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    Best Places to visit in Gujarat During Monsoon

    The spells of the first rainfall and the fragrance of the wet earth leave us completely nostalgic. Isn’t it? Monsoon in India are always special and brings a breath of relief from the scorching heat. While talking about the hot and humid weather, Gujarat is one of the states which is known for its coastal climate. Although winters are quite pleasant to visit this dry state, monsoon has its own beauty and brings along these surreal places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon. It is the best time for the travelers craving for a long drive, take out their car and head to the hills in the vicinity. Adorned with lush greenery, these places turn into a green paradise after getting drenched in the rain. So if a monsoon vacation is on your travel cards, and Gujarat is your next destination then make sure to not miss out the chance to explore these nearby places to visit in Gujarat in monsoon.

    Weather In Gujarat During Monsoon

    Weather In Gujarat During Monsoon

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    Gujarat is a coastal state which is located at the west coast of India which results in a hot and humid climate in the region. The southwestern monsoon arrives in the month of June and lasts till September. The state experience rainfall of around 33 to 152 cms while the semi-desert Kutch area in Gujarat experiences a very low average rainfall.

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    8 Places To Visit In Gujarat In Monsoon

    Now when you’re in Gujarat during monsoon make sure to tick off these places from the bucket list and get away with the humid weather.

    • Saputara
    • Dandi Beach
    • Gira Waterfalls
    • Parnera
    • Valsad
    • Taranga Jain Temple
    • Polo Forest
    • Wilson Hills

    1. Saputara

    Saputara In Gujarat

    Image Source

    Saputara is an ultimate escape for the people who love to immerse themselves amidst the beauty of nature. Just as the monsoon hits the state, this part brims with lush greenery. This hill-station in Gujarat echoes the beauty of nature by its beautifully adorned jungles and blooming which have a residue of a raindrop on them. Nestled at the Sahyadri range, this place is resting at an altitude of 1000 m where people can go and enjoy a stay amidst the pristine beauty of nature while exploring the tribal culture. This exotic nature’s paradise is considered as one of the best places to visit near Gujarat in Monsoon.

    Location: Dang District
    Distance From Gujarat: 556 Km

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    Spot lions in their natural habitat at Gir National park, relax on the beautiful island of Diu, or go on a religious tour to Somnath and Dwarka. Book a memorable holiday to Gujarat inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals on TravelTriangle.

    2. Dandi Beach

    Dandi Beach In Gujarat

    Image Source

    The Dandi beach was the place which witnessed a historical movement against Britishers started by Mahatma Gandhi. This pristine beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon. Unlike other beaches, this place is less crowded and can be a great place to enjoy a surreal sunset while the first showers of the season touch the ground. For the people who love to get drenched in the rain, this beach might be a good place to head while in the state.

    Location: Surat, Gujarat
    Distance From Gujarat: 459 Km

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    3. Gira Waterfalls

    Gira Waterfalls View

    Image Source

    Take a glimpse of the most panoramic view of the magnificent Gira Waterfalls which is one of the finest attractions in Satpura. Falling from a height of 150 feet, the gushing sound of the water and the lush greenery surrounding the place is just what a nature lover would crave during the monsoon season in Gujarat. After all, what could be better than sipping a cup of tea while taking a glance at this enchanting waterfall?

    Location: Waghai, Gujarat 394730
    Distance From Gujarat: 509 Km

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    4. Parnera

    Parnera In Gujarat

    Image Source

    Parnera is a beautiful hill station located near the Valsad city which also claims to be one of the best places to visit in Gujarat in monsoon. The name of place derived from the Par river, Parnera is a haven for the adventure junkies as there are many trekking points in the vicinity. Apart from this, the place is also a famous pilgrimage for religious travelers. The height of the hill is 300m which is also home to an ancient fort and many more sites which have ruins from the past. The view from Panera makes it one of the best places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon.

    Distance From Gujarat: 501 Km

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    5. Valsad

    Valsad In Gujarat

    Image Source

    A quaint town of Gujarat, Valsad is a place which is known for its pristine beach and magnificent architecture. The coastal region of the town is also famous for the architectural beauty of Sri Sai Baba and Sri Swami Narayan temples situated alongside the coast. What can be better than taking a walk along the coast while also gazing at the beauty of these architectural masterpieces?

    Distance From Gujarat: 508 Km

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    6. Taranga Jain Temple

    Taranga Jain Temple View

    Image Source

    Resting at the peak of Mehsana district, Taranga Jain Temple is a place which offers a fascinating trekking experience to the adventure junkies. This temple is an important pilgrimage site for the Jains. The Taranga hill is also home to an ancient fort and a cave which is called the Jogidani Gufa. This place is a great escape for the people who want to experience adventure and sightseeing in one place.

    Location: Taranga Road, Taranga, Gujarat 384325
    Distance From Gujarat: 300 Km

    7. Polo Forest

    Polo Forest

    Image Source
    Located 160 km from the town of Ahmedabad, the Polo Forest provides visitors with sumptuous green attractive beauty in the rainy season. It is spread over an area of 400 sq. km and has a rich ecology that lures in travelers to let them be a part of the wonderful experience. You must also visit the Sadevant Shivlings Deras, Surya Mandir, Jain Derasar, Polo Jain Nagri, and Lakhena here during your trip. To be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, you must get here by road from Idar as it will be a wonderful road trip. You can avail any of the frequent jeep services that run to and fro. You can also camp here at night in tents as well as stay in resorts and guesthouses that will give you a chance to see the gorgeous sunrise.

    Distance From Gujarat: 351 km

    8. Wilson Hills

    Wilson Hills

    Image Source
    Situated at an elevation of 2500 ft. above sea level, Wilson Hills is a magnificent place that is equally enjoyable in rains as well as in the summers. Covered by a lush forested area that houses the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary, this hill station provides a peek at the huge sea from its top. In fact, it is among those few hills in the world from where the sea is visible. You can get a taste of the locally grown mangoes if you decide to visit this place in the summers. You can get here either via a long drive of 130 km from Surat or by train from Valsad. Wilson Hills is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat for 2 days in monsoon.

    Distance From Gujarat: 516.6 km

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    So where are you heading to this monsoon in Gujarat? These places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon are just a perfect getaway for the people who are up for a long drive while feeling the drops of first on their face. Blissful isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for now? Plan your Gujarat holiday with TravelTriangle and enjoy the magical experience of this coastal state during monsoons.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places to visit in Gujarat During Monsoon

    Q. Which city is best in Gujarat?

    A. Gujarat is an amazing destination and Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot and Gandhinagar are some of the most popular cities in Gujarat.

    Q. Which things are famous in Gujarat?

    A. Gujarat is famous for its culture, especially its traditional dance ‘Garba’ and Gujarati food like Dhokla, Khakhra and Fafda. Gujarat is also tie-dye textiles.

    Q. How wealthy is Gujarat?

    A. Gujarat’s economy is doing well as compared to many other states in India. It’s GDP ranks 3rd in India. It is one of the most industrialised states of India.

    Q. What is famous in Gujarat for shopping?


    • Textiles – Bandhej, Silk Patola saree, khadi, embroidered choli
    • Jewelry – Metal and shell bangles, belts, earrings
    • Patchwork products – Bags, mats, pillow covers
    • Handicrafts – showpieces, souvenirs

    Q. What is famous food in Gujarat?

    A. Some of the most popular foods in Gujarat are:

    • Dhokla
    • Khakra
    • Thepla
    • Lilva Kachori
    • Fafda

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