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    Old Monument

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    Holding the rich history of India, Patna was founded in the 5th century BC and was named Patiliputra back then. Adorned by the marvellous ruins, this modern city is more than just a city. With monasteries, temples and museums, the city gives a thousand reasons to visit and explore every corner. Evoked by the recent wave of development and industrialization, the city reflects a beautiful amalgamation of modern and past glory. To witness this amazing blend, here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Patna which must definitely be added to the list.

    21 Best Places To Visit In Patna

    While a walking tour of the Patna is a tempting choice to explore all the attractions that this city has to offer, there’s much more to explore beyond the historic landmarks and museums. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Patna which one must definitely visit and have a great time learning about the history of the city.

    1. Srikrishna Science Centre

    Srikrishna Science Centre

    Image Source Considered as one of the important places to visit in Patna, this magnificent and well-equipped science centre was built in 1978. This place is known for showcasing a vast collection of amazing exhibits of well-demonstrated principles of science. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this place has a vast option of things to experience and take an innovative educational tour. This is among the famous places in Patna. Location: West Gandhi Maidan, Raja Ji Salai, Dujra Diara, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 9:30 AM-6:30 PM Ideal Duration: 2-3 hours

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    2. Bihar Museum

     Bihar Museum

    Image Source For history buffs, the Bihar Museum is one of the best places to visit in Patna. This place gives an insight into the history and also the ancient culture of the state. Inside the museum, there are artefacts which date back from the century-old Patna Museum. Alongside that, there are installed artefacts and information about human history. Spread across an area of 5.6 hectares of land, the museum has a dispersed-scheme of buildings which includes galleries, educational and administrative areas. Location: Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bailey Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 10:30 AM – 5 PM Entry Fee: Children: INR 50, Adults: INR 100, Foreigners: INR 500

    3. Patna Planetarium

    Patna Planetarium

    Image Credit: Patel95 for Wikipedia Situated at the city of Patna, the Patna Planetarium is considered one of the oldest and also the largest planetariums of Asia. Reflecting the modern state of the art projection system, and also a well-designed complex with a chic auditorium. Inside the auditorium, there is a wide range of film shows displayed which are relevant to the astronomy. This is one of the most famous places in Patna. Location: New Dak Bungalow Rd, Near Income Tax Office, Adalatganj, Kidwaipuri, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 11AM – 5:30PM Entry Fee: INR 50 (Kids above 3 years)

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    4. Patna Museum


    Image Source Locally called the Jadu Ghar, the Patna Museum is one of the top places to visit in Bihar. This place is known for holding around 50,000 rare art objects which are worth admiring. Alongside that, there are Indian artefacts dated from the middle ages, British Colonial Era and also the ancient period. Built-in 1917, this place has a rich collection which reflects the Indian history and glory of the state. The building showcases the Mughal and Rajput architecture and has many galleries inside its premises. This is amongst the most famous places in Patna. Location: Madiri kat pur museum k bagl m, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 10:30 AM-4:30 PM (Monday closed) Entry Fee: Indian: INR 15, Foreign Tourists: INR 250

    5. Japanese Peace Pagoda

    Japanese Peace Pagoda

    Image Source Excavated in 1969, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is a 125ft tall statue which was built by the Buddh Vihar society. This white beautiful stupa is surrounded by the greenery and decorated by a pond along with spending time enjoying boating. Around the Stupa, there is a museum at the north bank which includes the artefacts which are found during excavation. This is one of the most popular tourist places in Patna. Location: Vaishali, Patna Timings: 10 AM-5 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    6. Chhoti Dargah

    Chhoti Dargah

    Image Source Holding its history intact, Chhoti Dargah is a 3-storied mausoleum which is situated at Maner. Located at a distance of 30 kms away from the Patna on the NH-30, this is considered as the architectural marvel. This is the place where the Makhdum Shah was buried in the year 1616 and in the present day, it is a popular dargah for Muslims. Alongside that, there is also a large tank which is located just in front of the mausoleum. Location: Karbigahiya Rd, Maruti Nagar, Khasmahal, Mithapur, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: NA Entry Fee: No entry fee

    7. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden

    Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden

    Image Source Locally called Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, this botanical garden was founded in 1969. This is one of the best places to visit in Patna for couples which is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna. The botanical garden is also called the Patna zoo and people can come here with kids to enjoy some exciting things like elephant ride and toy train. Location: Raj Bhavan, Bailey Rd, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 8 AM-5:30 PM Entry Fee: Adults – INR 30, Kids – INR 10

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    8. Lauriya Nandangarh

    Lauriya Nandangarh

    Image Source Particularly famous for the beautifully architectured Ashokan Pillar, this surreal town is located at a distance of 28 km northwest of Bettiah. The name “Lauriya” was derived from the pillar (Laur) of Mauryan emperor Ashoka. This site also has around 20 archaeological banks which are lined up in three rows. At this place, around 40 pillars were built by Emperor Ashoka originally but in the present day, only one pillar exists which is worth visiting. This is among the most popular tourist places in Patna. Location: Patna, Bihar Entry Fee: No Entry Fee Timings: Anytime

    9. Gandhi Ghat

    Image Credit: Wikirapra for Wikimedia Gandhi Ghat, a popular religious site located on the banks of the river Ganga is also a prominent tourist spot in Patna as the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed at this place. The main attraction of this beautiful site is the Ganga Aarti in which a group of priests dressed in saffron robes offer prayers with 51 lamps. A tour of this place is one of the best things to do in Patna Location: Patna, Bihar Timings: Throughout the day Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    10. Golghar

    Image Credit: Venkygrams for Wikimedia Golghar, established in the heart of Patna city was constructed in the year 1786 by Captain John Garstin as a storehouse. This enormous structure, located amid the scenic beauty of Patna offers stunning views of the entire city from the top of the granary. It is surely an interesting place to visit in Patna for peace seekers.  Location: Opp.-Govt. Girls High school, Ashok Rajpath, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 10am–5pm Entry Fee: No entry fee

    11. Patan Devi Mandir

    Image Credit: Ayepee for Wikimedia Patan Devi Temple in Patna is a prominent religious site and is locally known as Maa Patneshwari. Being the oldest temple in Patna, it is quite popular among tourists also for its exclusive experiences. The temple is one of the Shakti Peethas and welcomes pilgrims throughout the year. This is among the most popular tourist places in Patna Location: Badi patan devi mandir, Sadikpur, Patna, Bihar 800007 Timings: NA Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    12. Kumhrar

    Image Credit: Ivecos for Wikimedia Explore the remnants of the ancient city of Pataliputra which has undergone numerous excavation operations. The main attractions of this ancient city are Arogya Vihar, Assembly Hall, Durakhi Devi Temple, and Anand Bihar. The site is truly a paradise for history lovers and those who love to unveil the facts of the past era.  Location: 5 km east of Patna Railway Station Timings: 9am – 5pm Entry Fee: INR 15

    13. Ajanta

    Image Credit: Santosh Singh for Wikimedia Bihar is home to beautiful Madhubani paintings and Patna being the capital city has numerous prominent centres that displays fine collections of this art. So if you have love for Madhubani paintings and would love to buy some genuine master pieces then you can stop at Ajanta, located on the Fraser Road to checkout the collections. The place remains closed on Sundays.  Location: Patna, Bihar Timings: NA Entry Fee: NA

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    14. Gandhi Sanghrahalaya

    Major landmarks of Chandigarh Gandhi Sanghrahalaya is another interesting museum in Patna. This museum is quite popular among tourists as it showcases the visual biography of Mahatma Gandhi’s life with pictures that purveys his journey of life. There are also numerous books and an audio library offering exclusive information of that era.  Location: Ashok Raj Path, North, West Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM Entry Fee: NA

    15. Mahavir Mandir

    Image Credit: Ivecos for Wikimedia Also known as Manokamna Temple, Mahavir Mandir is home to the second-largest religious shrine in North India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and welcomes thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. As Hanuman is called Sankat Mochan, it is believed that he listens to the prayers of his devotees due the which the temple is called as Manokamna Mandir by locals.  Location: Railway junction near Patna Timings: 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    16. Sitamarhi

    Image Credit: Mala Chaubey for Wikimedia Sitamarhi is a serene town and a prominent religious site for Hindus. It is believed to be the birthplace of Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Ram. Its proximity to Patna city makes it a popular religious site for tourists as one can easily reach here through the road. The town is home to many significant temples and will remind you of numerous instances of Valmiki Ramayana.  Location: Sitamarhi Road, Bihar Timings: 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

    17. Jalan Museum

    Best Museums In Bhubaneshwar If you are a history lover holidaying in Patna then you must surely plan a visit to Japan Museum. The museum is located in Agamkuan and is popularly known as Quila House. It is private property and you need to take prior permissions to visit the place. The museum showcases exclusive artefacts of the British Raj in India. There are also other rare collections such as the wooden bed of Napolean III, making this one of the popular places to visit near Patna. Location: Quila Rd, Hajiganj, Patna, Bihar 800008 Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    18. Gandhi Maidan

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Nestled near the banks of the Ganges River, just a stone’s throw away from the Golghar falls, Gandhi Maidan is a historic place in the city. Located at a distance of approximately 3 kilometres from the city centre, visitors can enjoy a sight of the tallest Mahatma Gandhi statue in the world as they make their way through the lively bustle and marketplace surrounding this ground’s premise. Location: North -West Area of, Gandhi Maidan Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: Open 24 hours Entry Fee: No entry fee

    19. Eco Park

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Also known as Rajdhani Vatika, Eco Park near Strand Road in Patna is the perfect place to spend your weekend or for a spontaneous picnic lunch. As you explore the many attractions in Patna, these grounds offer a calm refuge from the city’s hubbub. Whether you are travelling solo or with family, there are vast stretches of nature to enjoy, and a park adjacent to this space where kids can spend time playing. Location: Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800015 Timings: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    20. ISKCON Temple

    Image Credit One of the primary religious attractions in Patna, the ISKCON Temple is a vast structure built through the 2010s. The Radha Krishna idol is often the central focus for many on their trip to this establishment but a memorable destination nonetheless for travellers who want to learn about the regional scene. Location: Golok Dham, Budh Marg, Adalatganj, Veerchand Patel Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001 Timings: 4:30 AM – 8:30 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

    21. Kolhua Complex

    Image Credit The magnificent hemispherical dome is a historical stupa that is part of the Kolhua Complex. This architectural masterpiece is complemented by a 2,300-year-old Ashoka pillar surrounded by monastic buildings. Location: 2475+HJR, Kolhua, Bihar 844128 Timings: 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    A vacation is not always about the mountains and beaches which these places to visit in Patna clarifies. These attractions hold the heritage and culture of the city which makes it worth exploring for history buffs. So if you’re planning a holiday in Patna, make sure to not miss out on these splendid places and have a great time exploring the best architecture of the country. For our editorial codes of conduct and copyright disclaimer, please click here

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Patna

    What should I buy in Patna?

    Hand-crafted items, wall hangings, Madhubani paintings, leather items, and bead jewellery are some locally-made items that you can buy for gifts and souvenirs.

    Which language is used in Bihar?

    Hindi is widely spoken in Bihar, however, there are five dialects used in the state. These are Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi, Vajjika, and Angika.

    Can I visit Patna during the current Covid Situation?

    Yes, Patna is one of the safest places to visit during the current Covid situation. However, you need to follow all the covid protocols like wearing a mask when in public, maintaining required social distance, and sanitizing hands at certain intervals. Also, make sure to check the Covid update of the destination you’re planning to visit.

    How can I spend my day in Patna?

    You can spend a fun-filled day in Patna while visiting some of its major attractions. Some of these include Srikrishna Science Centre, Bihar MuseumPatna Planetarium, Patna Museum, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Chhoti Dargah, Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, Lauriya Nandangarh, Gandhi GhatGolghar, Patan Devi Mandir, KumhrarAjanta, Gandhi Sanghrahalaya, Mahavir Mandir, Sitamarhi, Jalan Museum, Gandhi Maidan, Eco Park, ISKCON Temple, and Kolhua Complex.

    What is there to do in Patna?

    Patna is a city that is blessed with some of the most beautiful historical attractions which reflect the heritage of the place. From the Golghar to the Bihar Museum and monasteries these places give a tour of the old Patliputra. Besides this, you can also.

    What is the best food to eat in Patna?

    Patna is known for serving multi-cuisine which includes Mughlai food, Thai & Chinese food, and also Murgh Malai and Grilled fish. Takshila, Crown Castle, Kapil Dev’s Eleven and Indian Summer Cafe are some of the best restaurants for dine-in.

    What are the best things to buy in Patna?

    Some of the famous things to buy in Patna are Madhubani paintings, and also arts and handicrafts which can be bought from the markets and emporiums.

    Which are the historic monuments to visit in Patna?

    Some of the historic monuments to explore in Patna are Maa Patneshwari Devi temple, Agam Kuan, Gandhi Madan, Saif Khan’s Mosque and Kamaldah Jain temple which cannot be missed.

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