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If you love the scenic views of waterfalls cascading over rocks, then the Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius should definitely be on your list. Being one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the country, this can be seen from a deck below. Interestingly, the waterfall offers shallow swimming options along with breathtaking mountain views. And if you want to know how to reach, what to take along, things to take care of and many more things, this guide will be an eye-opener. Here is our travel guide to Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius. The content that follows will help you plan out your journey in the safest and most adventurous manner to these waterfalls.

All You Need To Know Chamarel Waterfall In Mauritius

Wondering how to get to the Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius? Visualising yourself standing close to the gigantic water splashes coming from above? Worry not as you will get all your answers reading on from this point:

1. Chamarel Waterfall Overview

The greenery surrounding theWaterfall s a sight to behold.

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If witnessing an island country’s largest waterfall is on your travel wishlist, it will be easily fulfilled at Chamarel Waterfalls. These are some of the largest ones found here. But most importantly, these look highly scenic, thanks to Black River Gorges’ vegetation surrounding the waterfall. If you are visiting here, you can get ample chances to take strolls and hikes through the Black River National Park.

For first-time visitors, it is worth noticing that the trek to the waterfall offers medium difficulty. Once reaching the base, you have to walk to get to the top and up closer to the Chamarel Waterfall viewpoint. The waterfall is a must-visit for travellers spreeing around the country’s southwest part. The location is just 53 km away from Louis Port. The waterfall offers splashes coming from a 100-foot drop of water. Located near the famous Seven-coloured Earth of Chamarel, the Chamarel Waterfall viewpoint shows a drop of more than 200 feet. The river that gives birth to this waterfall is the St. Denis. It can be a pleasure to take a dip in this river as it has the cleanest waters you will find here. The dense foliage that embraces the waterfall and how distinctly the white streams emerge is breathtaking.

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2. Best Viewpoints Of The Waterfall

Chamarel Waterfall viewpoint is surrounded by the tropical jungle in Mauritius.

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To see or get closer to the waterfalls, you need to cross through a medium-level Chamarel Waterfall Hike through the hills and forests. Even if you are afraid to descend the treacherous part of the waterfalls, you can still admire their grandeur from a distance thanks to the area’s fantastic overlooks. These vantage locations make it simpler for you to take some breathtaking pictures of the waterfalls from various perspectives.
In contrast to many other waterfalls on the globe, the picture that these Chamarel Waterfalls produce specifically depends on the time of year you choose to visit. In the summertime, the waterfall splits into two or three separate trickles. But the waterfall is a true visual treat for all nature lovers when it gushes down in the form of a massive stream during the monsoon. Visitors to Mauritius who are in the Chamarel Waterfalls make sure to take advantage of the option to come and enjoy the abseiling activity here. It involves descending down using a rope from a cliff. People uncomfortable with extreme hiking may tour a guide to get across the Chamarel Waterfall hike through easier paths.

3. Getting There And The Best Time To Visit

 Woman hiking to the Chamarel Waterfall viewpoint in the jungle in Mauritius.

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If you opt for a road trip, you may prefer to get transferred by hired cars. There are plenty of agencies that offer guided tours with car travel included. It is advisable to book a day before you plan to head out. Car travel can be an ideal option if you are in a group of 4 or 5. The car will drop you to the closest hike starting point near the waterfall. Another option is to travel by bus. There are many bus options for travelling from the Mauritius City Centre. You should look for the stoppage at the Chamarel Seven coloured Earth gate, which is the closest point to this waterfall. However, you might have to walk more as buses won’t go deeper into the forests.

The best time to schedule your trip to the Chamarel Waterfalls is between May and December while the weather in Mauritius is still good. In Mauritius, this is the rainy season, when the waterfall is most powerful. On the other hand, the waterfalls’ apparent division into two halves during the dry season could conceal the views and may hide its natural splendour. You may opt for morning tours and travel when visiting the waterfall. This will give you an entire day to enjoy the beauty of the place inside out.

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4. Things To Take Care Of

 Aerial view of the beautiful Waterfall located in a tropical jungle.

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When visiting the Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius, note that you cannot reach it any time during the day or night. There are strict times to adhere to when visiting here. The waterfalls are accessible between 8:30 in the morning and 5:00 pm in the evening. Hence, it’s better to plan your trip accordingly. There is also an entrance fee to the Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius. However, the ticket is to tour the entire Seven Coloured Earth in the Chamarel Village. The ticket is priced around Rs. 225 for adults and Rs. 75 for children.

When visiting the waterfall, ensure you do not get too close to the falling water. Unlike other usual waterfalls, the splashes can be hard-hitting and injurious. The water falls from 100 metres in height and, hence, can be dangerous. While you can get safely closer to the waterfall, we suggest avoiding getting right below the falling water. Also, the rocks here can be quite slippery; extra precaution is advised for children and the elderly. Lastly, note that there are no shops around. Hence, do not forget to carry water and eatables in your luggage if you plan to spend quite a few hours here.

5. Accommodation Options In Chamarel Waterfall In Mauritius

 Seven cascades of another beautiful waterfall in the jungle, near Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius.

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When you plan to stay near the waterfall, you will have some great and unique options. These will help you forget the worries of life and enjoy nature while being in the lap of it. A good and peaceful choice to consider near Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius is the La Vieille Cheminee. It is a quiet Creole-style hotel that will surely give you the worth of your time. The place offers cottages and lodges and is situated atop a tropical farm. If you stay in any rooms here, you will undoubtedly wake up to the sound of amazing birds circling the Chamarel Valley.

Another great option is the stunning four-star Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge. The entire lodge is specifically built in an environmentally responsible manner, adding to the specialness of your stay. Looking out from any room’s window will reward you with a stunning view of the expansive Chamarel Valley. The third option is the Green Cottage Chamarel, situated on the foothills of the Chamarel Mountains. The cottage features a terrace, two large rooms with private bathrooms and lounges with fireplaces. Here, you have a parking area that is both secure and secluded. They do have an alarm system with guest response for guest security.

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To explore the mystical wonders of nature, you need to travel distance, hike through trails, wait for the right season and brave the odds. But the reward you get after doing these things is simply breathtaking. Such is the case with Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius. If you are ready to take on this adventure, you are always welcome to book your trip to Mauritius and include Chamarel Waterfall in your list. You will not be disappointed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chamarel Waterfall In Mauritius

What is the Chamarel Waterfall location?

The exact Chamarel Waterfall location is H94P+P86, Chamarel, Mauritius. The waterfall is a part of the Seven-Coloured Earth area of Mauritius. To reach here, you need to go hiking and park the car near the viewpoint. There is ample parking space near the viewpoint.

What is the Chamarel Waterfall height?

The waterfall descends from the cliff 100 metre down, falling at the base point. Coming from 200 feet in height, this is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. Due to the staggering Chamarel Waterfall height, it is visible from a distant location too.

How long does it take to hike to Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius?

The hike is not a short one. For a normal adult, it usually takes around 3 hours to get to the top and have the best view of the waterfall. However, the destination is equally rewarding. After a three-hour hike, you will reach the base of the Chamarel Waterfalls, where you may swim in the pool and get a refreshing shower from the spectacular waterfall.

What is the timing of Chamarel Waterfall?

The waterfall opens up at 8:30 am in the morning and closes at around 5:00 pm in the evening.

Can you drive to Chamarel Waterfall?

No, you have to hike to reach the base of the waterfalls. You will have to park the car at the hike starting point.

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