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Puerto Galera calls for a vacation to the Philippines if you have an undying love for beaches. If yes, then we assure that it is one of the magnificent and beautiful destinations of the world which is worth exploring. It got this name as once upon a time, during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines, this place actually turned out to be a “port of galleons.” It is one of those settlements which were established during 1574 by Catholic missionaries.

About Puerto Galera

About Puerto Galera

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Besides offering scenic beauty there are many other things that you will enjoy here at Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera is one of those acclaimed towns located on Philippine island of Mindoro which is known for its dive sites and beautiful beaches. When you take a look at the long curve of its White Beach you will find that it is colorfully backed by beautiful bars as well as resorts on its side. It’s true that it’s a very small town but empowered to entertain the tourists completely with its breathtaking views.

Best Time To Visit Puerto Galera

Best Time To Visit Puerto Galera

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The best time to explore this beautiful destination of Puerto Galera is between Novembers till March. It’s the high season as tourist love celebrating Christmas and New Year Eve here with great zeal and enthusiasm. Well, the peak season falls in the month of April and May. You need to make bookings well in advance if you are targeting any of the above two tourists seasons to explore this place.

Places To Stay At Puerto Galerav

A vacation is never complete without comfy rooms. There are many Puerto Galera resorts or cottages at various price ranges to offer you an exotic stay. We have picked a few.

1. Badladz Beach Resort

Badladz Beach Resort

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It is one of the most beautiful resorts of Puerto Galera. It offers a family friendly atmosphere with great facilities for the guests. Here you will get the chance to enjoy both the pool and beach for unwinding your mind. You can reach Sabang and White Beach in 20 mins from here. The amenities are no less than stellar and the comfort offered is unparalleled. There is a small private beach that you will love.

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2. Infinity resort

Infinity resort

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Accommodation is one important thing to consider before you plan for this trip. This resort is the finest and highly recognized boutique resort of this beach town. The resort is covering an area of the 2-hectare and offers excellent package deals with the perfect combo of, ultimate relaxation and adventurous water sports activities. The hilly, sunny combination is to die for, as you can sun yourself in the shadow of mountains.

Things To Do In Puerto Galera

There are quite a number of options if you are up for sightseeing in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Some of the remarkable ones are mentioned in the list below:

1. Mangyan Village


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Iraya Mangyan Village is a very popular spot among the tourists coming from all corners of the world here in Puerto Galera in the Philippines. It is a must to visit the destination of this town. This village is located at the foot of Mt Malasimbo and it is nearly 5.6 miles from the center of Puerto Galera. The founders of this village are Jaime Zobel and his wife. Both of them were philanthropists. They work for the indigenous community known as Lraya Mangyans and provided them proper shelter after relocating them from the place where they used to live during the crossfire between the military and local rebels.

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2. Muelle Port


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Muelle port is definitely another must to visit travel spot in Puerto Galera. This port is the prime one for all the ferries coming in and out of the city. This port is known for its golden history and hence once you are here in the city, you need to learn it for this port. Luxury boats and yachts trips are allowed on the river and you can enjoy these rides too. Especially at the end of the month of October during annual All Souls Regatta, it is the best time to enjoy the rides and get the magnificent view of the beautiful vessels. It also houses the famous Puerto Galera Yacht Club.

3. Excavation Museum

Excavation Museum

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This historic museum is displaying all types of local old art and relics. There is no doubt that it exhibits the rich culture of Puerto Galera. This museum is situated inside the complex of the Immaculate Conception Church and in the small one room. This is no doubt it is the best place from where you can gather lots of necessary information about the culture and heritage of the city. There is no entry fee to visit this museum but visitors can surely donate for the maintenance of the museum. You will find potteries made by the ancient Filipino settlers in this museum.

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4. The Baluarte Watchtower

The Baluarte Watchtower

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Once you are in this city, you should not ignore to visit the famous Baluarte Watchtower. This place is situated at a distance of two hours from the city Puerto Galera in Naujan Town. In the village of Lumang Bayan in this town, you can find the ruin of watchtower and it is known as Baluarte. During the Spanish Period, this watchtower was built and this place was mainly used as the lookout point for those ships which are arriving at the port. You can definitely enjoy the unique Puerto Galera nightlife here.

5. White Beach

White Beach

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There are almost 32 beaches in Puerto Galera and among these beaches, white beach in Puerto Galera is the most popular one and visited by many travelers every year. During the daytime, many prefer to relax on this beach or go swimming. This beach is just an excellent place to organize any type of concert and gala dinner. Best season to visit this beach is between April and May. Many restaurants are there in the beachside where one can enjoy the authentic local food.

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6. Enjoy diving

Enjoy diving

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This city of Puerto Galera is full with excellent dive spots where you can enjoy diving. There are almost 40 spots to enjoy dive and you can surely select the one suitable for you. These spots offer a range of dive from 39 feet to 98.4 feet. Here you can enjoy a different style of diving such as cave diving or reef diving, etc. Again, if you are specialized in diving then you can try out wreck diving.

7. Island Hopping


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If you are planning for Puerto Galera activities, then Island hopping is definitely the best thing that you should do. The beaches such as Bayanan Beach, Sandbar Island, and Haligi Beach are the most popular ones which should be visited when you are here. If you opt for a day tour then you can visit those beaches including the famous Coral Garden. The quiet and calm environment of these beaches is really noticeable and the travelers will definitely get lifetime experience visiting these beaches. Apart from breathtaking natural beauty, the Coral garden adds more adventure to the day trip.

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8. Giant Clams and Underwater Cave

Giant Clams and Underwater Cave

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To visit these two places a traveler need to pay extra amount. The Giant Clams are the protected areas and you can watch the place only from a specific location. Your guide will take you on a smaller boat and you can move around the water. You can get the real flavor of adventure by going into the water. Visiting the underwater cave is really an excellent experience for the travelers.

9. Mindoro Sling

Mindoro Sling

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While in Puerto Galera in the Philippines, you should not miss visiting Mindoro Sling. Here you can get the fresh mango juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine syrup. This place is named after the island of Mindoro. At every bar here you can order all these different juices during your trip. Trust us it tastes awesome.

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10. Tamaraw Falls


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The trip to Puerto Galera will never be complete unless you visit the popular twin waterfall known as Tamaraw Falls. This waterfall is situated at a distance of 14 kilometers and it will take nearly 30 minutes from the center of the city to reach here. The fee to get entry to this falls is quite negligible and you can enjoy the beauty of the spot. It offers the cleanest water in the whole province. The water moves to two swimming pools which are manmade.

How To Reach Puerto Galera


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If you are wondering as of how to reach this location then try the route from Manila to Puerto Galera. You will get different transport option to reach here from Manila.

By car: You can book a cab from Manila and it will take 3 hours to reach this place. Drive through South Luzon Expressway.

By bus: You can take JAM transit or DLTB bus. In every one hour, you will get the service between Cubao and Puerto Galera.

By boat: Scheduled ferries bank at Puerto Galera coming from Batangas as well as other islands. It will take 1 to 3 hours time to reach this location depending on the ferry company and the stops each boat give in between.

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Now that everything you need to know about Puerto Galera has been discussed, it is time to book an all-inclusive vacation to the Philippines. The port town is a hidden gem that has to be explored by every traveler. As it is, there is a throng of things to see in the country that will leave you utterly mesmerized. Bon Voyage!

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