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    Phoenix In Winter

    Given the fact that majority of the people tend to correlate Phoenix with hot weather climate, it is often quite hard to picture the winter scene in the area. If you are someone who wants to explore Phoenix in winter, the choices and the options are quite abundant for you to choose from. Majority of the people who have actually visited Phoenix during the winter seasons tend to say that the place is actually beautiful and amazing around that time. The temperature tends to stay in the realms of 60 degrees which is pretty amazing for you to explore around.

    Here is an ultimate guide where we are going to walk you through the top things to do in Phoenix during the months of winter.

    Weather In Phoenix During Winter

    Weather In Phoenix During Winter

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    If the summers are extreme during the months between May till August, Phoenix in winter weather is actually breathtaking and quite amazing to be in. As mentioned before, the weather skirts around 60 degrees which are pretty amazing for you to roam and explore around the place.

    The winters predominantly prevail from the months of November till February, more or less. January is believed to be the coldest month of them all, mainly because of the fact that the temperatures tend to drop up to 44 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty cold.

    10 Top Things To Do In Phoenix In Winter

    Now that we have more or less talked about the weather conditions and what you can expect from the climate around, it is time we speak of the amazing range of activities one can indulge in. Some of the top things to do in Phoenix during the winter season include:

    1. Las Noches De Las Luminarias At The Desert Botanical Garden

    Las Noches De Las Luminarias At The Desert Botanical Garden

    Image Source

    If you want to experience the overall natural beauty around the place, visiting the Desert Botanical Garden during the months of winter is exactly what you need. Majority of the people who visit during the winter suggest that it accentuates the beautiful Sonoran desert to its full glory. If you are visiting during the months of November and December, you can even witness the amazing beauty hand-lit luminaria bags and the twinkle lights which lets you enjoy the amazing beauty of the desert at night illuminated with the lights.

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    2. Go Hiking

    Go Hiking

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    Hiking and all the walks along the adventure trails which are often impossible to do during the scorching heat of the summer can be indulged in during the winter days. If you are around during the winter season, the best way to spend the time is by going on a long hike. There are a number of steep hiking trails in Phoenix which you can easily take your time with. If possible, make your friends tag along and plan for a full-blown camping session with them. If the Phoenix hiking trails don’t interest you, go down to Sedona.

    3. Topgolf


    Image Source

    If you are a golf enthusiast, you would definitely know what we are talking about. While the majority of the people only known and relate to the arcade games around along with bowling alleys, golf lovers will relate more to Top Golf. This includes a 240-yard outfield where you score points by hitting the balls around. You primarily play with your friends and family and the thrill during the game is actually indescribable. The entire place has a majestic view of the mountains which is an added bonus. If you are worried about the temperature around, they put the heaters on, so you won’t feel cold.

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    4. Experience The Zoolights In Phoenix Zoo

    Experience The Zoolights In Phoenix Zoo

    Image Source

    Phoenix Zoo is one of the biggest around and if you are on the lookout for a once in a lifetime experience, visiting the Phoenix Zoo during winter is a must. The zoo lights are one of the most popular Phoenix attractions in winter. This is held during the months of December and January and during these two months, the main attraction of the zoo is not the animals but the scenic beauty of the lights around. This is particularly an amazing site to behold, especially for the children.

    5. World Lantern Festival

    World Lantern Festival

    Image Source

    From the end of November till January, Phoenix witnesses one of the most beautiful events in the entire year. Following the Chinese tradition, the lantern festival is held during that time of the year. The only change is the fact that they use modern technology and lights. Apart from the main attraction of the lights, it also hosts a plethora of global cultures and cuisines. You can even indulge in various carnival rides and games.

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    6. Explore The Shopping Options

    Explore The Shopping Options

    Image Source

    Many often don’t know this but the shopping options around Phoenix is definitely worth checking out. If you are afraid of visiting the malls around in Phoenix because of the rush around the winter season, think twice. The winter does have amazing sales and discounts around which is exactly what you need. Visit the malls and the local stores for the best prices around. If you wish, even thrifting can help save up a lot of money.

    7. Visit The Musical Instrument Museum

    Visit The Musical Instrument Museum

    Image Source

    Just as the name suggests, The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is one of the most popular ones around the corner. If you are on the lookout for experiencing viewing the widest range of musical instrument exhibits, this is the place to be in. It has over 6500 instruments from around 200 countries which is what makes it one of the most interesting visits around.

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    8. Arizona Snowbowl

    Arizona Snowbowl

    Image Source

    Phoenix temperature in winter is perfect for the season of the Arizona Snowbowl. If you have been looking for ways to have fun with the white blanket of snow around, visiting the Phoenix during the winter season is the perfect place to be in. You also get to experience a different side of Arizona with this place, the pine trees with snowy peaks being one of them.

    9. OdySea Aquarium

    OdySea Aquarium

    Image Source

    The OdySea aquarium is primarily a newly built one around the place. It is spread across 200,000 sq.ft and is home to different variants of marine life. It has over 50 different exhibits and over 30,000 animals. Child or old, this place has a little to offer to everyone.

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    10. Old Town Farmers Market

    Old Town Farmers Market

    Image Source

    The last on the list is the Old Town’s Farmer’s Market which is held every single Saturday morning. The best thing about this place is the fact that everything sold in the market is locally sourced and is free of pesticides and any kind of additives. You can get everything from bread and cheese to meats and vegetables. Apart from that, their flower shops are a popular attraction around the place. If you want to experience Phoenix in winter weather, visiting this market once is a definite must.

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    Whatever the place be or whatever the kind of activity is, visiting Phoenix during the winter months is a blessing in disguise. So, if you can’t wait to go on a discovering spree, then customize your Phoenix holiday with TravelTriangle and make the best out of the winter season!

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