a restaurant and bar which suits people seeking to loosen up.

Location: Shiv Sagar Guest House, Antapara, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281001
Starting Price: INR 1,800 per night

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Now that you have a list of things to keep in mind for your next vacation to enjoy at Kosi Kalan, make sure you plan your trip to Uttar Pradesh to these fabulous spots accompanied by your loved ones, this experience will be more rewarding as you experience all the fun with them. Don’t miss out on these opportunities and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Kosi Kalan

How can I book a hotel in Kosi Kalan?

You can make reservations for a room at a hotel through different online reservation systems directly at the hotel's website or by calling them directly.

What are must-visit attractions in Kosi Kalan?

Be sure to visit the mesmerising Kosi River, old Kosi Kalan Fort and peaceful Kosi Kalan Temple upon your arrival at Kosi Kalan. Such places have a mixture of beauty from nature itself, historical importance and spiritual peace which fully shows what Kosi Kalan is all about.

What state is Kosi Kalan situated in India?

Kosi Kalan is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in Mathura district.

How far is Barsana from Kosi Kalan?

Kosi Kalan and Barsana are 19 kilometres apart. The road distance between Kosi Kalan and Barsana is 18.8 km.

In which division is Kosi Kalan railway station?

Kosi Kalan Station is situated in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh. The station is a part of the NCR/North Central Railways’s Agra division.

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