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    The former French colony with virgin beaches, spiritual sceneries, and quaint heritage buildings, has often been accused of little nightlife. The nightlife in Pondicherry, however, has evolved over the years. Admire the beautiful architecture, walk on the tree-lined boulevards, have a lovely dinner, grab drinks from the night clubs in Pondicherry, and have drinks with your buddies all through the night until the beautiful early sunrises!

    1. Lounge Bars and Pubs in Pondicherry

    Localites and tourists enjoying a light conversation and drinks at Le Space Rooftop Bar.

    Image Source

    Believe it or not, but the nightlife in Pondicherry is underrated. Pondicherry, in fact, happens to be one of the preferred fun destinations amongst the youth, primarily because of the tax-exemption on liquor. Some of the popular bars and pubs in Pondicherry include Le club at White town, Bamboo bar at MG road, Paradise lounge at Saram, Ecstasy at SV Patel Road, St James court beach bar, and Zero house bar.

    Our Recommendation: The Rooftop bar- Le Space, a premier location for Pondicherry night parties.
    Special Attraction: Rooftop semi-open bar
    Must tries: Classic Mojito, Fried chicken and the forever favourite French fries
    Location: Pichaya Manet No 2, Rue Labournnaies, Puducherry H O
    Timings: 11am to 4pm; 7pm to 11pm

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    2. Night Clubs in Pondicherry

     Enjoy tempting cocktails at Asian House that is one of the prominent dance clubs in Pondicherry.

    Image Source

    Discotheques and dance clubs in Pondicherry are relatively new. The number might be less, but those that exist offer a thrilling experience for dance and music lovers.

    Interiors of the Asian House in Pondicherry

    Image Source

    Our Recommendation: The Asian House disco for a wonderful experience of the Pondicherry nightlife.
    Special Attractions:

    • Dance Floor- Pure electronic dance music featuring celebrated DJs of India
    • Zen Lounge- Dining lounge with terrific ambience, multi-cuisine and mesmerizing music
    • Lounge Bar- Well stacked bar with global liquor brands and of course a large variety of French wine!

    Location: 7, Beach Bouleward (south), Subhaia Salai, Near Duplex Statue / Park Guest House
    Timings: 11:30am to 12:00am (midnight)

    3. Romantic Diners

    The magnificent rooftop restaurant- Lighthouse at the Promenade Hotel

    Image Source

    Another feather in the cap of the Pondicherry nightlife is the choice of eating houses offering scrumptious cuisines. Coupled with the amazing locations and beautiful architecture and interiors of these diners, the restaurants add to a unique experience that, perhaps, a night club in Pondicherry might fail to provide to those who like a somber lifestyle.

    Our Recommendation: From a wide range of awesome restaurants with yummy food, we recommend The Lighthouse, a rooftop restaurant in The Promenade hotel.
    Special Attraction: Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, it is ideal for a fine romantic dinner
    Must tries: Any of the white wines, pizzas and barbeques
    Location: The Promenade, #23, Goubert Avenue, White Town
    Timings: 7pm to 11pm
    Cost: INR 1,500 for you (VAT and taxes extra)

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    4. Booze, Romantic Walks, Bonfire, and Sunrise on Beaches

    The sunrise looks magnificent in the backdrop of the Gandhi statue at the Promenade beach

    Image Source

    The night life in Pondicherry extends beyond the conventional. In addition to the romantic diners, pubs, and night clubs in Pondicherry, the city houses a lot of stupefying beaches, including, inter alia, the Promenade Beach, Karaikal Beach, Mahe Beach, Serenity Beach, and the Auroville Beach. The beaches not only attract people for adventure sports and thrill in the day time, but also find tourists and locals strolling, camping, and enjoying in the night hours.

    Our Recommendation: The Rocky Beach (Promenade beach) adds to the nightlife in Pondicherry.
    Special Attractions:

    • Evening and early morning walks, and the sunrise at beach are worth spending the entire night here
    • A romantic night out, sleep over on the supporting pillars of the harbor, bonfire, and camping on the beach can always be fun

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    5. Journey to the Paradise Beach Island from Chunnambar Boat House

    Spend a night with your friends at Paradise Beach

    Special Attractions: No permanent structures, clear blue aqua, cool breeze, limited crowd
    Getting there: 7-8 km drive from main Pondicherry city on the Pondicherry-Cuddalore highway to Chunnambar Boat House, followed by 15 minutes ferry ride brings you to the Paradise Beach Island.

    If you’re looking for a beach party event in Pondicherry to dance the night away, you could refer to this list of events and plan your trip accordingly!

    Special Event Packages Include:

    • River Cruise
    • Camp Fire
    • Liquor and a delicious french buffet
    • Loads of bright fireworks and some awesome music

    Haters gonna hate, but the fact is that one only needs to explore the city more to understand the true nightlife in Pondicherry that you and I can not experience by reading. So pack your bags and go visit this place for a unique experience, great time, and, of course, tax-free liquor. Bon Voyage!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Nightlife In Pondicherry

    Q. What is there to do in Pondicherry at night?

    A. Some of the things that one can do in Pondicherry at night are:
    1. Visit the lounge bars and pubs in Pondicherry
    2. Check out the discotheques and night clubs here
    3. Go for a date at the romantic diners
    4. Stroll at the beach with your partner
    5. Take a trip to Paradise Beach Island

    Q. How safe is Pondicherry for girls?

    A. Pondicherry is a safe city but one is advised to not roam alone in deserted areas of the city.

    Q. Is alcohol cheap in Pondicherry?

    A. Yes, alcohol is comparatively cheap in Pondicherry.

    Q. Can we drink alcohol in Pondicherry beach?

    A. No, drinking in public isn’t allowed, and so one should avoid drinking alcohol at Pondicherry beach.

    Q. Is Pondicherry worth visiting?

    A. Yes, Pondicherry is a beautiful city famous for its ‘French’ part of the town, colonial-style townhouses and more. It is definitely worth visiting for the beautiful architecture and pretty beaches.

    Q. Does Pondicherry have an airport?

    A. Yes, Pondicherry has an airport, called Puducherry airport.

    Q. Which is the best month to visit Pondicherry?

    A. October to March is the best period to take a trip to Pondicherry. The weather is pleasant during these months to visit the different places in Pondicherry.



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