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    Places To Visit in New Orleans

    Let the good things roll – as they say in New Orleans, the city is bustling with energy and an indomitable spirit to live life king size. A fine mix of picturesque landscapes, historical architecture, food and music, the city packs quite a punch for the tourists.

    Enveloped with the Mississippi River and other water bodies, stories from the past, the one-of-a-kind cemeteries that is hard to be found in any other part of the world, the city has a character of its own that grows on you.

    This city is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations and invariably an important pointer in the bucket list for globetrotters, here is a compilation of some absolutely most unavoidable places to visit in New Orleans for you.

    New Orleans Points Of Interest

    1. Bourbon Street

    one of the oldest streets in New Orleans

    If you really want to touch the soul of the city, one of the best places to visit in New Orleans, Lousiana for you is the Bourbon Street. Dating back to 1718 when the city was founded, it is one of the oldest streets in New Orleans. It is a street that never sleeps. Loud music, chatters, and laughter of the people from every corner of the street, the neon lights, the restaurants welcome the crowd 24/7 and the sheer vibrancy of the street just refuses to die out from your memory even long after you have left the place.

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    2. French Quarter

    the crown jewel of the city

    Rightfully referred to as the crown jewel of the city, the French Quarter has been a silent witness to all the historical events ever since the inception of the city of New Orleans. One of the most happening places to visit in New Orleans, the place has blossomed fine over the centuries to exude subtle bohemian vibe through the bustling streets such as the Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, old-world charm in its architecture, antique stores, art galleries and restaurants that are almost centuries old.

    Street performers displaying entertaining performances, street artists eager to make your portrait and important historical buildings such as the Cabildo, Presbytere and St. Louis Cathedral are some features that give the French Quarter its character.

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    3. Cemetery Number One & Voodoo Museum

    one of the special attractions in the city

    Sounds spooky, right! The cemeteries are one of the special places to see in New Orleans. The tradition of this city of having the graves above the ground has a very distinct historical as well as mystic relevance. The city has been a seat for Voodoo – the black magic that dates back to the era when the first African slaves entered the city.

    It is said that around 1830s, Voodoo reached its full manifestation, cross-breeding between Creole culture and Voodoo dancing that is said to have given birth to the famous Jazz music. There are a lot of ghost walks and tours organized to get the feel of the bygone era to the tourist.

    Entry Ticket: INR 500

    4. Moonwalk Riverside Promenade

    the most peaceful time you can spend

    A walk by the River Mississippi is perhaps the most peaceful time you can spend all by yourself. And the Mississippi River is one of the most gorgeous things to see in New Orleans. It is a well-deserved break from the otherwise high volume experience that is offered by the rest of the city. It is a time you can just sit back and relax, take a steamer ride if you wish to or just let it be. Rather watch the street performers putting up the best acrobats with the river quietly flowing by. Enjoy the view, enjoy the people and just connect with yourself.

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    5. The different kinds of museums

    the city loves to memoir each piece of its memories

    Well, when you talk about museums, the city will leave you to be spoilt for choice. Right from art museums to historical ones to religious to nature to even Madi Grass museums, the city loves to memoir each piece of its memories with a lot of care it seems. You can tour the museums of your interest. However, don’t miss the New Orleans Museum of Art, The National WWII Museum, and the New Orleans Jazz Museum.

    6. Explore the swamps on tours

    offers you the serenity of nature

    While exploring the three centuries-spanning history and culture of the city, don’t forget to get some glimpses of the most picturesque water bodies and plantations that offer you with a world full of amazing adventures such as kayaking, fishing, sightseeing and air boating. This is one city that offers you the serenity of nature and an unstoppably chattering and bustling city on the same platter.

    Price: INR 3500 for adults, INR 1750 for kids

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    7. Take a stroll through Audubon Park

    the best place to heal your soul

    Make sure not to miss Audubon Park since it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New Orleans for free. Home to some of the most beautiful oak trees and sprawling green as far as your eyes go, it is the best place to soak in the ever soothing and tranquilizing environ to heal your soul. Just take a walk or spend time with your friends and family, the time spent in this park will give you moments to be cherished for a lifetime.

    It is difficult to encapsulate all the major attraction of the city. A city that spans over three centuries has a lot of stories to tell. Every nook and corner, every turn of a street has something new and unique to offer. All we can say is, make sure you have an open mind to embrace as much as the city has to offer to you… As no amount of backpacks will have enough space to hold the number of moments and memories that you will bring back home.

    How To Get To New Orleans

    the flight connectivity is best

    Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is one of the most well-connected airports. If you are traveling from India, you will board from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai with a flight duration of approximately 18 hours covering a flight distance of 14291 km.

    Intercity Connectivity

    connected to most of the tourist destinations in the city

    The city is very well connected and requires the least dependency on conveyance. Some parts of the city such as the French Quarter, the Arts/ Warehouse Districts or Downtown are connected to most of the tourist destinations within a walking distance. The travelers can use streetcar or even rent bikes in order to make their trip easy and comfortable.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In New Orleans

    Is New Orleans kid-friendly?

    Yes, New Orleans is absolutely a kid-friendly place. You can enjoy visiting the French Quarters with your kids. ake them on a horse and carriage ride. Your kids will also love watching street performers on Jackson Square. Baline Kern’s Mardi Gras is another place to take them.

    Is New Orleans a safe place to visit?

    Yes, New Orleans is a safe plae to visit. French Quarters and the neighbouring streets are safe places to roam around during the daytime. However, be careful in the night. The neighbourhoods outside the district can be less unwelcoming to the tourists.

    What is there to do in New Orleans in December?

    Celebrate Luna Fete at Layfette Square and Faulkner at Words & Music Festival. Go to Winter Wonderland at Roosevel in December and ice-skating at NOLA Christmas Fest.

    What are fun things to do in New Orleans for couples?

    Couples can enjoy a dinner cruise on the Mississippi River in New Orleans or take a romantic carriage ride in the French Quarters. Enjoy Jazz Music or even take a helicopter tour over the city.

    New Orleans is a place full of history, culture, and exciting things. With an array of experiences at your disposal, a trip to New Orleans will make a memorable holiday with your family, friends, or spouse.

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