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    Cover Pier in Durban of South Africaepb0310

    South Africa is a vast country with varying landscapes and diverse population. It is also one of the strongest in terms of economy and thus has a better standard of living. This place has 11 official languages which is 4th highest in number. South Africa has a temperate climate on an average. But due to its vast area cover, the climate of this country may vary from semi desert on the western side to sub tropical on the eastern coastline. Over the years, South Africa’s growing popularity in the tourism industry has also benefited its economy. There are several highly attractive places to visit in South Africa that no pulls a large number of visitor crowd each year.

    12 Best Places To Visit In South Africa

    From rare and risky wildlife to beautiful and raw natural landscapes, South Africa has everything that you would want to experience on a relaxing and thrilling holiday. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in South Africa that you would not want to miss on your visit.

    South Africa is a multi ethnic society. This place has a wide variety of culture, religion and language. This place is also famous for its wine. And it is world’s largest producer of gold. South Africa has a lot in store for the visitors. One can experience the breathtaking scenery of the picturesque desert to amazingly rich in wildlife natural reserves. The cities like Cape Town and Johannnesburg are highly urbanized cities of this country and you can avail the facilities of the high end resorts and spas. Along with it, the cuisine of this place is more like work of art and a delight to taste.

    For people who have a keen interest in knowing the history and culture of the place, this place is known for its collection of artifacts and sculptures from one of the oldest civilization. For the lovers of nature this place is nothing but a paradise. From golden beaches to dragon blocked mountain ranges this place is going to leave you awestruck for days to come. You can do scuba diving, water rafting, safari and what not!

    South Africa has a blissful climate and by coming here one can visit some of the most beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, grassland, desserts and remains of the oldest civilization. It is a favourite destination for the visitors. So here are some the best places that you can visit whenever you come to South Africa.

    1. Kruger National Park

    A herd of deers in Kruger National Park of South Africa

    Image Source

    This is one of the most famous safari parks in the whole world. By sheltering 7500 miles of mountains, tropical forests and grasslands it has become world’s largest natural reserves. Thus unquestionably also the most favourite tourist spots in this country. The park flourishes variety of flora and fauna which are a treat to watch. You will get to see the Big Five here which include elephants, leopard, lion, rhino and buffalo. You can also visit the archeological sites and see the ancient rock paintings. Other than that you can take a walking safari or a hot air balloon to capture the gallery forests, rivers flowing by and his vast grassland. They provide both day and night safaris and also accommodation facilities.

    Location: Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces, South Africa

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    2. Cradle of Humankind

    Tourists at Cradle of Humankind

    Image Source

    This is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 1999. Spread over an area of 47,000 hectare, this places features unique limestone caves. It has fifteen major sites that have worth millions of years of fossils showcasing the evidences of prehistoric life. As you walk through this cave, it will make you experience what it felt like living millions of years ago.

    Location: Northwest of Johannesburg, Gauteng province, South Africa

    3. Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park

    Rhinos at Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park

    Image Source

    This is the oldest natural reserve in Africa till date. Established in the year 1895, today it is famous for its rich wildlife and its conservation efforts. It has got grassland and rolling hills spread over an area of 400 miles. You can easily capture the sight of animals like elephants, lions, rhinos, zebras and hyenas. Te best part of this park is the open air safari which lets you the animals as close to you as possible. You can clearly see tigers crossing the roads or simply in their living habitat playing with their kids.

    Location: north of Durban in central KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

    4. Jeffrey’s Bay

    A walking pier at Jeffrey’s bay

    Image Source

    For the entire surfing enthusiast out there, Jeffrey’s bay is the place of your dream. It is a famous international destination where you can enjoy surfing. The underwater life of Jeffery’s bay is a home to coral reef, dolphins and other sea creatures. This is an adventurous place for all the water babies. Although surfing is the prime attraction of this place, you can also go for scuba diving, snorkeling, zip lining and water slides. This place has got it all that can fill you with adrenaline and give you an experience of a lifetime. You can also find local vendors selling mouth watering local food and drinks which are a delight. By the evening you can also catch the awe striking sunset view of this place, another reason why this place is so famous!

    Location: Eastern cape, South Africa

    5. Cape Town

    An aerial view of the Cape Town South Africa

    Image Source

    For people who love to explore the city life of new places, Cape Town will prove to be an absolute dream for you! Described by visitors as the planet’s most breathtaking cities, Cape Town is one of the three capitals of South Africa. It is also the second most populous cities of South Africa. This is a multicultural city surrounded by nature all around. This place has got high peak rugged mountains to turquoise coloured sea. Here you can either take a hike to the flat topped table mountains or visit the kirstenbosch Botanical Garden which is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can spot the penguins waddling on the golden beaches in the False Bay and you can even get a sight of giant whales while strolling on the waterfront boardwalk. Also Cape Town shelters a rich wildlife diversity and botanical wonders. Being an urbanized city, you can shop in some high class malls and dine in some of the finest world class exquisite restaurants.

    Location: Western Cape, southwest coast of South Africa

    6. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    A animal at Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    Image Source

    This park was formed by merging two different parks which are the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and Botswana’s Gemsbok National Park. Situated in the remote region of South Africa’s Northern Cape, this park was established in the year 2000. This is also Africa’s first officially declared Transfrontier Park. With its golden grassland and red sands shadowed by the deep blue sky gives breathtaking picturesque views which are good for photography as well.

    Location: Northern Cape, South Africa

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    7. The Drakensberg

    The Drakensberg in South Africa

    Image Source

    Also known as the Dragon Mountains, this place is one of the most popular destinations among the tourists. It is the country’s highest peak and showcases the most jaw dropping view of the nearby places. There is also a Royal Natal National Park which shelters a beautiful amphitheater, a source of many Africa’s main river. This place is a home to a rich diversity of wildlife and over 800 species of flowers, adding more beauty to this place. You will come across gushing waterfalls and crystal clear streams surrounded by lush green greenery everywhere. It is a perfect place for those who like to enjoy the beauty of nature with a little bit of an adventure!

    Location: KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

    8. The Garden Route

    The Garden Route South Africa

    Image Source

    It is a coastal area spread over 200 kilometers of range. It stretches along Indian Ocean from Mossel Bay to Storm Rivers in the Eastern Cape. Here you will get to see the rolling green hills, coastal cliffs, lagoons and lakes. Here you can explore the Cango caves and Oudtshoorn’s ostrich farms. Also the beautiful Garden Park in the midst of the thick forest having tidal pools is a worth the visit. The entire view of this place is breathtaking and if you ever come to South Africa, you simply can’t afford to miss this!

    Location: southeast coast of South Africa

    9. Durban

    An aerial view of Durban in South Africa

    Image Source

    It is a coastal city famous for its rich cultural mix from all parts of the world. This city is influence by Indian traditional African culture with a hint of European blend. This is a coastal city and has got golden beaches where you can go for scuba diving or even shark dives. In this seaside city so many festivals are being hosted that you can join and experience the culture of this place. The food here is a delight to taste and you can’t afford to enjoy some local food delicacies.

    Location: Eastern South Africa

    10. Hout Bay

    Hout Bay in South Africa

    Image Source

    This is yet another peninsular area with a beautiful sea side view and surrounded by lush mountain landscapes. This coastal area has beaches with crystal white sand and colourful rock pebbles. This is a nice option for getaway for people who are looking for a break from the ever hustling city life. This is an isolated and peaceful area which has a great ambience and blissful aura surrounding it.

    Location: southern part of Cape Town, South Africa

    11. Port Elizabeth

    An aerial view of Port Elizabeth in South Africa

    Image Source

    This is port city famous among the tourists. This place will give you a taste of magnificent Victorian architecture and blissful sandy beaches. If you want to spot seabirds or even whale you can take a boat tour here. You can also explore the rich wildlife in the kragga Kamma Game Park.

    Location: East cape, South Africa

    12. Mossel Bay

    An Aerial view of Mossel Bay in South Africa

    Image Source

    This place feature the famous Santos Beach, where visitors come to relax or do adventurous activities like the water sports. With lush green environment and awe inspiring flowers all around it has a family friendly environment and is a popular spot among the visitors. If you are looking for a place that gives you peacefulness of mind and picturesque view of nature then Mossel Bay is the right choice for you

    Location: Garden Route, West Cape, South Africa

    You must be already excited to see all these places to visit in South Africa. From highly urbanized cities to blissful coastal towns, this place has got everything that a tourist can wish for! So, plan a trip to Africa ASAP and visit all these beautiful places to earn an experience of a lifetime!

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