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    The Kedarkantha trek is one of the best trekking experiences that you can get if you are a lover of trekking. India has many things to offer starting from the great mountains to the deep seas. You can enjoy all types of adventures amidst the beauty of nature in India. Trekking is one of the most interesting and fun-loving activities that can be enjoyed in the mountain ranges. The Kedarkantha region is all full of mountains so it will be a great idea to go for Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand. Below all the basic and necessary information related to the Kedarkantha trek is given in great detail that will help you to plan your trip for trekking in the Kedarkantha. 

    Outdoor adventure might bring to a real  joy and Trekking is one of the most popular forms of adventure that one can experience in his or her lifetime. Though it seems difficult for the first timers but the satisfaction comes only after one finishes the trek.  Be it harder or easier, a real adventure lover will always get the pleasure of hiking. There are few important tips that one needs to follow before planning a trek to Kedarkantha.

    Best Time To Go For Kedarkantha Trek

    in the winter season

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    The best part about this trek is that it is around trial trek that both starts and ends in Sankri and you can go for trekking in Kedarkantha throughout the year but the best time to visit Kedarkantha trek is in the month of December to February that is in the winter season. At this time the location is filled with snow and so you get the feel of the winter trek or snow trek.

    Therefore it is generally advised to take the Kedarkantha trek in winter to enjoy the complete benefits of the trek in the natural environment. Also it is highly recommended to avoid trekking in this region in the monsoon season that is up till the month of April, as the place receives a very high amount of snowfall during that phase so it may turn out to be extremely dangerous for you if you take a tour or go for trekking in Kedarkantha in the monsoon season.

    Ideal duration: 5 days, can also be covered in the 6-day duration
    Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
    Maximum altitude: 12,500 feet
    Location: Uttarkashi District, State of Uttarakhand

    Kedarkantha is the name of a mountain peak in the Himalayan regions in the state of Uttarakhand in India. It is located in the Uttarkashi district within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in the Sankri village.

    About Kedarkantha Trek

    hich is full of adventures and fun

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    The Kedarkantha trek is a trek of 5 days basically which is full of adventures and fun. You will get the chance to trek in the snow in the beautiful atmosphere of nature. Trekking is not at all an easy job but the trek to Kedarkantha would also not be too very difficult in comparison to many other treks in the Himalayan region.

    This trip is advised for the people who are deeply interested in trekking in the Himalayan region however that can be both the beginners in the field of trekking or have the experience of trekking in the past. The experience of the Kedarkantha trek would be completely different from many other treks that you might have experienced.

    What To See During Kedarkantha Trek

    Here’s a list of picturesque wonders that you must witness while trekking. Make sure you undergo these experiences. 

    1. Pinnacle View

    himalayan view

    Image Source

    On reaching the summit, you’ll get to see a wondrous view of the Garhwal mountains. You’ll witness Black Peak, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini. This view makes the whole struggle required to reach the summit worthwhile. You’ll also be able to see the well-known Har ki Dun Valley from here.

    2. Beautiful Campsites

    camping at night

    Image Source

    The campsites in this trek are counting amongst the best ones in the Himalayas in India. One such site is Khujey, a meadow enveloped within lush-green forests. Bhoja Dadi is also a picturesque campsite that is in fact situated at a closer distance from the Kedarkantha trek. 

    3. The Kotgaon-Kedarkantha Route


    Image Source

    Make sure you pass by Kotgaon during your trek, as this village is nothing less than a place straight out of a fairy tale. At the backdrop lie the Devkyara and Har ki Dun valleys. Make sure you don’t take this route during the snowfall, as it is often found blocked during this time. 

    Things To Know When Planning A Kedarkantha Trek

    Get well-prepared before you are planning for a trek- It is very important to go through a thorough research work before you are planning for a trek as this research will lead to complete the trek in a satisfactory manner. So it is needless to say that a preparation for a trek does not end up while you are signing up for a trek rather it begins through your research work.

    The trekker who is solely responsible for his trek planning and schedules will have to take the preparation very carefully and should join a trek agency and sign up for a trek plan. Reading the trek plan on email and making note of updated information as well as the changes in the plan on daily basis are also parts for the preparation for the trek. Fitness is a key to trekking, even if it is an easier trek as without fitness, it is really to complete an entire trek because of a lot of mental exhaustion and lack of physical strength.

    1. Avoid Littering 

    plastic cup

    Image Source

    This is a unique quality that every trekker should inherit that she or he should be very careful while generating waste. One trekker not only should avoid generating waste but also take back home waste if it generates. Every trekker should believe that all trekking trails must be clean.

    2. Essentials You Must Carry 


    Image Source

    One should not carry any kind of packaged food for instance biscuits, namkeen packets. Instead of that one should carry dry fruits, peanuts, bananas and jiggery. Even if you are carrying the biodegradable waste such as the bananas, dry fruits, apple stalks or orange peels, you should not throw them on the trails that you are walking.

    3. Be Alert

    trekking group

    Image Source

    If you are a responsible trekker, you should always take care of other trekker while you are in a team. You need to listen to the instructions and the guidelines shared by the trek leaders. This means you need to keep motivating your trek mates. Furthermore, you need to be well-aware about the tent etiquette while you are on a trek and you should make other trek mate understand the tent etiquette.

    4. Follow The Leader

    people trekking


    Image Source

    A responsible and professional trekker understands the depth of the instructions that the trek leader fixes for the safety call while on a trek. Instructions such as the wake up timing, the time to reach on the summit day, to send a trekker down for any kind of medical reasons. In short, while you are on a trek, the trek leader’s word is final and you need to show respect to the instructions by following them.

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