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If it wasn’t for the stunning views of islands in the world, we wouldn’t know what we’re missing! The white sandy beaches, a significantly fresh scent of waves in the air, chirping of the native birds and lush green patches of forests abode- island make a perfect getaway from the bustling city life. While travelers from all over the world are heading to this young island called as Rangitoto island in Auckland, this upcoming famous destination for New Zealanders has left us in great awe and admiration for the natural creation that islands are!

So, here’s a guide to let you know how to plan a perfect holiday to this island with all the fun activities and exploration that awaits you!

Best Time To Visit Rangitoto Island

Best time to visit Rangitoto Island

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An ideal time to visit this charming island made of volcanic rock is when the weather is absolutely clear. You can visit any time of the year except for when it is raining to avoid slipping off an uneven terrain leading to injuries. You must choose a weekday to explore this place as it gets a little crowded on the weekends.

6 Best Things To Do In Rangitoto Island

While you’re planning to visit this gorgeous island and witness the stunning views that awaits you here, take a look at these experiences that you ought to try here.

  • Bird Watching
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Bach 38 Museum
  • Hiking
  • Camping

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1. Bird Watching

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While you’re planning to visit this serene island soon, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the native birds in the largest Pohutukawa forest in the world that is found here. You can spot various vibrant creatures cooing about the hiking track in this island, such as the kaka and saddleback. A perfect spot to revive your senses, this island is nothing less than a bird paradise!

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2. Kayaking


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One of the famous activities enjoyed by the locals who want to spend their weekends exploring this island is to Kayak all the way to Rangitoto from Auckland. Sounds exciting? Well, only the experienced kayaks go for it. But, don’t worry if you’re not one of those, as you can book a guided kayak tour from Auckland to the island.

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3. Snorkeling


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Grab the best of your swimming clothes and snorkeling gear as this island has plenty of corals and vibrant marine life that awaits you. An ancient shipwreck as old as 1887, is located near the northern region of this island at Wreck Bay for a fun expedition underwater. You can also swim around the island under the pleasantly warm sun.

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4. Bach 38 Museum

Bach 38 Museum View

In furtherance of providing preservation to the artefacts and essence of original Bach communities that were residing in the country of New Zealand, Bach 38 Museum had been renovated and restored from the old remains and practically re-built. This museum holds significant reminders of the social and architectural history of the country and is surely a must visit while you’re here.

Timings: From the first ferry till the last ferry of the day

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5. Hiking

Hiking Place

Imagine a hiking trail with fresh cool breeze against your face, getting all the subtle fragrance of the waves and island-like things with mesmerising views of Auckland. All this is for real at Rangitoto summit track, which is not very far from the famous lava caves of the island. There’s more to be explored in the caves, so make sure you don’t miss out on those while you’re on your hiking expedition.

6. Camping


Right next to Rangitoto island is the popular island of Motutapu located in the Hauraki gulf. An overnight camping trip at Home bay of Motutapu island will let you sleep under the stars and hear those soothing waves splashing across the beach of the island. Taking some rest after an exhausting day can be relieving and will also give you enough time to go back the next day.

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How To Reach The Island

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You can either get your own private rental boat to the island or board a public ferry from Auckland to Rangitoto. If you’re getting your own boat, you’ll have to anchor it to Islington Bay and find your way from there. In the case of a public ferry, make sure you are aware of the timings and arrive at the ferry point on time.


    • Auckland to Rangitoto:

9:15 AM to 12:15 PM (Mon-Fri); 7:30 AM to 12:15 PM

    • Rangitoto to Auckland:

12:45 PM to 3:30 PM (Mon-Fri); 9:45 AM to 4:00 PM

Tips For Visiting The Island

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You must know a few essential facts about this gorgeous island before visiting as these tips will make your holiday hassle-free and you’ll be able to enjoy better.

  • As there are no shops on the island, make sure you carry your own water bottles and snacks depending on the duration of time that you wish to spend here.
  • Wear comfortable but sturdy shoes as the tracks are uneven and will help you to walk around the island freely.
  • The neighbouring islands of Rangitoto and Motutapu are pest free. Therefore, it is essential that you check your bags and belongings before boarding the ferry.
  • Dogs and other animals are not allowed on the island as it might interfere with the natural habitat of the island’s wildlife.
  • Always wear a hat and sunglasses as the heat on the island is relatively more due to direct sunlight. Don’t forget to carry your sunblock.

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With this, we hope your visit to the charming Rangitoto island is nothing less than memorable and leads to an exciting adventure like never before. Plan a trip to Auckland for an amazing holiday experience with your loved ones and make sure you pack a few extra clothes in case this place changes your mind and you extend your vacay!

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