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Lavasa despite being under construction, is still one of the famous attractions in the eyes of tourists. It is a fully planned out hill station owned and built by the Hindustan construction company. The city has an outlook of a foreign country with its pleasant and clean surroundings, posh hotels and resorts, theme parks, and much more. A journey in the months of April to June is not advisable due to its extreme summer. Scroll down to have a look at the top places to visit in Lavasa.

15 Best Places To Visit In Lavasa

Check out the best places to visit in Lavasa for a thrilling experience in your vacations. These places have something or the other for every kind of traveler which makes the whole vacation totally worth it. Take a look.

  • The Promenade
  • Lakeshore Watersport
  • Tikona Fort
  • Vortex Splash Pad
  • Varasgaon Dam
  • Lake
  • Temghar Dam
  • Ghangad Fort
  • Devkund Waterfall
  • Bamboosa
  • Tamhini Ghat
  • Dasve Viewpoint
  • Mutha River
  • Mulshi Lake
  • Pabe Ghat Viewpoint

1. The Promenade

The Promenade

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First one on our list of best Lavasa tourist places is The Promenade. Lavasa offers a variety of national and international restaurants for tourists. Its beautiful interiors and exteriors catches the eyes of visitors and more than this, it serves the customers with food which is hard to find across the country. All these specialities makes it one of the top tourist places in Lavasa.

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2. Lakeshore Watersport

Lakeshore Watersport

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Lavasa puts up multitudinous watersport activities to tourists like jetski, kayanking (advisable for sport lovers) and pedal boating for those who wants to spend some quality with their partners. So you can spend your time with the person you want to have fun with in lakeshore watersport.

3. Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort

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Standing on the top of the tough rocks and romantic wind of the place reminds us about the famous scenes of movie Bombay. Tikona fort also known as vitandgad fort has a great historical significance from the time of Marathas. The panoramic view of lake, satvahan caves and famous Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple makes it one of the best places to visit in lavasa maharashtra.

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4. Vortex Splash Pad

Vortex Splash Pad

One of the best Lavasa picnic spots, Vortex Splash Pad is another one on our list. Spend your vacations not only visiting about places but also experience fun-filled moments in Vortex splash pad water park in lavasa with innovative rides for all age age groups such as poolplay , spraypoint urban oasis and much more.

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5. Varasgaon Dam

Varasgaon Dam

Feel the breeze of the wind in Varasgaon dam and view the scenic beauty of the location its peak of monsoon season. By offering various water sport activities, the place has become a tourist destination for many people. You can find luxury resorts and hotels nearby the dam to take a break after a splendid journey.

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6. Lake


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Enjoy stress-free experience in the manmade lake of lavasa with exciting water sport. The best trainers and guides ensures safe and secure ride for the customers. Some of them are water volleyball, jet skiing, pontoons and much more. Its tranquil surroundings and scenic views makes it one of the best places to visit in Lavasa for couples. 

7. Temghar Dam Temghar Dam

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Sitting on the Mutha River in Lavasa, Temghar Dam is one of those places to visit in Lavasa city that offers some of the most picturesque panoramas of the lush green nature. When paying a visit to this dam, do not forget to indulge in a butta and a cup of masala tea. This dam is a perfect spot to witness the finest concoction of man-made creations and natural wonders.

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8. Ghangad Fort

Ghangad Fort

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Sitting in the heart of the Tamhini Ghat, the Ghangad Fort is one of the perfect visiting places in Lavasa for those who seek one-day outings with their friends, families, or partners. One can reach the fort by trekking for a little amidst the trails that pass through the lush greens and dense woods. Dating back, this fort was once a prison and has withstood numerous wars fought between the Marathas, the Peshwas, and the British Empire.

9. Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Waterfall

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One of the most magical things to see in Lavasa, Devkund Waterfall is a hidden gem that offers an extremely refreshing experience to travelers. The waterfall stands 220 ft. tall and never fails to take away the fatigue and refresh the minds of travelers. This is a great place to engage in various adventurous activities including trekking, camping, and all the other adventure sports, also making it one of the best places to visit in Lavasa in summer.

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10. Bamboosa


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For those who are looking for some stunning interior decor for their homes and offices, Bamboosa is one of the must visiting places in Lavasa. Bamboosa is an amalgamation of a factory and a showroom and is engaged in making various bamboo products. The showroom has employed many local artists and renowned craftsmen for offering the best of products to their customers. One can easily find pen stands, chairs, tables, knives, frames, and much more.

11. Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini Ghat

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One of the beautiful things to see in Lavasa is definitely the lush greens sitting on the floors of Tamhini Ghat. Tamhini Ghat is one of those destinations that has an exhilarating experience waiting for travelers. This Ghat is home to refreshing water, lakes, and green dense woods which gives travelers a chance to get closer to mother nature. Sitting in Sahyadris, this Ghat is renowned for a long drive that ends with stunning views of high mountains and green valley!

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12. Dasve Viewpoint


One of the most scenic Lavasa sightseeing places has to be Dasve Viewpoint where the endless nature is visible. Those green valleys, a beautiful lake and birds are a fresh sight for the eyes. It will definitely give you the chills you desire from a hill station.

13. Mutha River

The Serene Mutha River

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Mutha River might not be one of the most prominent places to see in Lavasa but nature lovers don’t care. The sight of the valley is clearly visible from the banks if you do not take a boating tour. In a boat tour, you witness the beauty of Lavasa, one which is hidden and speaks wonders.

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14. Mulshi Lake

Mulshi Lake is the best Lavasa sightseeing option in the hill station. The tranquil environment and beautiful scenery, especially in the monsoon season is amazing. Camp near the lake or stay a cottage by the lake, either way get mesmerized by the priceless beauty of Mulshi.

15. Pabe Ghat Viewpoint

View From Pabe Ghat

Image Credits: Abhay Bhosale for Wikimedia

A popular nature reserve and one of the top places to see in Lavasa is the Pabe Ghat Viewpoint. You might not have heard of it which is all the more reasons to visit here for a full weekend, if you please. You will get a lot but the most pleasing would be the mesmerizing views of the Sahyadri mountains. One of the places to visit in Lavasa Pune, you should definitely include this in your list for your next getaway. 

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Visit the man made hill station of maharashtra and explore more places to visit in Lavasa city with your dear ones. Have a great and luxurious time in posh restaurants and resorts in the city. Relish your moments in your Lavasa trip with Travel Triangle and hope to have safe and secure travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Lavasa

Why is Lavasa famous?

Lavasa is famous for its advantageous location on the shore of the Warasgaon lake making it one of the major hotspots for all sorts of water sports and activities that will leave your adrenaline pumping.

What are the best places to visit in Lavasa in one day?

Here are some of the most amazing places to visit in Lavasa in one day: 1. The Promenade 2. The Lake and Vortex SplashPad 3. The Dasvino Town and Country Club 4. Dasve Hills and Outdoor Sports facilities

Is there an entry fee for Lavasa?

No. Entry to Lavasa is absolutely free. The only charge you will have to pay is for parking if you travel by private car.

Which is the best place to stay near Lavasa?

If you are planning to stay for the night in Lavasa, here are a few options of accommodations: 1. Ekaant-The Retreat 2. Lavasa Select Dasve 3. The Waterfront Shaw Apartment Hotel 4. Hotel Celebration Lavasa 5. Xthrill Adventure Academy

What is there to do in Lavasa?

Some of the most exciting things to do in Lavasa for a thrilling vacation are: 1. Walk along the Lavasa Nature Trail 2. Jet Ski on Lavasa lake 3. Enjoy Kayaking 4. Take a romantic boat ride 5. Try some popular food items along Lakeside Promenade

What is the best time to visit Lavasa?

The best time to visit Lavasa is September and March as you can pleasure your holidays there. This city experiences monsoon from June to August and may not be a very suitable time if you want to enjoy watersports.

The best time to visit Lavasa is September and March as you can pleasure your holidays there. This city experiences monsoon from June to August and may not be a very suitable time if you want to enjoy watersports.

The choice between Lavasa and Lonavala depends on your preferences. Lavasa is a tranquil, well-planned city ideal for a peaceful lakeside retreat, while Lonavala offers natural beauty and adventure activities in the Western Ghats.

Is one day enough to visit Lavasa?

One day is sufficient for a quick visit to Lavasa to enjoy its scenic beauty, lakeside promenade, and serene ambiance. However, if you want to explore all the activities and attractions in more depth, consider extending your stay to fully appreciate what Lavasa has to offer.

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