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Asia’s darling, Hong Kong is a country with many secrets hidden up its sleeve. Primarily known for its skyscrapers and dim sum, Hong Kong has more than just what meets the eye. A visit to Hong Kong islands will make it clear to you how beautiful the country really is. There are many outlying islands in Hong Kong which makes it one of a kind attraction, as the tourists can visit new islands in Hong Kong every time they travel there. So, how many islands in Hong Kong are there, really? The answer is over a staggering 250 islands! And most of these islands are inhabited and over the time have become major tourist attractions.

Best Islands In Hong Kong

With so many Hong Kong islands on the map, it becomes a hard decision to decide which ones to choose. We have compiled a list of the best for your visit to the Hong Kong islands.

1. Lantau Island

Green Island

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Bigger than the island of Hong Kong itself, Lantau island is a perfect location to start your trip to the many islands in Hong Kong. With a few tourist attractions and a serene environment, Lantau island is perfect for a day trip to Hong Kong outlying islands. The most famous spot here is the Po Lin Monastery, which also houses a giant statue of Buddha. To reach here, tourists usually take a cable car which also gives them an alluring panoramic view of the Hong Kong islands.

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2. Lamma Island


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Known for its picturesque beauty, Lamma island is only a half hour ferry ride away from the mainland and is one of the most beautiful islands in Hong Kong. Known for its hippie vibe, you can go here to relax. With many happening spots like indie restaurants and cafes, the tourists can sit back and enjoy the views. The island also has bicycles available on rent so that the visitors can roam on their own. You can also visit Lo So Shing Beach, which is considered the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong. It is very less crowded as it is hidden in a small cove, so it gives its visitors some peace and calm in solidarity, with a breath-taking view.

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3. Sharp Island

island full of water sports and adventure

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This is a perfect spot for anyone who loves water sports and adventure activities. An island rushing with adrenaline, it is a bit hard to find it on a Hong Kong island map. The island is situated near Sai Kung and is relatively small than its counterparts. With two amazing beaches where you can surf, Sharp island is a must go island if you crave adventure. You can also enjoy a relaxing time here if youre not looking for an adventure at one of the hidden coves on the island.

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4. Tung Lung Chau Island

Beautiful Island

Tung Lung Chau island has gained a lot of popularity since the last decade. Known for its rugged and adventurous nature, this island is also a perfect spot for the adventure junkies as well as people looking for a challenge. With the world-famous Technical and Sea Gully Wall, the island has become a favorite spot for rock climbing in Asia. But thats not it, as the island also offers its visitors some amazing hiking tracks, which lead to the Ancient Rock Carving site. Here you can sit back and admire the historical carvings along with the greenery of the island and turquoise blue sea water around.

5. Peng Chau

Small island

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If you like to experience the culture and history of the places you visit, Pend Chau is the best option for you. With a setting of 1950s Hong Kong, Peng Chau has been known for its soothing vibes and unspoiled wilderness around. The tiny island measures less than a square kilometer but offers many things. For instance, you can hike up to the Finger Hill to admire the beauty of the small town from above. The island is also known for its delicious seafood. You can go to the local market and pick up some fresh catches and go to any restaurant and have it cooked. Although you can just order a dish in a restaurant like a regular human, doing it this way is sort of a tradition here and offers a great new experience.

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6. Grass Island

Sea Seashore

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If the name isnt enough, the island is covered in lush greenery and blooming flora and fauna. The island is a perfect getaway location for tourists and locals alike, who are fed up with city lights and hectic life. Inhabited by hundreds of species of rare birds and butterflies, the island captures its visitors in the beauty of nature. With the splashing sound of the waves hitting the shore and nothing but greenery around, the tranquility achieved here is unbelievable. There are also wild cattle on this island which is very friendly and like to be petted. With so much to offer, the visitors can also camp here overnight on the camping grounds.

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7. Tung Ping Chau

rocky island

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One of the only islands in Asia made up mostly o sedimentary rocks, this island really offers its visitors an experience like nowhere else. The island is closer to mainland China than Hong Kong. The best known locations here are Kang Lau Shek and Lan Kwo Shui, which house the captivating rock formations in all their glory. The island also has some enchanting rock beaches, where there are creek formations because of the waves. But thats not all, because the island also has some famous historical temples, which you should definitely visit. With the most things to offer, this island should not be missed if you are visiting Hong Kong.

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With so many islands to choose from, this list will help you in deciding which are the best-suited options for you as these are the best islands that Hong Kong has to offer. So, book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to experience all the beauty of Hong Kong in the best possible way.

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