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Mimicking the shape of Thailand in the space it occupies, Muang Boran Ancient City or the Ancient City of Bangkok is the world’s largest open-air museum. Spread over 200 acres, it is located 45 minutes away from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Here, you will experience the glory of old Thailand with the historical accuracy of the monuments. Even if you are not a history enthusiast, the intricate designs are stunning enough to draw your attention. They will compel you to put down the camera and marvel at the architecture.

About Muang Boran Ancient City

Originally planned as a golf course, Muang Boran Ancient City is an educational tourism destination.

Image Credit: User:HAH for Wikimedia Commons

Lek Viriyaphan is recognized for creating the Muang Boran Ancient City. The initial plan was to build a golf course in the shape of Thailand. The grand golf course would feature miniaturised versions of ancient sites in their correct locations. The intent behind this was relaxation and cultural appreciation.

However, during the development of the Muang Boran Ancient City Bangkok, Viriyaphan discovered that many ancient sites had been abandoned. That’s when he decided to change the intent behind the development of this natural wonder. Viriyaphan wanted the newer generation to witness and be proud of their heritage. The Ancient City is an important educational site. Interestingly, it features 116 architectural replicas. These replicas are of Thailand’s famous monuments and attractions. All the monuments are situated in a geographically accurate location. Apart from that, several artworks are the creative designs of Lek Viriyaphan himself! These structures are not influenced by any historical monuments!

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Travelling To Muang Boran Ancient City

The best time to travel to Muang Boran Ancient City is during the winter months between November and February.

Image Credit: By Harry H Brewster for Pexels

It is ideal to visit the Muang Boran Ancient City between November and February. During these months, the heat isn’t sweltering and unbearable. During this time, you can visit the Muang Boran Museum Bangkok post afternoon. Bangkok is a tropical city therefore it can get extremely hot.

If you love rain, you can visit the museum but it can limit your sightseeing to an extent therefore, look for a dry day after midday to plan your excursion.

Timing & Tickets

 Every structure in the Muang Boran Ancient City boasts intricately carved designs.

Image Credit: User:HAH for Wikimedia Commons

Opening time is from 9 AM till 7 PM. You have to pay a Muang Boran entrance fee as well. Thai nationals are charged 400 Baht and children are charged 200 Baht. Whereas, foreign nationals are charged 700 Baht and children are charged 350 Baht.

Tickets to the Ancient City are available online. Tourists can also buy tickets from near the entrance gate. Tickets are needed to travel freely in the museum as there are checkpoints inside. The Ancient City is spread over 200 acres. While it is not impossible to cover it on foot, it is exhausting. The heat makes it that much worse. To avoid this, you can hire a bike or a golf buggy. Foreign nationals need their driving licence and passport to hire a golf cart.

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Highlights Of Muang Boran Ancient City

 The stunning architecture of the Ancient City draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Image Credit: Ananda for Wikimedia Commons

  • Beautiful Architecture
    This museum is well known for its unique architecture. You are bound to be amazed by the sheer brilliance of the designs. The replicas in the Ancient City are diverse, colourful and uniquely constructed. Each of them requires a special technique for building and building materials.
  • Nature’s Wonder
    The landscape surrounding the museums is covered with trees, gardens and lakes. You can lounge in the gardens when you are tired of travelling and get some amazing photos for your social media!
  • Educational Tourism
    The vision behind creating this museum was to inspire a feeling of pride in the younger generations of Thai nationals. However, foreign tourists love this museum just as much because it provides a closer view of the older stories of Thailand. This museum can charm any age group with its lessons on art, culture and history.
  • Delightful Events
    Now and then, cultural events are organised in the museum. This is done to engage the tourists and teach them about Thai culture and arts. Martial arts, dance, and craft workshops are some of the activities.

Other Attractions Near Muang Boran Ancient City

Get to know about other major attractions near this place

Image Source: Pxhere

Here are some of the other major attractions near Muang Boran Ancient City:

  • Nearby the Ancient city is the Samut Prakan which is well known for its gorgeous three-headed elephant display!
  • From the Ancient city, if you were to travel 6 km, you would find yourself at the threshold of the beautiful Wat Asokaram. This temple’s serene aura can calm your mind after spending your days in the chaotic city of Bangkok. The main attraction here is the Phra Thutangkha Chedi. It comprises 13 chedis. These represent the 13 duties of monks as they journey into spirituality.
  • 11 km away from the museum is the Erawan Museum. Known for the rich variety of sculptures displayed, you can quench your thirst for Thai culture here. What should interest you further is that Lek Viriyaphan is the collector of these antiques! The three-storey architecture is a visual feast for all.
  • Open on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, you can observe the day-to-day lives of the locals in the Bang Nampueng Floating Market. You can purchase handcrafted products, flowers, unique fruits, snacks, and more.

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How To Reach

 Learn how to reach the Muang Boran ancient city.

Image Credit: By Автошкола ТЕХНИКА on Pixabay

Bangkok is a chaotic city but transportation is never a problem. Therefore, getting to the Muang Boran Ancient City is not a challenge. The location is incredibly popular amongst tourists. However, getting your vehicle means expensive parking tickets. To save yourself the trouble, you can book an Uber or Grab to get to the Ancient City with ease.

Conversely, you can get on Bus 511 from the city to Pai Na Fam Chon Khe. Located 6 kilometres from the ancient city, you can get a cab or songthaew to get to your destination. You can get on the MRT and ride to Kheha BTS Station for a cheaper alternative. Hitch a ride on a songthaew and watch the people go about their day as you reach your destination.

Tip: Do not forget to check out the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

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Explore the grandeur of Muang Boran Ancient City and interact with the charming old Thailand. The museum is a mix of modernity and tradition. Lek Viriyaphan recreated old designs with the help of experts to give you a feel of the Ancient City. You will be surrounded by nature and culture. Located by the beach, you can pop over and enjoy a beautiful sunset to top up your day. So plan your trip to Bangkok today and make lifelong memories!

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Cover Image Credit: User:HAH for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Muang Boran Ancient City

Why should I visit the Muang Boran Ancient City?

You must visit the Muang Boran Ancient City Bangkok because it is a site of cultural beauty. The locals also call it Ancient Siam.

Does it take a lot of time to travel from Bangkok to the museum?

You can get a cab, or rent a vehicle to travel. It will take you an hour or so to reach the museum.

Can I rent a bike in the Ancient City?

Yes, you can rent a bike and golf buggy within the Ancient City. This helps you to travel without hassles while exploring the city to the fullest.

What is the Muang Boran Ancient City entrance fee?

The starting price tends to be around 400 Baht. It is best to confirm with the authorities to know the exact costs for the entrance.

Do I need any special permit to travel to the Ancient City?

No, you do not require any special permits to travel to Ancient City. Your tickets are sufficient to get you entered into this exciting place.

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