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    More often than not, Odisha’s tourism scene is majorly associated with religion, culture, and cuisine. But in the recent years the beaches in Odisha have also started emerging as fabulous tourist attractions. In fact, every beach has started gaining so much popularity among the tourists and locals that Odisha tourism has started giving special attention to them. As a result, there has been betterment in the maintenance of these beaches. So head to these pristine beaches on your next visit to the place and enjoy the breathtaking views that these beaches have to offer!

    8 Must-Visit Beaches In Odisha

    Listed below are 8 beaches of Odisha that are sure to leave you bedazzled. Do not miss out on experiencing the scenic beauty of these beaches while you’re holidaying with your friends or family.

    • Aryapalli Beach
    • Swargadwar Beach
    • Rushikulya Beach
    • Konark Beach
    • Astaranga Beach
    • Gopalpur Beach
    • Chandipur Beach
    • Bhitarkanika Beach

    1. Aryapalli Beach

    Aryapalli Beach

    Image Source

    This virgin beach is perfect for day outing if you’re looking to spend time out in the open and just chill by the waters. The sea here usually has a high tide. It houses the Sand Mineral Project which is a major tourist attraction. The beach is also home to an array of Casuarina trees that enhance the beauty of the place.

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    2. Swargadwar Beach

    Swargadwar Beach

    Image Source

    If you are someone who loves to visit beaches that are bustling with people and activities, then this beach is the ideal picnic spot for you. However, the beach is also a decent attraction for people who seek quietude. The area around the lighthouse is quite peaceful and deserted. The beach is primarily a bathing beach and even has a religious connotation.

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    3. Rushikulya Beach

    Rushikulya Beach

    Image Source

    Another virgin beach! This beach epitomizes serenity. It is home to the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. If you want to experience the hatching of the eggs, it is better to visit the beach early in the morning. Bathing in the sea here offers a thrilling experience as the waves are quite huge.

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    4. Konark Beach

    Konark Beach

    Image Source

    Konark Beach is only 3 km away from the revered Konark Sun Temple and therefore naturally well visited. It is very hot here so it is advised to visit the beach in the evening. You can enjoy drinking coconut water here and can buy souvenirs like caps and hats. One can also indulge in adventure activities like Speedboat, Jet Ski and ATV among others.

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    5. Astaranga Beach

    Astaranga Beach

    Image Source

    ‘Astaranga’ literally translates to ‘colourful sunset’ and so naturally this beach is famous for beautiful sunsets. Quite a lot of photographers and bird-watchers visit this beach. The activities available at this beach are fishing and cooking. Spending time at this beach is an absolute delight for culinary enthusiasts as it offers the option of procuring fish and grilling them right on the beach!

    6. Gopalpur Beach

    Gopalpur Beach

    Image Source

    Gopalpur Beach, Odisha is a great beach for one to collect shells and first-sized peal-white conch. One can also surf and sail in the waters at this beach.There is also an old lighthouse which is open to visitors in the afternoon. One can experience breathtaking views from the top of the lighthouse. Gopalpur Beach Festival takes place every year in the month of December. There are various aqua sports organized at the beach.

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    7. Chandipur Beach

    Chandipur Beach

    Image Source

    Chandipur Beach, Orissa is among the cleanest beaches. It is an unusual sea beach and houses the ‘Vanishing Sea’ phenomenon, which means that the sea recedes to a certain distance for a certain time and then comes back at high tide. This occurs twice a day. The beach is famous for Odisha-styled seafood that one can have in the shacks that are present on the beach.

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    8. Bhitarkanika Beach

    Bhitarkanika Beach

    Image Source

    This beach is literally lit. Oh yes, the water here glows at night! When bioluminescent sea animals float towards the shore they produce neon blue light which enables the water to glow. Bioluminescence is the phenomenon in which living organisms produce light. Head to this magical beach to experience the magnificence.

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    Now that you know which beaches to visit on your next holiday to Odisha, don’t think twice and plan a vacay to Odisha to spend time at these pristine beaches! These beaches in Odisha will make your whole travel experience memorable and more fun. Add them to your itinerary and have a worthwhile vacay here!

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