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A famous author once wrote that Mauritius was first made, and then the almighty copied its design to create heaven. As bookish as it might seem, the notion often comes alive when we look at beautiful places such as Pont Naturel. The spot is all about the ocean, rocks and waves. And there is a twist to it that attracts everyone here. While not as crowded as other spots in the country, Pont Naturel has plenty to offer, which we shall explore in this informative guide about this tourist spot. So let’s begin our journey:

The Meaning Of Pont Naturel

The lush green cliffs of Pont Naturel

Image Credit: Fr.Latreille for Wikimedia Commons

Pont Naturel is one of the rarest sites in Mauritius. Translating to “Natural Bridge,” the spot is secluded and offers no disturbance to your peaceful time. Visiting here is an experience anyone with the right mindset would not want to miss. Located on the southern Mauritius Coast, Pont Naturel is a type of beach with unusual features.

You may not expect sand and lagoons here, but you will get rocks and high waves. The main attraction is the bridge, which may, at first glance, appear manmade but is not. It formed after years of huge waves beating on the volcanic rocks. Sitting here and enjoying the rough sea and embracing the rocks every minute is a good idea. The natural bridge formation is also a famous spot for exciting photos.

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Explore The Wild Waves & Rocky Landscape

Rocky Cliffs of Pont Naturel in Mauritius

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Pont Naturel in Mauritius is unlike the peaceful beach you usually take a picture of. There are bumpy roads traversing this dramatic natural landscape. And every step you take forward is worth it. The natural bridge is a volcanic rock formation that stretches across two metres. It covers the swirling blue and white glacier waves that are normal on the country’s South Coast. The fact that natural processes make the bridge makes us wonder about its purpose.

An interesting sight is water pouring through the small black holes of the rocks, making whistling sounds. In the local language, this is called “le Souffler,” meaning “a blower.” Located between Le Souffleur and Le Bouchon, Pont Naturel in Mauritius is home to strong and fierce waves. The spot is ideal if you wish to contemplate the power of nature with its beauty.

Way To Reach

Aerial shot of waves crashing at Shorel

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Pont Naturel is not located in the busiest places of Mauritius. Hence, getting there will require travelling, which means a good road trip with scenic views. The easiest way to reach it is to take the direction toward Le Chaland and Le Bouchon from the airport roundabout. Then, turn right to go to Le Bouchon and follow the road until you pass through a small temple. Here, you will see a sign indicating Port Naturel’s direction. After a few kilometres, you will find another sign.

Moving ahead, you will come to a junction from where you must take a left to the rocky road. On this road, you will find several indicators on stones. The road might be a bit bumpy here, and you will have to drive slowly. After driving for 15-20 minutes, you will reach Pont Naturel. While travelling, do not hesitate to ask for directions from locals. Do mention Pont Naturel instead of terms like “natural bridge” to get the right information.

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Things To Do

Natural bridge of Pont Naturel

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Pont Naturel is not just a tourist spot but an adventurous and thrilling part of the journey. This is because getting here is quite fun and full of scenic views. You will enjoy the offroading and the views alongside the rocky Gris-Gris cliffs. Getting right to the spot will need some climbing and helping hands, too. It’s good to book a guide to reach the places with the best views.

You can cross the bridge but may do it with caution. As natural processes form it, the Pont Naturel Bridge is quite rugged. Note that getting splashed by drops of water from incoming waves is quite normal here at Pont Naturel Island. Swimming and other water activities are not advised due to the harsh sea. However, when visiting Pont Naturel Island, bring your camera along. Wait for the right moment, and you can click photos of pure white waves crashing on black volcanic rocks.

Places To See Around Pont Naturel

Castle Natural Park in Mauritius for an adventurous retreat

Image Source: Shutterstock

After you have fulfilled your wish to visit the Pont Naturel, there are plenty of things to see. You can visit the Casela Nature Parks or the deer island called Île aux Cerfs to see animals in their most natural habitat. Just 50 km away is the famous red church Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice de Cap Malheureux, which offers insights into Mauritian culture.

Grand Baie is an ideal option for beach lovers near Pont Naturel, just 53 km away. Things you could not do at Pont Naturel, such as swimming, snorkelling, etc., can be done here. There are plenty of good restaurants nearby Pont Naturel too. You can choose from the elegant Blue Bamboo or the luxurious ones like Restaurant Le Bougainville. There are local stores and shops too nearby, with a minimum distance of 30 kms. Carrying your water and snacks is advisable if you cannot control your hunger for longer.

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Mauritius is often known for its white beaches, blue lagoons, and luxury resorts. But make no mistake: the country rewards those willing to do even the smallest of explorations. If you can divert a bit from your usual travel and visit Pont Naturel, you can collect memories of a lifetime. Plan your trip to Mauritius now and see its wonders in the most natural settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pont Naturel

How to Reach Pont Naturel?

The directions are pretty easy if you are wondering how to reach Pont Naturel. However, there is a twist. The few end miles are a bit bumpy, so you must book a 4x4 to avoid flat tyres. An ideal way to reach is to get to La Cambuse Beach or Le Bouchon Beach. From there, you can take a walk to the Pont Naturel. The hike to the spot is relatively easy and usually flat, making it ideal for people with all fitness levels.

Why to visit Pont Naturel?

If you are into relaxing spaces where you can unwind and enjoy the views, this might not be your cup of tea. However, tourists who love adventure travel and wish to see nature in its full glory can be hardly as enticing as Pont Naturel. When here, you can literally feel the power of storms beneath your legs. This makes the place quite iconic and, most of the time, worth visiting.

What is special about Pont Naturel?

The axes of nature form Pont Naturel and remain a solid natural marvel. The bridge spans the rocky coastline of Mauritius. Surging waves pour from a distance and cause huge explosions of ocean splashes. When you look around, the scenery is very picturesque. Pont Naturel is not a regular tourist spot so that you won't find much crowd here either. The combination of volcanic rocks, the rolling sea, and the splash makes this place so special.

What is Pont Naturel Mauritius's Location?

The exact Pont Naturel location is GM99+RQC, Carreau Acacia, Mauritius. It is located on the southwest coast of the island country.

What is so special about Mauritius?

The ideal beauty of Mauritius lies in its natural beaches like Flic-en-Flac, Trou aux Biches and Belle Mare. The coastline offers an idyllic place for relaxation and various forms of water sports for all. The country is also known for warming local life and fusion of modern and cultural aspects. You can see influences from African, Chinese, Indian and European traditions here. Mauritius is also home to majestic peaks, stunning rocky beaches, hiking trails and jungle safaris.

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