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    Beautiful Places To Visit Near Bhubaneswar

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    Bhubaneswar has had a strong footing in Indian history with being known as ‘City of Temples’. The capital of Orissa is surrounded by vibrant landscapes which is why it is an ideal place to create unforgettable weekend trips with your tribe. The place offers varied places of interest situated nearby for anyone who intends to seek a break from daily life. Other than the usual tourist places such as Puri, Konark, and Bhubaneswar, Orissa has a lot of other tourist options to offer. If you are interested then take a good look at this list of the top places to visit near Bhubaneswar and pick the best ones for your vacation.

    6 Places To Visit Near Bhubaneswar

    Check out these places to visit near Bhubaneswar and plan a vacation with your family or friends this year. It is time time to tick off this destination from your travel list.

    1. Chandrabhaga Beach

    Chandrabhaga Beach View

    Image Source

    This renowned beach is located at a distance of 77KM is an ideal weekend getaway from and around Bhubaneswar. It is situated in the village of Chandrabhaga which is considered as being one of the finest beaches located on the eastern coast of the country. It is situated extremely near to the World Heritage Site, the Konark Temple. This beautiful beach is hugely adored in terms of cultural and traditional identity in Orissa because it is believed that it has witnessed both the rise and fall of the Konark Temple. This cultural value has given way to a wide array of cultural activities been held at the beach. Chandrabhaga Mela, a famous seven day fair is widely organized on the beach in honor of Lord Surya.

    Things to do on Chandrabagha Beach: Relax, temple visit
    Ideal for: Scenic beauty, cultural and traditional importance
    Trip duration: 2 days
    Best time to visit Chandrabagha Beach: February, October, November, and December
    How to reach Chandrabagha Beach: You can reach Bhubaneswar to Chandrabhaga beach by train in a duration of 1 hour
    Distance from Bhubaneswar: 76.1KM

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    2. Hirapur


    Image Source

    Hirapur is situated at a distance of 15KM southeast of Bhubaneswar is well dedicated to 64 manifestations of Goddess Shakti. The images, known as Yoginis which is carved out of black chlorite stone in a standing posture are well placed in niches in the sanctum. The temple’s inner enclosure is a circular without any roof above that resembles a Buddhist stupa. There is a mandapa which enshrines the image of ‘Ekapada Shiva’, which is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Its outer wall comprises nine ‘Katyayani’ images which depict feminine charm in the best way. The shrine has a miniature structure where the hypaethral shape offers an interesting look. If you like to get a glimpse of the history then you must visit Hirapur as it is one of the top places to visit near Bhubaneshwar. 

    Things to do in Hirapur: explore the temple, stop by for a night
    Ideal for: relaxation, religious connection
    Trip duration: 1 day
    Best time to visit Bhubaneswar: November to February
    How to reach Hirapur: Reach by bus, train or car
    Distance from Bhubaneswar: 15KM southeast

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    3. Ramchandi Beach

    Ramchandi Beach Near Bhubaneswar

    Image Source

    The Ramchandi beach is a serene and beautiful getaway that will leave your soul feeling refreshed and calm. This beach is one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Orissa that is characterized by beautiful silvery sands and serene atmosphere. Being located at a distance of 7KM, it is named after Goddess Ramchandi, the deity of Konark. It is scenically located in the meeting point of Bay of Bengal and Kasabhadra River that will stage the perfect background to unwind and relax.

    Unlike other beaches, the beach is extremely isolated and scenic where the water is not much turbulent. Its gradual slope prevents the formation of high waves, making the beach an ideal place to laze around and swim. It is situated extremely close to Konarak sun Temple which offers the opportunity to travelers to explore more. This is one of the places which has witnessed a considerable amount of history and a part of the past. The Ramchandi Festival is worth celebrating in the months of September and October.

    Things to do in Ramchandi Beach: Explore the beach, Ramchandi festival
    Ideal for: relaxation, historical importance
    Trip duration: 2 days
    Best time to visit Bhubaneswar: October to March
    How to reach Ramchandi Beach: Puri is the nearest railway station, Take cab or car to reach by road
    Distance from Bhubaneswar: 26.0KM

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    4. Tikarpada

    Tikarpada Near Bhubaneswar

    Image Source

    Tikarpada is a serene and calm holiday experience that offers renowned sanctuaries along with ample trekking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. The trekking paths enable tourists to view wildlife in their very own natural habitat. Small villages situated nearby attract tourists who are interested in exploring the local culture. This is one of the perfect blends of forest and river, the Satkosia Gorge. The gorge meets the great Mahanadi River with a monumental force. The sensuous river offers a meandering pace through 22KM of thick forests. This enchanting place is worth visiting and has become an ideal place for practicing adventure sports. Located in the surroundings of Gharial Sanctuary which is famous for being a breeding ground of Crocodiles, the place attracts a large number of tourists. This success story of conservation is a must-visit for all wildlife enthusiasts.

    Things to do in Tikarpada: explore the temple, stop by for a night
    Ideal for: relaxation, adventure enthusiasts
    Trip duration: 2 days
    Best time to visit Bhubaneswar: November to February
    How to reach Tikadpada: The Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar Airport and you can also hire a taxi from the bus stop
    Distance from Bhubaneswar: 161.8KM

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    5. Atri

    Beautiful Place

    Image Source

    Atri is situated at a distance of 42KM from Bhubaneswar and 13KM from the beautiful hot spring at Atri, located near Lord Hatakeswar Temple. Atri is believed to have beneficial medicinal properties as the spring water comprises of a high percentage of sulfur bubbles from the ground in the middle of paddy fields. The water here remains at a constant temperature of 55 degrees C which gets channelized into two distinct ponds. One of them comprises o a bathing complex for a large array of visitors. The venue also boasts a temple that holds an annual fair each year on Makar Jatra on Makar Sankranti (mid-January). This is when you will witness a large number of visitors congregating in huge numbers to worship Lord Hatakeswar and fulfill their respective desires. Tourists also flock here in large numbers to get rid of the diseases.

    Things to do in Atri: Worship Lord Hatakeswar, bath in hot spring
    Ideal for: religious purpose, bathing purpose
    Trip duration: 2 days
    Best time to visit Atri: August to March
    How to reach: The simplest way to reach is by taking a Nayagarh bus from Bhubaneswar to Baghmari. You can either take an auto or walk till Atri which is located at a distance of 2KM. You can also reach Atri by bus. For those reaching Atri by air, the nearest airport is Bhubaneswar.
    Distance from Bhubaneswar: 42.2KM

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    6. Pipli

    Beautiful Place

    Image Source
    Pipli is a small village, located halfway between Puri and Bhubaneswar which is enveloped in a blaze of color. It is located at a distance of 15KM South of Bhubaneswar. The village is situated on the Puri highway and is home to appliqué work. Artists from this village stitch chariot covers of the world-famous Jagannath Rath Yatra. The craft had initially originated to serve temples and offers intricately stitched awnings along with covers for deities. There are hangings available for the festival days and detailing on the craft.

    Things to do in Pipli: Shopping, practice art
    Ideal for: shopping, relaxation
    Trip duration: 1 day
    Best time to visit Pipli: October to March
    How to reach Pipli: Can be reached by bus or car
    Distance from Bhubaneswar: 30.7KM

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    Bhubaneswar, the city of temples, offers its explorers a sea of opportunities to rejuvenate themselves on a weekend after a tiring week. Excited to explore the places to visit near Bhubaneswar? So, gear up to plan your Bhubaneshwar trip with Travel Triangle to experience the magic!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places Near Bhubaneswar

    Q. How to reach Bhubaneswar?

    A. You can reach Bhubaneswar by air, train or car, depending on where you stay.

    Q. What is Bhubaneswar famous for?

    A. Bhubaneswar is popularly known for the rich heritage and culture and comprises of old temples. Apart from the culture and temples, the place also offers nearby tourist beach attractions for leisure.

    Q. What are the nearby tourist destinations around Bhubaneswar?

    A. Bhubaneswar hosts a wide array of tourist destinations that include Puri, Chandipur, Pipli, Atri, Konark Sun Temple, Chilka House, Keonjhar and others.

    Q. What is Bhubaneswar art famous for?

    A. Bhubaneswar is famous for woven ikat fabrics that can be easily purchased as fabric, garments and saree material. The appliqué worked fabric is locally known as Chandua is popular for typical Orissa handiwork.

    Q. Is Bhubaneswar safe for tourists?

    A. Yes, Bhubaneswar is completely safe for tourists and is visited by a large number of tourists all year round.

    Q. How far is Puri from Bhubaneswar?

    A. Puri is located at a distance of 68.4KM from Bhubaneswar which can be accessed by train, air, and car.

    Q. What temples are popular in Bhubaneswar?

    A. Bhubaneswar, the land of temples is world-famous for a wide array of temples that include Konark Sun Temple, Lingraj Temple, Jagannath Temple, Mukteswara Temple, and others.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Bhubaneswar?

    A. The land of Bhubaneswar can be visited all year round, however, the best time can be considered upon as October to February.

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