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Quezon City, the former capital of the Philippines still rules the hearts of many. Although, outstretched as one of the largest Filipino cities and also the most populated, the vistas of Quezon remain vastly unexplored. Therefore, this Quezon City travel guide puts on a platter a demystified world of this metropolis for globe-trotters. Unlike its neighbor Manila, this city offers an unrushed vibe along with similar perks. Labyrinths leading into art galleries, shopping centers, food corners, historic landmarks, and more under the panorama of dreamlike skyscrapers engulf this city with unmatched gusto. Read along and watch the city decode with every word.

Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit

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Owing to its geography, the climate of Quezon city can be described as tropical. Therefore, the city witnesses heavy rainfall for a major portion of the year, making the dry season the only option for those who wish to visit. However, the time during the months of dry season also comes with its perks and pitfalls. Winter months, i.e., November to April, are considered as the preferred time to visit the city, especially December. On the other hand, summers are often harsh and hardly show any mercy on those willing to get a taste of the cityscape.

How to Reach Quezon City?

how to reach quezon city

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By Air: For those faraway travelers who are on a lookout for Quezon city airport will have to board a flight for Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport since the city itself has no airports. However, reaching the premises from Manila airport is not much of a hassle. The airport is approximately 22.7 km away from Quezon City. One can easily find a cab or can take either LRT1 or MRT3 to reach the city.

By Rail:
The city is easily accessible through metros since it has a well-connected metro network. As aforementioned, to reach the city, you can take any of the two subway lines MRT2 or MRT3. Moreover, you can also head to the city using LRT1.

By Road:
One can easily reach Quezon City by hopping on a local bus. It will cost you somewhere around 12 units of Quezon City currency. Moreover, you can also take a ride through Jeepney that is a popular means of transport nearby Manila. If you are taking your own vehicle, first head to R-8 and then to R-6 to reach the city.

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Places to See in Quezon City

No trip to Quezon City is ever complete without traversing to these milestones. Glimpse at the following to know them a little better.

1. Art in Island

Art in Island

When in Quezon, one cannot miss out on this unusual yet appealing art museum. And what’s better than a place that is officially called the world’s first selfie museum. Whether you accompany friends or family, it will never fail to surprise and engage. As you step foot into this museum, you will enter a world full of illusions. Best of all, you will be able to take home with you the essence of this illusionary world in the form of countless snaps. Moreover, its 3-D paintings and interesting murals are just as tricky and awe-inspiring as the entire space itself. Count any day, it will always top the list of Quezon City tourist attractions.

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2. Eastwood City

Eastwood City

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Step in the Eastwood city to be dazzled by the glam of skyscrapers. Forever flocked by countless tourists, this place is super bustling by the day and a vibrant hangout spot by the eve. Spread over an area of 17 hectares, this commercial and residential area is distinguished by sky touching luxurious towers that are your getaway to absolute fun and festivity. To make the most of your days in Quezon, don’t forget to plan your visit to Eastwood city.

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3. SM Megamall

SM Megamall

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SM Megamall is such a plethora of designer outlets that it is sure to bring out the shopaholic in you. This mega mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, making it all the more alluring to go on a shopping spree. This place will definitely be the favorite tourist spot in Quezon City for those who have a special place in their hearts for fabrics, jewels, shoes, and everything upbeat. Apart from the exquisite shopping experience, it is also a perfect place to hang out and dine.

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4. Maginhawa Food Park

Maginhawa Food Park

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There is no better place than Maginhawa Food Park for those who live to eat. Just entering into this place will hit you with a strong aroma of drool-worthy food. This park is a crossover of various cuisines and major food outlets with a crisscross of food courts running from everywhere to everywhere. Whether in search of a place to celebrate or just savor delicious food, Maginhawa Food Park will meet all your demands.

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Things to do in Quezon City

Many people fall for the beguiling architecture while others have their hearts set on the sumptuous cuisine. It is hard to tell what works for different travelers but whatever does is definitely among the following.

1. Visit La Mesa Eco Park

Visit La Mesa Eco Park

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All those who are following the trace of nature in this metropolis will surely find their way to La Mesa Eco Park. The park presents a list of endless activities that one can indulge in. From hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, zip-lining to swimming and fishing, there is a lot to delve in and a lot more to explore. With just the right amount of fun paired with natural beauty, the park opens a gateway to rejuvenating activities. Even sitting idle under the calm of nature is such a blissful experience here. Aptly marked as one of the best tourist spots in Quezon City, visiting this park is a surreal experience.

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2. Zip Lining in Quezon Memorial Circle

qZip Lining in Quezon Memorial Circle

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Quezon city has something surreal for thrill seekers in the heart of Quezon Memorial Circle. Being a perfect place in itself, it offers a thrilling experience through its small but larger than life amusement park. One can indulge in zip lining and other adventure sports. A perfect solace for an adventurous soul, this experience is something you just can’t miss out on.

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3. Mystery Manila: Something for Suspense Lovers

Mystery Manila

For someone with the heart for suspense and a knack for puzzles, this is a must try experience. Locked room, random puzzles, ticking clock, and weird setup, if any of this gives you a boost, then don’t skip on Mystery Manila. It is best described as an unusual experience rather than a place. The fact that you can play this with different people further adds to the fun.

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4. Go Target Shooting

Go Target Shooting

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Quezon City has plenty for adventure but if you wish to take it one step further, then try your hands in target shooting. Stronghand Shooting Range is your place to go target shooting at a small fee. Here, you can also partake in various adventure activities. It is really an activity that you don’t get to experience very frequently, making it some of the famous Quezon City tourist attractions.

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Now that you know your way around the city, it’s time that you go unraveling and witness its magic for yourself. This Quezon City Travel Guide is just a glimpse of what this beautiful Filipino city beholds. However, to truly soak in its essence, head to this city by planning your getaway now.

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