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    Located within the reach of Manila, a huge city with a lot of places of sightseeing, restaurants, and nightlife, Mindoro Island is a hidden gem of Philippines. The island is divided into two provinces, i.e. Mindoro Occidental and Mindoro Oriental. Offering everything from adventure activities to surreal attractions, this island is the ultimate hot spot for holidaying with your loved ones. But when exactly should you visit and what experiences should you have? Well, don’t let that be a concern because we got your back! This little guide will help you plan a perfect island vacation with your loved ones!

    Best Time To Visit Mindoro Island

    The best time to visit this island is between April and May, which is also the time when the beaches get really crowded. Try to avoid the monsoon season i.e. between June to December as you can really enjoy the beauty of this by getting drenched frequently but the waterfalls will be a great place for a getaway during this season. To avoid the monsoon season you can also visit between January and March.

    How To Reach Mindoro Island


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    San Jose is a major town on this island and flights from Manila are quiet frequent to San Jose with Cebu Pacific. It is one of the most popular way to travel to Mindoro island and is used usually my many tourists. The plane is a very convenient way one can travel and also is faster than any other form to transport.

    There are different ways one can get into Mindoro Island like buses, boat, plane and minivan. There are frequent buses to this town and also many minivan offer transport to this area. There are boat rides that take 7 hours of your time and a small lunch is also added to your journey to this quaint town.

    Things To Do On Mindoro Island

    Many tourists visit the northeastern tip of this island and enjoy the awesome diving experience and chilled bars but there is so much more to see in this place and some of them are listed below:

    1. Bikini Floating Bar

    Floating Bar

    Image Source

    This bar is a bar on water and is an amazing thing one can enjoy. This is a vacation dream where you can hop on this boat for free and the bartender provides you your favorite drink which you can enjoy while watching the beautiful scenery of this island. The happy hours are from 3-5 pm.

    2. Pebble Beach

    beach side

    Image Source

    This beach gives you a change than your usual white sand beach. This crescent shaped beach is quiet popular for local people and is a family spot where people have family picnic. This beach is popular and has soft pebbles on ground that massages your feet which relaxes you.

    3. Tukuran Hanging Beach

    hanging beach in Mindoro Island

    Image Source

    This bridge might look a little dangerous but is very fun activity for locals as they know that this bridge is made of sound engineering. The bridge sways a little when walking through and may seem a little scary but it surely isnt.

    4. Sabang Town

    town in Mindoro Island

    Image Source

    This town is home to 3 beaches which has different vibes and attractions. The sabang beach is part beach which has long party nights and lots of alcohol. Small La Laguna beach is the second beach in this town and has a great variety of hotels and seaside resorts. Big La Laguna beach is a beach for swimming and sunbathing as it is the cleanest beach among all three.

    5. Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving in seawater

    Image Source

    In a place which has so many beaches, water sports are bound to be popular and that is the reason why scuba diving is one popular adventure that is carried out in Mindoro Island. Scuba diving won’t just offer you ultimate thrill, but also let you have the best time of your life!

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    6. Tamaraw waterfalls

    spectacular waterfalls

    Image Source

    This 423 feet long waterfall is a must when you are in Mindoro Island. This is the perfect example of a waterfall as it is in a deep jungle and is surrounded by dense vegetation. This waterfall is a perfect view and is one of the most beautiful attractions on this island.

    These are some places you can visit and activities that are worth your time and effort. If you crave for an adventurous experience by diving and hiking, then Mindoro is the place for you or you may even choose to simply relax and spend quality time with your beloved ones.

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    Where To Stay On Mindoro Island

    You can locate numerous hotels in this area which can give you a great experience of staying on this island. Rooms that give you a perfect view of this amazing island and all the natural glory, some popular hotels which you can stay in are given below:

    1. Infinity Resort

    amazing view

    Image Source

    This is an exquisite restaurant and amazing Mountain View which is a perfect backdrop. This resort is Puerto Galeras fanciest place to stay and is quiet expensive but for some bookings they do have certain discounts which will help you add this hotel in your schedule without affecting your budget.

    2. Badladz Dive Resort

    resort in Mindoro Island

    Image Source

    All the rooms are well furnished and organized and has good air-conditioning. Here guests can also take advantage of different activities available like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and more. This place is just a 15 min tri-cycle ride away from beaches and dining rooms in Puerto Galera and they also provide free Wi-Fi at many public places.

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    3. Coco Beach Island Resort

    luxurious rooms

    Image Source

    This hotel has great villas and luxurious rooms and also has a private beach through the jungle. The rooms of this hotel are made by native materials and there are two pools and some great places to dine in and also good places for hiking and snorkeling for your entertainment.

    4. Lalaguna Villas

    amazing resort

    Image Source

    They offer accommodation and have great rooms with private kitchen with required appliances like microwave and toaster. Villa offers great breakfast that tourists can enjoy before starting their day.

    There are many great attractions at this place and many hidden gems you can find out when you explore this extraordinary place with your beloved ones or alone. Pack your bags, save a date, and head out to the beautiful Mindoro Island by planning your international trip with TravelTriangle!

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