Bolivia is a beautiful country resting peacefully in central South America. It’s well situated amid a varied terrain spanning Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert and the wide yet amazing Amazon Basin rainforest. It is known for having some fascinating yet breath-taking sites and one of the incredible sites is for sure the salt flats. It owns the Salar De Uyuni, the largest and highest salt flats in the world. There is a decent number of people flying to this beautiful country in pursuit of a well-deserving holiday hence there are several beautiful places where the visitors can try their luck to amuse and surprise themselves with the country’s charm and beauty. The below-mentioned places are some of the best places to visit in Bolivia which you must explore to witness and experience the real beauty that our world has to offer.

9 Best Places To Visit In Bolivia

Check out this list of the top places to visit in Bolivia that every traveler must explore at least once. Make sure that you are carrying your camera as you will get a lot of chances to witness the true beauty of nature.

1. La Paz

Metropolis Area of South America

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It is known to be an excellent economic and political centre of Bolivia. It is a decently huge South American metropolis and is reputed to have some really beautiful and unique places worth having a visit. To start with, the witch market and a ride in the local cable cars is something like an untold ritual which is tried by almost every visitor if not all. The magnificent town is rightly set in a small yet beautiful valley somewhere at an altitude between 3,600 and 4,000 metres above the sea level offering some excellent views of the surroundings. It is very well known to be an excellent starting point for short as well as long trips to the surrounding areas. The famous Death Road or the Moon Valley is something which attracts and lures the adventure enthusiastic. It is a decent place to travel with friends or family like wisely solo travellers or couples can find their haven too.

Best time to travel: It is usually recommended to travel all year round however the best season is said to be between April and October when it is naturally cold and dry.

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2. Salar De Uyuni

Beautiful View of Salar De Uyuni

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If we can survey the most visited places in Bolivia, the usual and expected answer will come out as Salar de Uyuni. Visitors can witness the largest salt plain in the world right at Salar de Uyuni which spreads over an area of 10000 km long. It is said that initially, it used to form the bottom of a lake known to be comparatively large. If there is a true beauty in nature then for sure it is in watching the amazing salt plain and its unique. It is nothing a true pleasure to eyes watching the islands covered with cactuses. The salt hotel in the area has earned quite a reputation and popularity of its own. Visitors can also have the opportunity to explore the other direction from the city where they can witness the train cemetery and discover hundreds of old, rusty locomotives and trains and cars left right there considering that to be their end fate. Without a doubt, Salar de Uyuni has to be one of the best places to ever exist in the world.

Best time to travel: The best time to be here is supposedly between July and October owing to its perfect climate at that period of the year however to witness the reflective surfaces it is said to be perfect between March and April.

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3. Copacabana/Titicaca

Beautiful lake

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Rio de Janeiro beach is what made the name Copacabana a well-known and a popular name in the globe. Nevertheless, a small town on the shores of the Titicaca Lake which beholds a magnificent cathedral is considered to be the original owner of the name. It is known to have a pleasant travel atmosphere which draws a lot of attention and of course the visitors to witness the beauty here. It is also recommended to visit the Isla del Sol and Isla de Luna island considering the visitors have time and budget respectively. The scenic and serene beauty along with the mysterious ways of surprising the visitors had certainly made this place to earn quite a reputation amongst the several other tourist attractions. So, if you have been looking for places to visit in Bolivia then this must be on your list. 

Best time to travel: It is usually known to be accessible throughout the year, saying that, the best time is certainly between February and November because of the favourable and pleasant climate during that particular time of the year. Also, to note, if you are not much of a rain admirer then it is advisable to avoid the months of December and January.

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4. Potosi

Potosi View

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The mesmerising city is well situated at an altitude of about 4,000 metres above sea level. It is quite popular for its Cerro Rico Mountain. Going back in the 16th century, it said that Spaniards discovered a great deal of silver right amid a mountain and suddenly the city was struck by the silver fever. Accordingly, in a pursuit to secure enough workers the Spaniards brought in a large number of slaves. They say that by today, almost entire silver has been mined however they are possibly about 800 active mines in the very mountain where five to six thousand miners are known to be working every day. Visitors who have been here made sure to visit an active mine which makes the place a perfect and most visited tourist attraction. The city has always witnessed to have many people flying from different parts of the country left alone the world to experience and witness such a beauty of nature by their very eyes.

Best time to visit: The best time of the year has to be around may as the snow are likely to be deepest around May and fortunately it turns around to be a perfect time to ski.

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5. Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa in South America

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This has to be the perfect place to visit in Bolivia and its more fun and adventurous if the trip is combined with a visit to the Chilean city of San Pedro. In this amazing national park, visitors can experience watching several differently coloured lagoons. Laguna Verde, Laguna Colorado, Laguna Hedionda, Laguna Busch and Laguna Salada and thousands of nesting flocks of flamingos can be seen here who have made this their haven. The visitors also have the opportunity to bathe beneath the fascinating hot springs while watching the incredible night sky which has to be some kind of remarkable experience, undoubtedly some sort that cannot be experienced in most of the places or none to be precise. A very important piece of information for the visitors is that one should be ready to expect and bear the low temperatures which may drop to -10 C during the freezing winter nights. This is for sure a great place to enjoy and experience a great holiday with your friends and family. It is known to be a paradise for the couples owing to its natural beauty, its cosiness and of course the mesmerizing environment.

Best time to visit: Anytime in the year is convenient.

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6. Sucre

Church in Sucre

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It is one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia also referred to as “The White City”, and is the official Capital of Bolivia. Owing to the beauty and the incredible charm of a colonial Spanish town, it is one of those fascinating tourist attractions placed on the UNESCO list since 1991. The mesmerising cathedral and the calm cemetery is known to be of utmost importance and is considered to be a must-visit for the visitors. The major attraction known as Cal Orck’o which is a mountain, lies just outside the city. What fascinating is, the mountain is entirely covered with fossilized dinosaur traces. There are free tours which are likely to take place every day between 12 pm to 1 pm and its recommended to all the visitors. As an add on, there is this very beautiful eccentric pink Castillo de La Glorieta castle just outside the city which at any cost shouldn’t be missed.

Best time to visit: Visitors can visit the place throughout the year however it is said to be the best time between January to March and October to December.

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7. Santa Cruz De La Sierra

Santa Cruz De La Sierra

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The mesmerising city of Santa Crus is well situated in the tropical Amazonian part of Bolivia. Being located in such an appropriate location certainly makes the climate much different from all the other parts in the region. Owing to where its placed (at the foot of the Andes) it has earned the blessing of pleasant weather. It is undoubtedly the largest city in Bolivia and for sure it is one of the best tourist attractions indeed. This famous tourist attraction is also known to be the centre of the Bolivian nightlife and the fascinating Monsenor Rivero Street is nothing but perfect to be in while you are exploring this heavenly place. To any nature enthusiast, Parque El Arenal or Jardin Botanico parks is a paradise where they can witness the local monkey and sloths in their best natural habitat.

Best time to visit: The best time to be here is supposedly between September and November. During this time, the beaches, walking paths or respectively other attractions aren’t much crowded as the summer tourists have supposedly returned to their sweet houses.

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8. Cochabamba

Scenic View of Cochabamba

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This city is known to be the gourmet metropolis of Bolivia hence it is for obvious that the country’s best restaurants are to be well resting here and as an add on the local gastronomical scene for sure is truly diverse. The city has a reputation to own its specific atmosphere and a pleasant climate. The giant statue of Christ is a must-see that is located on one of the hills right around the city which is even larger than the very famous statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. During the weekends, the visitors are even allowed to look inside as well and that’s truly an experience which is worth your time and money invested while visiting here. As an ending note, one mustn’t miss visiting the opulent villa Palacio Portales de Bolivia.

Best time to visit: Considering the tourists’ strong review and as per the tourism score, the best time to visit here is certainly between the late March to late April and from mid-August to early December.

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Bolivia, without a doubt, should be a name in your bucket list to visit now or sometime in the near future. It is known to be a very beautiful place located quietly in western-central South America. Visitors have nothing but words of praises for this so-called heaven on earth, Bolivia. This is for sure a great place of vacation and it is more fun to visit with friends and family to have an experience of a lifetime. So without further ado, plan your excursion to South America with your friends or family. Make sure that you include all these places to visit in Bolivia.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Bolivia

Is Bolivia worth visiting?

Yes, Bolivia is worth a visit owing to its beauty in diversity. The place is full of surprises and it shall certainly charm the visitors.

What is the best time to visit Bolivia?

The dry weather certainly brings sapphire skies and there isn’t much travel disruption between the months of May to October making it the best time of the year to visit the place. To enjoy the freezing climate especially in the desert at night, it is recommended visiting between June and July.

What is Bolivia known for?

It is known for many mesmerizing and breath-taking sites, especially the Salar de Uyuni, the most spectacular great white expanse and the largest yet the highest in the world.

Which are the best places to visit for couples in Bolivia?

La Paz and Salar de Uyuni are certainly the best places for the couples in Bolivia.

Which are the best things to do in winter?

Cochabamba and Sucre are pretty much advisable to visit during winters.

How is the climate of Bolivia?

Unlikely to many places, the climate of Bolivia varies drastically from one ecoregion to another so it certainly depends on the part of the region which the guests are planning to visit.

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