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    Borobudur temple in Java Island of Indonesia

    Java is a volcanic island of Indonesia between Sumatra and Bali. This geographic and economic centre of Indonesia is home to more than half of its population. The Java Island of Indonesia proudly holds the plush city Jakarta, the capital city of the country.

    Earlier, many tourists couldn’t even locate Java Island on world map. But over the years, the island has grown as a tourist destination with its active volcanoes, ancient temples, monuments, lakes, beaches, hills, markets and tea plantations attracting travelers round the globe.

    Escape to Java Island for a quick Indonesian experience

    Keep these places to visit in Java Island in your bucket list so that you don’t miss out even an inch of the fun.

    1. Borobudur temple

    Java Island's Borobudur temple top view

    Borobudur temple is one of the most popular attractions in Indonesia and the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Located in the Central Java, this temple consists of a large Buddhist temple complex. Built in the 9th century, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple has astonishing 72 sculpted figures of Buddha. Borobudur can be easily reached on a day trip from the nearest city of Yogyakarta. This site is a boosting element when it comes to Java Island tourism.

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    2. Dieng Plateau

    Dieng Plateau in Java Island of Indonesia

    Sitting at an altitude of 2,100meters is Dieng Plateau, one of the best places to visit in Java Island. For those who want to visit the pilgrim places in Java Island, Dieng it is. There a many Buddhist temples in the vicinity. During your hike up to the plateau, you will come across many pools with spring water and hot springs.

    Dont miss: Plan your hike to match the sunset time when reach on the top for the breathtaking view.

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    3. Bandung

    Bandung in Java Island of Indonesia

    Bandung city is counted in one of the top shopping destinations in Indonesia on the domestic market. But it is one also the most underrated city when it comes to shopping. The place has huge range of factory outlets that sell the latest fashions. Bandung offers a wide range of clothing options to match your taste and budget. Bandung also has great eateries for you to explore Indonesian cuisine.

    Dont miss: Bandung is well known for denim products. Shopping for denims is a must.

    4. Merapi Volcano

    Merapi Volcano in Java Island of Indonesia

    Indonesia is a country which has a large number of active volcanoes. Mount Merapi is one of the most dreaded volcanoes of Indonesia. This famous volcano had erupted in 2010 and is still active. Though it is one of the easiest hikes in Java, you can only trek here when it’s declared safe by the authorities.

    Dont miss: Visit Merapi as a part of your tour so that you can have an insight into the history of the mountain and why it is a sacred spot in Indonesia.

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    5. Malang

    Malang in Java Island of Indonesia

    Malang, a city in the east Java, has a relaxed atmosphere and gives out ancient Dutch vibes. Located between Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo, the city has a distinctive combination of scenic beauty. Malang has a number of little temples and shrines dotting the city. It is also majorly covered with green paddy fields.

    Dont miss: Visit Balai Kota Building to see the best blend of Indonesian & Dutch architectural styles. Also visit the Buddhist-Hindu Singosari Temple.

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    6. Kalibiru National Park

    Kalibiru National Park in Java Island of Indonesia

    Kalibiru National Park is one of the popular tourist places in Java Island. The dense green forest, the water reservoir and the array of mountains in the backdrop make the most exotic scenic view. The picturesque viewpoint in the park is popular among the Instagramers. You can climb the trees through ladders to reach and stand on the rustic wooden platforms to get the breathtaking views. Who knows, you may even spot some wild animals and birds specific to Java Island area.

    Dont miss: Go here in the morning or evening as during these hours of the day, sunlight has the best colors. Also try out some adventure activities like zip lining.

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    7. Rainbow Village

    Rainbow Village in Java island of Indonesia

    Kampung Pelangi meaning Rainbow Village in Indonesian is a part of Semarang. This area has recently emerged as a tourist attraction in the Java Island. The village was a collection of about 200 homes on a hillside, above a river. The locals wanted to draw more tourists to the area so the entire village was painted in vibrant rainbow colors. Now this small dot on the Java Island map is attracting a huge number of tourists from around the world.

    Dont miss: This beautiful village is a must for your “insta” story. Get a picture clicked with the quirky village in the background.

    8. Jakarta

    Jakarta in Java Island of Indonesia

    Indonesias capital, Jakarta a mad city. It is Southeast Asias largest city with worlds second largest metropolitan area. Skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, monuments, bustling markets, street food joints, all of these make the city a lot happening. The markets around the Old Square is a tourist hotspot.

    Dont miss: Make sure yo visit the National Monument, National Cathedral and Mosque.

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    9. Karimunjawa Island

    Karimunjawa Island in Java Island of Indonesia

    Karimunjawa Archipelago has the best beaches in Java. This is interesting as there are around 27 tropical islands off the coast of Semarang, most of which are inhabited. Rent a boat and head to this beach paradise in Java.

    Dont miss: The water at these beaches are crystal clear so make sure you do not miss indulging in snorkeling and diving here.

    10. Goa Jomblang

    Goa Jomblang in Java Island of Indonesia

    Goa Jomblang in the Gunung Kidul Area of Java Island is a famous cave. Located an hour away from the city, the cavern is 60 metres down the side of the cliff. From here, you enter a cave system, surrounded by forest. The Grubug Cave is the main cave in this site. The hole on the top of the rock formation lets the sunlight stream into the dark cave, creating a spectacular effect.

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    Best time to visit Java Island

    Java Island landscape in sunlight

    The best time to visit Java Island is between April to October . The dry seasons are usually too dry with high temperatures. The monsoons lasts from November to March and it usually rains in the afternoon making it infeasible for travelers.

    How to reach Java Island

    A flight taking off at Jakarta Airport

    Airways: The city of Jakarta is well connected with numerous international and domestic flights. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport & Halim Perdanakusuma Airport are the two main international airports in Jakarta. There are international flights also connecting other Javanese cities like Surabaya, Solo, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Semarang to the rest of the world.

    Waterways: Jakarta connects to most ports of the nation through sea. There are frequent ferries running between Banyuwangi/Ketapang harbor in the East of Java & Gilimanuk in Bali and also between Merak port in Java & Bekauheni in South Sumatra.

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    The heart of Indonesia, Java Islands, is an incredible destination to witness the complex Indonesian culture. Though the culture, to a great extent, has been influenced by foreign interactions. As you explore the island’s secrets, you will realize that the place still retains its original indigenous flavour. Visit Java Islands for a great unwinding experience.

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