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Moscow is the land of winters and snowfall, known for its rich cultural and historical significance. The city is considered as the heart of Russia. Roam in the city for a whole week and you still won’t be able to cover all the tourist spots and destinations. Along with these famous must-see venues such as Red Square and Moscow Kremlin, you can also visit the beautiful lakes in Moscow to create memories with your loved ones.

7 Magnificent Lakes In Moscow

Now add a touch of nature in your holiday trip by visiting these lakes near Moscow. It is a well-known fact that Moscow is not only known for its iconic tourist spots, but the city also has a delightful landscape that will take your breath away.

1. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

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It is one of the most famous lakes in Moscow that is located in Siberia near the border of Mongolia. This deepest lake in the world is a freshwater lake. You will find this lake surrounded by the high-range Mountains and the famous Siberia Taiga forest. The lake is 5,387 feet deep. For your trip, you can set up a base camp at Irkutsk. You can visit this world heritage site by using public transport such as the train. This way you can discover the new streets and corners of the city and redefine your experience as a tourist. Baikal Lake is the also the home of animals such as the Baikal seal and other endangered bird species.
There are more than 300 species of birds present in Lake Baikal.

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2. Lake Imandra

Lake Imandra

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If you are planning to visit the lakes near Moscow Russia, then Lake Imandra should be on top of your list of places to visit. The Lake Imandra is located in the Murmansk region that lies in the Southwest part of the Kola Peninsula. The lake is 109 km long and is divided into different water bodies and is connected by two straits called Ecostrovsky and Zayachya Salma. Being the second largest lake in the European region, the lake is the home to a variety of fish. Don’t forget to take your fishing gear and equipment along with you. No matter what month it is, you can plan a mini fishing trip with your friends.

3. Lake Beloye

Lake Beloye

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This white lake is situated in the Vologda Oblast region of Russia. The best thing about this lake is its quality of water. The lake is about 46 km long and you will find exotic species of fish that you would not find anywhere else. You can reach Lake Beloye by simply driving along the Barnaul-Kolyvan highway. If you are thinking of taking the bus then you will get to explore the Barnaul-Kolyvan’ route. After which you will be required to take a taxi. You will find the beautiful pine forests surrounding the lake throughout the Northwest region. There are hotels situated nearby which you can book online such as MosUz Center Hotel.

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4. Lake Nero

Lake Nero

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It is one of the oldest lakes in Russia that is more than 500,000 years old. The lake is located in Yaroslavl Oblast. Such type of lakes near Moscow, Russia, holds great historical importance. What makes this lake even more special are the two islands named- Lvovsky and Gorodskoj. The lake covers an entire area of 54.4 km. the lake is more than 500,000 years old. If you are planning your visit in the month of January, then you should pack some warm clothes along with a pair of comfortable shoes for walking along the lakeside.

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5. Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga

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Lake Ladoga is one of the lakes near Moscow Russia that should definitely add to your travel list. It is a freshwater lake that is located in the famous area of the Republic of Karelia. You will have to travel to the outskirts of Saint Petersburg. The lake is spread across the area of 219 km and has the width of 83km. you will find a number of different islands located near the lake such as- Valaam and Kilpola. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake surrounded by tall trees. There is a famous Cultural Exhibition Center of Gogolev near the lake which you can visit. The great museum of art has the unique collection of sculptures that were created by the famous artist Kronid Gogolev. You can even attend the workshops and also buy souvenirs from the local shops.

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6. Lake Onega

Lake Onega

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Another name in the list of lakes near Moscow is Lake Onega. It is also the largest lake located in the north-western part of European Russia. You can also find towns such as Petrozavodsk. UNESCO declared Kizhi archipelago a world heritage site which is located in the northern side of the lake. Plan your visit to the lake, and you will get the chance to visit the famous churches that were built in the 15th century. The lake is 245 kilometers long and is also the 18th largest lake in the world. You can precook a spot for yourself so that you can spend your holidays doing activities you love such as fishing.

7. Senezh Lake

Senezh Lake

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The famous Senezh Lake was formed in the year 1826. Also known as Senezhskoye, the lake is located about 60 km away in the northwest area of Moscow. The lake is an ideal place for boating and photography. You will get to see the mesmerizing forests and tall pine trees. You can relax sitting at the lounge chairs by the lakeside. Now make your holidays pleasant by organizing a small barbeque party by the lake. The temperature is colder as compared to other parts of Russia. The place is the blend of flora and fauna, and that’s what makes it a perfect spot for you to test your photography skills.

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Tourists from all over the world travel to visit these famous lakes in Moscow. The city is full of museums, cafes, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, shopping centers, and local shops that will make your trip to Russia a raving success! Once you do visit, don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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