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    Moscow is one of the most vivacious European capitals. The city is known as the powerful blend of edginess and history. Moscow is Russia’s capital city has been in existence for around more than eight hundred years and has a plethora of activities and places to visit that are enough to keep the visitors of this city busy for all moths. Moreover, the capital city of Russia is filled with world-famous sites and attractions. There are a lot of tourist attractions of visiting Moscow in summer that offers a bunch of enjoyment, from Europe’s oldest fortress & grandiose cathedrals to the futuristic skyscrapers and lively green spaces, the city offers a lot of places for every individual. Moscow is such a global and iconic place in the actual sense.

    Moscow comprises monasteries, palaces, cathedrals, parks, museums, hills, galleries, and towers. Travelers have to include all these places to enjoy their summer in Moscow in their whole itinerary to gain an absolute travel experience. Visiting Moscow in summer is the best time for vacay, as you can have a lot of choices to visit. From the Kremlin & the Red Square to explore in outskirts of the capital city, the place has a lot of things to enjoy for everyone. You can shop your favorite things, engage in the cultural activities in this capital of brilliant music & theatre, or mesmerized by the striking surroundings of the capital city – Moscow.

    The true essence of the city lies beached in its glorious architecture & its rich imaginative tradition that persists to captivate tourists till now. The whole city is fascinated by the sheer beauty of Moscow’s art & architecture. There are various places to visit in summer in Moscow, Russia.

    Summer In Moscow: 6 Best Places To Visit

    Taking you to the city’s ancient traditions, modern culture, & affluent historical past, these are the places to visit in Moscow in the summer season. These places are not just exciting, but these are beyond supernatural.
    The enthralling places to visit in Moscow in the summer season –

    1. Red Square

    Red Square

    Image Source

    It is one of the most popular city attractions in Moscow. It is just like other tourist attractions like- Kremlin, Lenin’s mausoleum, state historical museum, and the Kazan Cathedral. This square is seen a lot of times in Hollywood movies, as it is a huge city plaza that offers enough space for the people so that they can sit and enjoy various games. It is the most popular area in Moscow and that is the reason people love to visit this place especially in summers. Moreover, if you are traveling to Moscow in the summer, then one must visit this place.

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    2. St. Basil Cathedral

    St Basil's Cathedral Moscow Red Square

    Image Source

    It is the perfect piece of architecture that is designed in an alluring way. This place is outlined in an unusual as well as unique color that gives a perfect look to the place. Earlier the cathedral was built in white, but then it was colored into the dazzling design. The patterns are extremely unique and that is the reason tourist can get attracted easily. This cathedral has 8 smaller churches that are designed in a perfect manner. The St. Basil’s Cathedral is a museum that allows the visitors to see the unique interiors properly.

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    3. Moscow Kremlin

    Moscow Kremlin

    Image Source

    It is a big architectural complex that helps in attracting the visitors easily. So, if you are planning to visit summer in Moscow, then make sure to visit Kremlin once. This complex offers cathedrals, towers as well as palaces so that the visitors can enjoy easily. The walls of Kremlin were built in the 15th century using the beautiful designs. It contains 20 towers, and the tallest tower is Troizkaya, as it is 73 meters high. The cathedral is located in the center of this complex and has the magnificent architecture that attracts all the visitors without any hassle. It is the home to various palaces.

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    4. State Tretyakov Gallery

    State Tretyakov Gallery

    Image Source

    This gallery is made by the collection of merchants but now carries more than 130,000 pieces of the artwork from the history of Russia. It was opened in 1893 in a small building. But now it has become one of the most eye-catchy tourist attractions that give information about the history to all the people who love to know new things. This gallery carries the painting of the famous Russian artist. It has the collection of around 130,000 items that help in attracting the visitors properly.

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    5. Bolshoi Theatre

    Bolshoi Theatre

    Image Source

    This is the historic theatre of opera as well as a ballet in Russia. Even this place is famous for its classical Russian architecture that helps in attracting all the visitors without any hassle. If you are visiting to Moscow in summers, then make sure to go to Bolshoi theatre once. This building was completed in 1824 and later it was served, as the national theatre of Russia. It is completely white in color and has 8 columns at the entrance so that people could enter the place easily without any hassle. Summer is the best time to visit Moscow where people could relax and look up to such theaters without any hassle. The performance in this theatre is from the origin of Russia along with other foreign plays. It is the best time pass for the visitors who wish to spend the time properly.

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    6. Kolomenskoye


    Kolomenskoye is a sprawling and beautiful place, which now serves as the open-air museum that is intended with wooden architecture. The place was urbanized as the retreat for beautiful princes of Moscow. The oldest configuration in Kolomenskoye is the Ascension Church. It is the eye-catching piece of Russian architecture which is made up of the white stone. It is rising towards the sky in the octagonal form that was recognized as the World’s Heritage spot by the UNESCO. It is the most enjoyable place to visit in Moscow in Russia during the summer season.

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    The above list of places to visit in Moscow during summer’s season goes on & on. The above destinations are a few of the famous places to visit in Moscow. These places are just the commencement of what this far-fetched capital city has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Moscow with TravelTriangle for a soothing vacation experience like never before!

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