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Gujarat, one of the must-visit places in India, is home to many historical places & lakes and offers a mesmerizing trip experience to every kind of traveler. If you are on a trip to India then you must explore the attractive state of this country which is Gujarat. This beautiful state is popular for its mesmerizing places and fair-spoken people. You must have heard of food and famous tourist attractions but have you heard about the lakes in Gujarat? We bet you haven’t. So, this time when you visit Gujarat, make sure that you explore these places too.

Top 15 Lakes In Gujarat

Are you looking for Gujarat lakes? Take a look at this list of the best lakes in Gujarat that are attracting many tourists to this state. If you haven’t explored them yet then this is the best time to tick them off from your list.

  • Kankaria Lake – Maninagar
  • Gopi Talav – Surat
  • Hamirsar Lake – Bhuj
  • Nal Sarovar – Ahmedabad
  • Narayan Sarovar – Kutch
  • Damodar Kund – Junagadh
  • Sursagar Lake – Vadodara
  • Thol Lake – Mehsana
  • Chandola Lake – Ahmedabad
  • Lakhota Lake – Jamnagar
  • Vastrapur Lake – Ahmedabad
  • Saputara Lake – Near Saputara
  • Gomti Lake – Dakar
  • Sahasralinga Talav – Patan
  • Bindu Sarovar – Patan

1. Kankaria Lake – Maninagar


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Also known as Naginawadi, Kankaria Lake is now well developed as an entertainment and recreation spot. Kankaria Lake is a multi-sided lake that worked in the year 1451 A.D. Essentially, it is a counterfeit lake with 34 sides and is the most famous cookout spot in the city. You can reach this small circular lake by a causeway.

Things to do in Kankaria Lake: You can visit KankariaZoo which near to Kankaria lake, Enjoy the circular view with the island.
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal trip duration: 1 hour
Location: Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Best time to visit Kankaria Lake: December

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2. Gopi Talav – Surat


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Gopi Talav is not a natural lake and it was built by Malik Gopi, a rich merchant and governor of the city during the reign of the Mughals. After the renovation of the lake in 2012, it has become a prime recreational spot for city dwellers as well as tourists. If you are a nature person then you must visit Gopi Talav as it is counted among the best lakes in Gujarat. 

Things to do in Gopi Talav: You can visit Gopipura, which is near the Gopi Talav. Enjoy fountain sight.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 2-3 hours
Location: Rustampura, Surat, Gujarat 395002, India.
Best time to visit Gopi Talav: January to December

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3. Hamirsar Lake – Bhuj

lake at night

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This Lake was fed by tunnels and canals that are connected to three rivers and the tank met the needs of water of the people of Bhuj in those days. Amid the Hamirsar Lake, there’s a beautiful and colorful garden that enhances the beauty of the lake by tenfold. An ideal getaway for get-togethers this place is blessed with the beauty of nature. This is among the best Gujarat lakes.

Things to do in Hamirsar Lake: Enjoy roaming around Rajendra Park, This is also a picnic spot.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 2 hours
Location: Bhuj, Gujarat
Best time to visit Hamirsar Lake: April to June and September to October

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4. Nal Sarovar – Ahmedabad

Ducks in lake

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Nal Sarovar is a part of the Bird Sanctuary covering about 120 sq. km. Like Narayan Sarovar, this lake comes alive in winter as 210 species of migratory birds congregate here. A spot for all the budding ornithologists out there, this is one of the best lakes in Gujarat.

Things to do in Nal Sarovar: Enjoy bird sight because it is also a bird sanctuary, the birds include greater flamingos, pelicans, brahminy ducks, herons, bitterns and crakes among others.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 2 -3 hours
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Best time to visit Nal Sarovar: October to March

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5. Narayan Sarovar – Kutch


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Narayan Sarovar is a place of pilgrimage with the ancient temple of Koteshwar only 4 km away from Pampa, Pushkar, Bindu, and Mansarovar. The place has been mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana due to the spirituality attached to it. As it is one of the stunning lakes in Gujarat, visit this place to enjoy nature in its full beauty.

Things to do in Narayan Sarovar: Pilgrimage
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 2 hours
Location: Kutch district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Narayan Sarovar: October to February

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6. Damodar Kund – Junagadh


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Damodar Kund is nestled in the foothills of Girnar near Junagadh in Gujarat. Pilgrims bathe in the waters here and immerse ashes of the departed because it is believed that they gain Moksha from carrying this act. Apart from sightseeing at the lake, you can also visit the nearby Gir forests if you have some extra time in your hands.

Things to do in Damodar Kund: Visit Damodar Hari Temple which is near to Damodar Kund and enjoy watching people performing religious rites.
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal trip duration: 1 hour
Location: Near Girnar hills, Junagadh, Gujarat
Best time to visit Damodar Kund: April to October

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7. Sursagar Lake – Vadodara

Shiva's Statue between the lake

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Vadodara boasts of Sur Sagar Lake just like Bhuj boasts of Hamirsar. The lake is also known as the Chand Talav and is situated in the heart of the city and has an embankment surrounding it. A great place for sightseeing the lake has been touted as picturesque by most of the wanderlust.

Things to do in Sur Sagar Lake: Enjoy the bank of Sursagar Lake.
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal trip duration:1-2 hours
Location: Mandvi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001
Best time to visit Sur Sagar Lake: April – July

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8. Thol Lake – Mehsana


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Located in Mehsana district, you will find the Thol Lake, a bird sanctuary with about 150 species of birds. Earlier, it mainly served the purpose of irrigation, but now it has been developed as a sanctuary and it is home to Sarus Cranes and Flamingos. One can visit here from the month of August till March to see the birds enjoying their natural habitat. A place away from the hustle-bustle of the city where one can enjoy nature up-and close.

Things to do in Thol Lake: Enjoy the sight of 150 species of birds, Sarus cranes, and flamingos.
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal trip duration: 2 hours
Location: Kalol, Mehsana District, Gujarat
Best time to visit Thol Lake: August to March

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9. Chandola Lake – Ahmedabad


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Chandola Lake covers about 1200 hectares in the Narol-Dani Limda area of Ahmedabad. The water body is home to a few local birds and receives migratory birds in the months of winter. It was built by the wife of Tajn Khan Nari Ali, a Mughal ruler of the city and since then has gained a reputation of being one of the most scenic lakes in Gujarat.

Things to do in Chandola Lake: Roam around this lake it is spread over 1200 hectare, you can also get the sight of the local bird since it is the home of these birds.
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 hours
Location: Near DaniLimda Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Best time to visit Chandola Lake: March to June

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10. Lakhota Lake – Jamnagar

Lakhota Lake

Image Credit: Rangilo Gujarati for Wikimedia

Popularly known as Ranmal Lake, this is one of the most refreshing escapes in the Jamnagar city that is located in the center of it. The lake is beside the famous Lakhota Fort which was commissioned by Jan Ranmal II in the mid of the 19th century. The lake is known for beautifying the ambiance of the place with its presence and you can enjoy bird watching here. 

Things to do in Lakhota Lake: Bird watching, peaceful walks
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 hours
Location: Jamnagar, Gujarat
Best time to visit Lakhota Lake: March to June

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11. Vastrapur Lake – Ahmedabad

Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sarovar

Image Credit: Gufran Khan for Wikimedia

Vastrapur Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Gujarat. It is located in the western part of Ahmedabad and is also referred to as the Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sarovar. This is one of the most peaceful sites in this lively city with well-maintained gardens, lush green lawns, and the tranquil environment of the attracts peace-seekers from across the city. 

Things to do in Vastrapur Lake: Peaceful walks, meditation
Ideal for: Group, Solo
Ideal trip duration: 1 hour
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Best time to visit Vastrapur Lake: August to March

12. Saputara Lake – Near Saputara

Saputara Lake View

Image Credit: Ritesh for Wikimedia

Saputara Lake is one of the famous manmade lakes in Gujarat and offers an exciting boating experience. The lake is near 1 kilometer from the main hill station and is a popular picnic spot among locals and tourists. This serene getaway is known for its refreshing and vibrant ambiance. The place is ideal for those staying with family in Gujarat. 

Things to do in Saputara Lake: Peaceful walks, meditation
Ideal for: Group, Solo
Ideal trip duration: 1 hour
Location: Near Saputara, Gujarat
Best time to visit Saputara Lake: September to March

13. Gomti Lake – Dakar

Image Credit: Alzahar for Wikimedia

Gomti Lake is located in the Dakar Town of Vadodara and there are numerous folklores attached to the site that attracts locals to this tranquil site. It is believed that once there was a tiny pool here but later Bhima, the Pandava brother from the epic Mahabharatha, make the pool to elaborate and take a form of a lake. The lake got its name from the Gomti River of Dwarka. 

Things to do in Saputara Lake: Peaceful walks, meditation, boating
Ideal for: Group, Solo, family, kids
Ideal trip duration: 1 hour
Location: Dakar town, Gujarat
Best time to visit Saputara Lake: September to February

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14. Sahasralinga Talav – Patan

Image Credit: Vijay Barot for Wikimedia

Sahasralinga Talav, popularly known as the lake of thousand lingas is one of the most refreshing getaways in Gujarat. Located in the Patan district, this magnificent water tank was constructed by Siddhraj Jaysinh during the medieval times. This architectural marvel also exhibits superb water conservation techniques and engineering.

Things to do in Sahasralinga Talav: Explore the architectural marvel, peaceful walks, meditation
Ideal for: Group, Solo, family
Ideal trip duration: 2 hours
Location: Patan district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Sahasralinga Talav: September to February

15. Bindu Sarovar – Patan

Image Credit: Nizil Shah for Wikimedia

Another popular artificial lake in Gujarat is Bindu Sarovar. It is a revered lake that is located in the pious town of Sidhpur in the Patan district of Gujarat. The lake is known for its religious prominence as it is mentioned in the Rig Veda, the oldest written text of the Hindu mythology. It is also believed that sage Parshuram performed the ritual of his mother’s Shradh here.  

Things to do in Bindu Sarovar: Religious site, meditation, spiritual baths
Ideal for: Group, Solo, family, kids
Ideal trip duration: 1 – 2 hours
Location: Siddhapur, Patan district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Bindu Sarovar: October to March

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If you are a nature lover, then visiting these famous lakes in Gujarat can be amazing and once in a lifetime experience. People who are in quest for finding serenity or just want to kill time should plan to visit the well-known lakes in the state. For all those planning a trip to Gujarat must include these natural wonders in your travel itinerary for a fruitful experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes In Gujarat

Is there food available around these lakes?

Since most of these lakes are not very far from cities you might find food or maybe you don’t find food as per your specific taste so it’s always better to carry food along with you.

Are these Lakes unsafe?

No, none of these lakes are unsafe or dangerous to anyone.

Are these lakes well maintained?

These are well-maintained lakes and a person does not have to worry about cleanliness and maintenance.

Are these lakes have polluted water?

No, as per the regulatory body these lakes don’t have polluted water.

Are these all lakes also a bird sanctuary?

No, not all the lakes in Gujarat are a bird sanctuary, but some of them are a bird sanctuary.

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