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Are you in Pattaya for the holidays and would you like to engage in spine-chilling water ride activities? If yes, then Ramayana Water Park in Thailand is your best place to visit. Located 20 kilometres south of Pattaya City, the Water Park is spread across 17000 sq metres with vast pools and different water rides.50+ activities, 3 long pools and a large lazy river await your visit to the water park with friends and family. In this blog, we have penned down everything you need to know before you book your tickets to Ramayana Water Park in Thailand.

Why Should You Visit Ramayana Water Park In Thailand

 entrance made out of ruins.

Image Credit: Chronograph for wikimedia commons

Ramayana Water Park built on the ruins of an old forgotten city is indeed a testimonial to the city and the people that existed there before. The sculptures, architecture, naturally cut–out waterfalls, and greenery are all top reasons to visit this beautiful and largest water park in Thailand. Reasons to visit Ramayana Water Park in Thailand are numerous, from engaging screamy and relaxing rides, long chill pools and rain dances, the biggest water-themed park in Thailand has a lot to offer. The park has slides that are compatible with kids of all ages (they are well segregated too), teenagers, adults and older people. Furthermore, Ramayana Water also lets you host corporate events, get-togethers, birthday parties and more, they also have different cuisines inside giving you the ultimate perfect place to spend time with your loved ones and engage in fun activities.

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Famous Rides At Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park has gained popularity with several activities and adventurous rides, and some of its rides are world-known. Let’s look at some of the most exciting must-try rides at Ramayana Water Park in Thailand.

1. AquaLoop

Boomerango water ride at Ramayana Water Park, Thailand

Image Credit: Chronograph for wikimedia commons

Just like the name suggests, this ride is a water loop and is often quoted for its 360-degree loop in a slide. Safe, fun, and sound, this ride is a sure-shot adrenaline-spiking water slide to try out at the Water Park.

2. Boomerango

Boomerango water ride at Ramayana Water Park, Thailand

Image Credit: Chronograph for wikimedia commons

This water-screaming slide ride is fun, where gravity takes the lead to drag you down in a large pool of water. The twists and turns are amazing, and the slide length makes it an adventurous one with all its might.

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3. Python

 A picture python water slide

Image Credit: Chronograph for wikimedia commons

With bounces and snaky turns, this group ride hits your adventure nerve down the twists and turns as you head to a large pool. This long python-structured water slide is loved by all visitors for several reasons, and it is no wonder that the ride is famous worldwide.

Key Information About Ramayana Water Park In Thailand

A picture of Ramayana Water Park In Thailand

Image Credit: Chronograph for wikimedia commons

There are many things to keep in mind while visiting Ramayana Water Park in Thailand, We have listed down few of them to make your trip memorable and heartworthy.

1. Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit the Water Park is November to February. The water park is heavily exposed to the sun, and since it is spread across a vast area, it requires long walks, too. Considering the climatic conditions, visiting in the above-said months is always advised for the comparatively favourable climate. Additionally, visiting on weekdays can be a great option if you could spare some time on weekends as it will be less crowded and you can avoid the long queues before getting into rides.

2. Entry Details
Ramayana Water Park in Thailand, located almost 15-20 kilometres south of Pattaya, Thanon Ban Yen, Na Chom Thian- is the exact location of the biggest water theme park in Pattaya. The water theme park is open from 11 am to 6 pm, and the ticket price is as follows:

For children below the height of 106 cm- Free ticket
For people above the height of 106 cm- 999 Thai Baht
For disabled people and pregnant women- Free ticket
For senior citizens (above the age of 60)- 759 Thai Baht

3. How To Reach 
You can reach the Ramayana Water Park from Thailand Central in two ways: local transport or the shuttle transport arranged by the water park authority. The park is close to a big Buddha Image named Khao Chee Chan and is just next to the Silverlake Vineyard.

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Accommodation Facilities

Hotel Options

Image Credit: J o for wikimedia commons

Pattaya has numerous staying options and your accommodation facilities can be customized as per your demands and priorities in and around the city in 5.5-kilometre radius. Below listed are some of the top-notch staying options we suggest for your stay:

  • Mercure Pattaya Ocean Resort
  • Empress Pattaya Hotel
  • Thai Garden Resort
  • Amari, Pattaya
  • Grand Palazzo Hotel, Pattaya
  • Ozo North Pattaya
  • Red Planet, Pattaya
  • La Miniera Pool Villas Pattaya
  • Siam@Siam Design Hotel, Pattaya
  • Grand Centre Point, Pattaya
  • Ibis Pattaya

Essentials To Carry While Visiting Ramayana Water Park in Thailand

By adhering to the guidelines prescribed by Ramayana Water Park in Thailand, you can have a happy and smooth experience both with land and water slides. Please take note of the below-jotted points to ensure enjoyment in its truest sense:

  • Wear clothes with no buckles, zips and metal attachments
  • Wear pool-friendly clothes
  • Carry an additional pair of dresses and a towel
  • Carry your own laundry pouch to keep your wet dresses
  • Forget not to carry sunscreen and apply a good amount
  • Avoid bringing snacks and alcoholic beverages
  • Carry water-proof cameras

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Visit and enjoy the fun-filled water ride experience at Ramayana Water Park in Thailand in its truest form. The park has been designed by heavily incorporating the natural lush greens and ruins of rocks and sculptures, making your stroll inside the park a beautiful and happy sight alongside the screaming and relaxing rides. Now that you know about Ramayana Water Park in Thailand, Plan your next trip to Thailand to these fabulous spots for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on these opportunities and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ramayana Water Park In Thailand

Can we carry cameras inside the water-themed park?

Yes, you can carry cameras inside and take photographs and videos. However, it is advised to carry a waterproof camera for camera safety.

What is the opening and closing time of Ramayana Water Park?

What is the opening and closing time of Ramayana Water Park?

Can we carry our food inside?

Outside food cannot be carried to the water park as it is restricted. However, there are several restaurants and cafes inside Ramayana Water Park with different cuisines and vast menus.

Is there any discount for children’s ticket price at Ramayana Water Park?

At Ramayana Water Park, children below the height of 106 cm can avail of an absolutely free ticket, whereas the ticket price for children above the height of 106 is 999 Baht.

How many hours are ideally required to spend inside the Ramayana water park to enjoy everything in its truest sense?

A good 6-8 hours will let you try out every other water and land ride along with long hours of relaxing sessions in the lazy river.

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