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We understand that Orlando is humid and water parks are a top attraction. But every time you plan a trip to Orlando with kids, you cannot expect them to be there and be happy and cheerful about it. Moreover, there are other things to do in Orlando with kids besides Disney. We are going to go ahead and hand you the list right here, right now.

Orlando With Kids: 11 Best Places To Visit

Take a look at the best places to visit in Orlando with kids for a perfect family vacation that you will cherish your whole life!

1. Sealand Orlando Aquarium

Dolphin jumping from water

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At the Sealand Orlando Aquarium, the kids can soak up the view from Orlando’s one and only three-hundred-and-sixty-degree water tunnel. The sight of the majestic tunnels and theme habitats is going to be a memory embedded in your child’s life forever. The majestic octopus, green sea turtles and children’s play arena are truly a sight to behold.

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2. Kelly Park

Kelly Park

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Located at Rock Springs, Apopka, is perfect for family vacations for three major things: picnicking, tubing and swimming. Picnicking spots are available in the shade, the parking lot and there are a whole lot of barbecue grills. Snacks are readily available. Tubing down the river is fun. Renting out tubes is an easy fair but keeping an eye on the kids is important since the rocks are slippery and sharp. Swimming in the hole is a different ball game altogether. Surrounded by the seawalls, this area is officially approved by the parents who want to give their kids a chance to enjoy adventure sports.

3. Happy Days Family Arcade Center

Happy Days Family Arcade Center

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If you do not want to go around in the scorching Orlando sun, then this is your shield. The center though smaller and less modern than the rest of the crowd is extremely affordable. Packages are available and we suggest you make a beeline to Skee-Ball, Big Bertha and The Walking Dead. The tickets that you earn from various counters can be encashed to buy items from the gift store. The place becomes even more enjoyable if you have the grandparents around too.

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4. Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America

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Fun spot America is America’s only independent, family owned theme park located in Orlando. The cheap day passes give you access to all the rides which include go-karting, gator spot, rollercoasters and so much more. The Skycoaster is probably the biggest highlight in the lot because it is Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster and the second highest standing at two hundred and fifty feet. It is just near the coaster front and readily accessible from all the entries to the theme park. The happy swing, Scooby Doo Obstacle Course and bumper boats are a good way to keep the little ones engaged.

5. Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center

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Orlando Science Center is a great way to let your kid explore and understand concepts he was previously unaware of. They have hands-on exhibits, live shows that are engaging and offer skywatching services in their observatory. Even though its over sixty years old, this place has not lost its charm over the last six decades of its existence. From local phenomena to universal scientific laws and simplified versions of simulation, this place has everything. Get your kids here and make an educational improvement day without making it seem like so.

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6. Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

Skeleton of Dynasore

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If your kid has a special interest in science or biology in particular, Skeleton: Museum of Osteology is a one of a kind museum that has over five hundred bones exhibit. This place is fun for both older kids (say eleven or above) and adults alike. Not to forget that all the pieces have been acquired ethically, of course. Replicas of extinct animals including dinosaurs are also present. The blue dot on the skeletons symbolize that they are replicas. The dedicated guides are well-versed with the exhibits and can further enrich the learning experience here.

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7. SunRail

Fast train

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The SunRail day trip is exquisite and transports you to the old times where it was the only means to commute. To allow your children will give them the necessary peek into the history of transportation and give you more control over going around. The most preferable way of doing this if you are flying into Orlando is to take a Sunrail from the nearest stop near the international airport to your destination. Alternatively, you could go to Kissimmee National Park, a popular spot for birdwatchers, runners and picnickers or head Downtown and experience the shopping and dining experience.

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8. Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience

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If your kid has the natural flair to experiment and understand art to a deeper level and sees it as his idea of fun, then this is a must visit place. Crayola experience at the Orlando mall has n number of art and technology programmes that will allow your kids to be the messiest but fun version of themselves. On their way back, they can grab their favorite Crayola items from the store and continue where they left back right in the comfort of their homes. We assure you that this would make a brilliantly vibrant and colorful memory in their lives.

9. Wonderworks


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If your kid is stepping in the stages where you do not know what they would enjoy, then the place you have been looking on the maps is Wonderland. An indoor amusement park in Orlando, as soon as you enter the park, everything is inverted. It combines education with fun to the extent that they become synonymous. What else do you expect from the place that originated from a place that was brought into existence by a man made tornado gone awry?

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10. Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando

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To all the Potterheads out there of all ages, the newly opened and dedicated section for Harry Potter at Universal Orlando is a must visit. From Harry Potter themed rides to a dedicated store for wands, (the entire hoard of shops is called Diagon Alley, of course a real life Ollivanders for the wizards and witches who cannot Alohomora every lock on every door) and other Potter merchandise, this place is a paradise. You can enjoy the butterbeer in many different forms at Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts Express will take you everywhere. If your kids have just begun reading the books, then this place provides an enriching experience and adds more value to their reading experience.

11. ICON 360

Giant roller wheel

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Ever seen that gigantic Ferris wheel that is constantly changing colors when driving through in Orlando? That would be ICON 360, formerly called Coca-Cola Orlando Eye. Standing at four hundred feet tall, this iconic theme park is a different experience every time you visit it. Everything at ICON 360 starts with a ferris wheel ride but as you keep going on, the fun doubles and the pleasant surprises keep rolling out one after another.

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Look no further. Shield yourself from the scorching heat and let your kids have their share of fun without worrying too much about them with these fun travel destinations the next time you are in Orlando. The biggest advantage of such indoor activities are that they are open throughout the year, all the days of the week much unlike water parks which are only fun during the summers. Plus who wants to go out if you have all these unique ideas for fun that do not involve a crowded, messy play arena with water! So, plan a trip to Orlando and surprise your kids!

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