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    An island near Dubrovnik

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    On the southern coast of Croatia, you will find a wonderful historic city, Dubrovnik, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The location as well as its history provide an alluring sight and stay for the travelers. A UNESCO World Heritage site with the old ruins, lush vegetation and gorgeous beaches offers a relaxed atmosphere. But what’s more, are the islands near Dubrovnik, which will definitely fill the bill! Enjoy a ferry followed by a picnic lunch or go on an adventure, you won’t be disappointed.

    10 Best Islands Near Dubrovnik

    With so many islands close to Dubrovnik, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re spoilt for choice. So while you make up your mind, check out this list to know what to include in your itinerary!

    • Lokrum Island
    • Daksa Island
    • Lopud Island
    • Mljet Island
    • Lastovo Island
    • Jakljan Island
    • Korčula Island
    • Ruda Island
    • Šipan Island
    • Koločep Island

    1. Lokrum Island

    Lokrum Island

    The Lokrum Island is also known as a cursed island. While it’s tale may be of fascination to you, it’s spectacular natural beauty is just a notch higher. The Dead Sea, fabulous parks, rocky beaches and the Game of Thrones Centre are just some of its notable features. The is among the best islands near Dubrovnik and its only inhabitants are the peacocks and they sure do not shy away from the camera!

    Places to visit near the island: Benedictine Monastery, Beaches
    Where to take the boat: Old Town Harbor
    Ticket cost:10 €

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    2. Daksa Island

    Daksa Island

    The Island of ghosts will surely entice you. Forty-eight Nazi sympathizers were killed on this island and nobody lives here anymore. At 1.5 nautical miles from Dubrovnik, a cluster of dark cypress bursts out of the Sea waters of the Adriatic.

    Places to visit near the island: Church, cemetery, lighthouse
    Where to take the boat: Old Town Port

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    3. Lopud Island

    Lopud Island

    Though not as enriched historically, as the Lokrum Island, the Lopud Island is a part of the Elaphiti Islands and definitely has a charm of its own. Its sandy beaches and early medieval churches are its pride. Once off the boat, walk over to the Šunj bay, which is a shallow sandy beach, and surely heaven on earth. Islands near Dubrovnik, sure do not fail to surprise us! This one should be your pick if you’re looking for some beautiful islands near Dubrovnik!

    Places to visit near the island: 15th century Franciscan monastery, Church of Our Lady of Šunj
    Where to take the boat: Gruž harbor
    Ticket cost:3 €

    4. Mljet Island

    Mljet Island

    In South Croatia, the Mljet Island boasts of being one of the largest islands. One day can never be enough to explore it, hence, it is among the best islands to stay near Dubrovnik. You can visit the National Park or enjoy the beauty of St. Mary – an island within the Mljet Island. Make sure you do not miss the goat cheese, olives and the white & red wine, which Mljet is famous for!

    Places to visit near the island: Salted Lakes – Great & Small Lake, Benedictine Monastery
    Where to take the boat: Gruž harbor
    Ticket cost:4 €

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    5. Lastovo Island

    Lastovo Island

    Lastovo is among the remotest islands near Dubrovnik. After spearfishing with the lighthouse keeper and canoeing around deserted coves, the Lastovo Island will make you its own, forever. If you are planning Dubrovnik day trips to Islands, you definitely must not miss this one! It is also one of the best islands to stay near Dubrovnik and you can spend the night at the lighthouse apartments, at 50 €. This is one of the most charming islands to visit near Dubrovnik!

    Places to visit near the island: Lighthouse – Struga
    Where to take the boat: Ferry from Split/ Dubrovnik

    6. Jakljan Island

    Jakljan Island

    Image Source

    The island is uninhabited and only accessible from the sea. It is barely two miles from the port of Dubrovnik and is heavily forested. If you wish you wander into the wilderness, this must be your next stop. When it comes to thebest islands near Dubrovnik, this is the one you have to include on your list!

    Where to take the boat: Old Town Port

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    7. Korčula Island

    Korčula Island

    Image Source

    Believed to be Marco Polo’s home, the Korčula island is the sixth largest island in the Adriatic. Small beaches hug the southern side of the island there are fascinating small villages and around 200 caves too. The architecture and thick walls at the historical centre are reminiscent of Dubrovnik. This one tops the list of best islands near Dubrovnik for sure!

    Places to visit near the island: Museum dedicated to Marco Polo, Lumbarda; Vineyards like Plavac, Maraština, Pošip and Grk
    Ticket cost:11 € for catamaran (fast ferry)

    8. Ruda Island

     Ruda Island

    Image Source

    The Ruda Island can be covered during one of your Dubrovnik day trips to the Islands. You can enjoy kayaking and cultural walks with the help of guides and tour agencies. If you’re looking for the best islands near Dubrovnik, then surely this is a must-visit for you!

    Places to visit near the island: La Fredda, Mulini di Alture – Historic Walking areas
    Where to take the boat: Old Town Port

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    9. Šipan Island

    sipan Island

    Image Source

    In the Elaphite Archipelago, the Šipan Island is the largest island, making it a prominent mark on the Dubrovnik island’s map. It is not a major tourist spot, but perfect for those who wish to enjoy some peace. The sandy beaches offer a great place to spend some time reading. You may also visit the architectural monuments if you’re up for some sightseeing. Legends and myths encapsulate the island but it is definitely worth a visit. When on the island, make sure you do not miss the BOWA restaurant, which is a sensational eatery and leaves the local as well as foreign visitors completely breathless. This is one of the most serene beach islands near Dubrovnik that you ought to visit!

    Places to visit near the island: Villages – Šipanska luka and Suđurađ, Church of St John, Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit
    Where to take the boat: Gruž harbor
    Ticket cost:3 €

    10. Koločep Island

    Koločep Island

    Image Source
    The Koločep island is the closest island to Dubrovnik. With 300 people, it is the smallest island of the Elafiti and was important to the shipbuilding industry of Dubrovnik in earlier times. You must enjoy a swim to the Blue cave, when on the Koločep island.

    Places to visit near the island: Blue Cave, Churches of St. Nicholas and St. Sergius
    Where to take the boat: Gruž harbour

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    If the islands near Dubrovnik really entice you, make sure you take a day trip or an excursion to explore the beauty of the Adriatic coast and Croatian Islands. And if you’re still dreaming of that perfect Europe trip, let us help you create an awesome Europe itinerary for you.

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