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La Digue Island is the land of breathtaking beaches. It is the ultimate tropical paradise for all the beach lovers out there! With a glorious climate and gorgeous views, this land is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for people all over the world. This recently discovered bewitching land features ever stretching turquoise and jade green sea shadowed by the gorgeous clear blue sky and is surrounded by lush green grasses that will leave you spellbound for days. The stunning picturesque view of the sunset from across the beach is a delight to experience. Here you will find back to back ravishing places which are enough to capture your heart and make you go heads over your heel time and again.

About La Digue Island

About La Digue Island

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A small island of Seychelles located in the Indian Ocean, La Digue is the real definition of beauty. It is the third largest island of this archipelago country with a population of 2800. La Digue was first discovered by the French navigator Lazare Picault in 1742, but the inhabitants headed here in the year 1789 when the first colonists arrived. Since then, this place has gained immense popularity in the field of tourism. It is land of wonderful natural coincidences which together makes it an enthralling picture perfect spot.

Today the main industry in La Digue is tourism and has a major role to play in upscaling the economy of this island. From beautiful beaches to natural reserves, from tallest peaks to exposure to the wide variety of underwater creatures, from adrenaline experiences of scuba diving to simply sitting on the serene beaches, this place has got it all that a tourist can ask for. With its spectacular coast views and beaches, this country is considered as one of the most beautiful and attractive islands of Seychelles. This place is environment-friendly and the tourists are promoted to use bicycles instead of cars, although the cars are not banned completely. Another option of transportation is the ox-carts which give a totally different kind of experience to the tourists.

The accommodation facilities are top notch and set new standards for all things classic! They make sure that the tourists are well pampered and return home with a heart full of joy. With so many places to visit in La Digue, it becomes quite a task to plan an itinerary and decide the places and accommodations prior to the start of the journey. Don’t worry! We have got it covered for you!

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Best Time To Visit La Digue Island


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La Digue has a climate which is equable and relaxing. The day temperature lies between 24 to 32 degree Celsius and nights are usually cold but not much thus making it a perfect place for the tourists to have the time of their lives. Also because of its location which is close to the equator, this place experiences rainfall during the month of October to March. The maximum precipitation is about 400mm and the least being 76mm in the month of July. Since La Digue lies in the region of Seychelles, there are a few months which are the transition times between the hot and humid northwest trade winds which blow between November to March and the much cooler southeast trade winds which flow between April to October.

Hence April, May, October, and November are the transition times and also the most suitable months to visit this beautiful island. During this time, the beach waves are much calmer but enough to make you fall in love with this place. The weather is enjoyable and perfect for long day trips. The sea looks serene and peaceful, the tall palm trees perfectly shadow the rock beneath and the lush green grasses and the vibrant colorful flowers bloom at their best!

How To Reach La Digue Island?

How To Reach La Digue Island

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Since the 1970s when an international airport on Seychelles was established, it became so easy for tourists to explore the different islands of this country. And now after so many years of transformation and development, with a number of traveling facilities that are being provided by the government of Seychelles, things are only getting better!

La Digue does not have an airport. But this doesn’t stop the tourists from going there. Out of a number of ways to reach the La Digue Island that are present, the best and the safest options are given below:

1. From Mahe to La Digue

If you want to get to La Digue as soon as possible then the best option for you is the helicopter. There is a direct transport facility available from the Seychelles International Airport to La Digue helipad.

Another good option is to take a ferry ride and reach the island. This is not only enjoyable but also a budget-friendly option.

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2. From Praslin to La Digue

If you are in Praslin and are planning to come to La Digue then take the catamaran. There is a fast catamaran that runs frequent trips between Praslin and La Digue during daylight hours.

Another option is to travel through a passenger carrying schooner that runs between the two islands and will make you feel at your leisure best and gives you laid-back vacay vibes even before you have reached the island!

Places To Stay At La Digue Island

Here are a few resorts where you can stay at La Digue Island. Read on to find out more about these places.

1. Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie Resort & Spa

Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort & Spa

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This is a five-star resort located 1 km away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Anse Source d’ Argent which is known for its picturesque sights and granite rock formations. This resort in an upscale high-end accommodation which makes you give lavish vibes with open-air dining, well-maintained pool, and luxury spa. It is also only 2 km away from La Digue venue reserve.


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2. Moonlight Beach Villa

Moonlight Beach Villa

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It is a three-star hotel and more affordable than the rest with top-notch quality of service and facility. The staffs here work above and beyond to keep you at ease all the time and they make sure that you are having a great time in their villa. It is 1 km away from the scenic rocks, 2 km away from the La Digue venue reserve and is at a 5 m walk distance from the marina. Set up at a beautiful location and leafy grounds, this is a good option to have a wonderful time on the island.


3. Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Hotel

Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Hotel

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This is a lavish four-star hotel that provides you with all the facilities you can ask for. Also, the location of this place is superb. Most of the beaches, local markets, gift shops, bars, and restaurants everything is a few minutes distance apart. It gives you an exquisite fine dining experience and also has an outdoor pool to relax.


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Places To Visit In La Digue

The heart of this island lies in its beaches and the people of this land. The beaches are so bewitching and surreal that you would want to spend an entire eternity in this place. And on top of it, the people here are warm and welcoming.

1. Anse Source D’ Argent

Anse Source D’ Argent

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With its stunning picturesque surroundings and jaw-dropping views, this beach has got to be on the top list of any tourist’s travel plan. It is tagged as one of the most stunning and serene beaches on the island. The beach is also famous for its silver-white sands, which gives people an out of the world kind of experience once they amble on it. It is also the perfect place for all the sunset chasers as you can get to experience some of the most breathtaking sights of sunsets here!

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2. Grand Anse

Grand Anse

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Grand Anse is another beach with creamy white sand blending in perfectly with the turquoise blue sea water. The calm warm water with a tint of turquoise blue texture to it will remind you of the paradise. It has such beautiful rock formations that are shadowed by the perfectly positioned palm trees. The mesmerizing sound of the calm sea when splashing the beaches soothes your soul and makes you feel at complete ease. It is a nice place to sit and relax with your family.

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3. L’Union Estate

L’Union Estate

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This place is surrounded by lush green natural sight. To have an insight into the colonial history of this island, L’Union Estate is the right place to come. It has got plantation houses which have an influence of the French colonial architecture. There are coconut and vanilla plantations towards the end of the coastal road. It has an entry fee which amounts to Euro 10. It is basically a place which reflects the essence of the work life of this place.

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This fascinating tourist spot is worth the visit. The ambiance of this place is positive and charming. The bewitching beaches and the captivating natural wonders of this place will make you feel like you are in the land of Gods and you can never be thankful enough for that. So if you ever plan a holiday vacay, make sure that you visit this place. The alluring beauty of La Digue Island will leave you spellbound and you will be grateful for every second that you spend on this divine land. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Seychelles now with TravelTriangle!

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