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Ramat Gan is a beautiful city located centrally in the western region of Israel on the Plain of Sharon. It was founded in the year 1921 and is well known worldwide for accommodating the most magnificent gardens and parks including the famous Ramat Gan National Safari Park.Ramat Gan Safari Park is the most prominent zoo in the Tel Aviv area and is flocked with tourists and locals each year who visit here to witness the variety of wild animals it accommodates. This National Park is known to house the largest group of wild animals in the entire Middle East. This article will give more insight about the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel which is the most favorite activity of any tourist visiting this region.

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About Ramat Gan Safari Park

About Ramat Gan Safari Park

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This African safari park is spread over 250 acres of land and houses the largest amount of interesting exotic animals in the whole of Middle East. It opened its gate to visitors in the year 1974. More than 7 lakh tourists from around the world visit this park annually to enjoy the experience of seeing the animals amidst the subtropical gardens. During a tour in this park through the safari in Israel, one can witness and interact with the numerous African animals moving around the entire park.

Seeing the animals in their natural habitat is a visual treat and a must-have experience. This park also houses a zoo within its premises which accommodates many exotic animals and this zoo was established to replace the Tel Aviv zoo which had closed down. This National Park is located just outside the borders of Tel Aviv city in the neighboring Raman Gan city.


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This parkland is spread over the most densely populated region and the entry from the modern city into the wildlife through a safari ride makes it very impressive. The Ramat Gan Safari in Israel along with the zoo which it accommodates more than 1600 species of animals including several mammals, reptiles, fowl and much more. The zoo and the National Park have both African origin animals as well as other exotic animals from around the world like Asian elephants, orangutan, chimpanzee, gorilla, lions, hippos, among many others.

This park takes part in many International events which aim at the betterment of these wild animals. The overall experience of visiting Ramat Gan Safari in Israel is exhilarating and it must be experienced by every traveler and explorer.

Details About Ramat Gan Safari In Israel


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Address: Sderot Hatzvi 1, Ramat Gan, 5225300, Israel
Ramat Gan safari ticket prices: INR 1100 per person | INR 950 for Tel Aviv residents, Ramat Gan residents, students, soldiers, senior citizens, handicapped and for people in a group of 20 in a single vehicle.
Parking available: Yes
Age restrictions: None
Ramat Gan safari hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday – 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Friday – 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Saturday and holidays – 8:30 AM to 6 PM

Tip: The park is closed on Yom Kippur Eve, Holocaust Remembrance Day, and Israel Memorial Day

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How To Reach Ramat Gan Safari Park

How To Reach Ramat Gan Safari Park

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One can visit this exotic and interesting National Park either by their own car or one can join a tour and explore the place. One can even opt for Segway tours which run daily. The Safari tours run frequently and one can register for this on the official website where the details about prices of Ramat Gan safari and more details about booking a tour is given. If one wishes to opt for Segway Tours, they can find it daily at a cost of INR 4800 per person. This price includes the Ramat Gan safari tickets price for entry and the entire tour of the National Park.

Ramat Gan National Safari Park is located at a distance of about 5 miles from the Tel Aviv city. One will have to drive towards Jerusalem and Ben Gurion Airport, pass Kibbutz Galuyot Interchange and the Ganot Interchange and then head north, to find the National Park.

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Best Time To Visit Ramat Gan Safari In Israel

Best Time To Visit Ramat Gan Safari In Israel

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The spring season in the area, which is the peak tourism season, starts from the month of March and continues till the month of May. The average temperature during this season remains at about 25 degrees which makes it the ideal time to travel to this region. It is advised that the visitors book their stay and other activities well in advance as the rates are at its peak during this season.

The second busiest time of the year in this region would be in during the months of December, January, and February. The weather is quite warm and comfortable during these months as well.

The month of September and November are also quite pleasant and one can plan a pocket-friendly trip to this place during these months as the rates of stay and other activities are at its lowest.

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Activities Offered At Ramat Gan Safari In Israel

Activities Offered At Ramat Gan Safari In Israel

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Along with the safari in Ramat Gan in Israel, there are several other activities and fun-filled programs offered in the national park as well for all the visitors. Many summer camps are also conducted in the national park premise. The details of some of these activities are given below.

1. Safari around the clock: This is the standard day and night safari at Ramat Gan which takes the visitors who have pre-booked their tickets to view and experience visiting the entire National Park.
2. V.I.P tour: This tour takes small groups of visitors to witness the special behind the scenes events and places in the park.
3. Family workshops: Special workshops are conducted for families with “Family” and “Offspring” being the theme of the workshop.
4. Day camp: This is a 5-day event which is held annually during the holiday season for children under the age of 11 years.
5. After school club: This is a special club for those children who are keen to learn more about wild animals.
6. Teen Keepers: This is a one-week summer camp which is held for the teenagers who are interested in getting a first-hand experience in animal keeping.
7. Zoo-ology: This is a course specifically designed for the adults and it enlightens them in the areas of biodiversity, animal life history, conservation issues, and other such topics.

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Tips For Visiting Ramat Gan National Park

Tips For Visiting Ramat Gan National Park

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There are some things which have to be kept in mind while visiting the Ramat Gan Safari National Park And Zoo which are given below.

  • Most of the visitors prefer driving in using their own private car, for such visitors, they have to ensure that the windows of their car remain closed most of the time as some animals like the ostriches may pop their head in search of food.
  • While enjoying the safari in Ramat Gan in Israel, one should not try to touch the animals as no matter how beautiful they look, they are wild animals and they may cause physical harm.
  • It is not safe to get down from your vehicle from time to time to interact with the animals as some of them may be aggressive and may attack back. Especially in the lion enclosures, it is highly advised that all visitors remain inside their car.
  • One should refrain from feeding the animals as some food may actually be harmful to them and may cause some serious health issues for the animals.
  • The visitors would have to remember exactly where they have parked their car as there are no markings in the parking lot.
  • Even though the park is open till around 6 PM in the evening, note that the ticket office closes by 5 PM, so one must make sure to reach on time.
  • During the day as well as the night safari tour in Ramat Gan, the visitors should strictly abide by all the rules and regulations of the national park so that they don’t cause any harm to themselves as well as the animals inhabiting the park.

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The Ramat Gan Safari in Israel gives the feeling of entering into a peaceful African savannah and it must be experienced by every nature enthusiast and animal lover upon their trip to this beautiful country. Contact the travel experts at TravelTriangle and book a vacation to this tropical region in the Middle East for the best experience of taking a safari through the wilderness of Israel. Got anything to add to this Ramat Gan guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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