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Being the 9th largest country in terms of size across the Globe, Kazakhstan has always been successful in captivating the tourists with its mysterious aura. Be it the friendly nature of Kazakhs or the spectacular landscapes, there is so much to love about this country but what makes this country more special is its wonderful cuisine. Ranging from the traditional dishes of horse meat and mutton to plenty of milk products, you are going to cherish the dining experience for sure.

While still dreaming about some exquisite local delicacies, take a look at these restaurants in Kazakhstan to find out which will be your next stop!

Best Restaurants In Kazakhstan

What can be more satisfying for you than to enjoy your favorite dish after a day full of traveling and exploring? Well, there are a lot of amazing restaurants in Kazakhstan where you will get to taste a lot of delicious dishes at affordable rates.

1. Tandoor

Tandoor and curry

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There is no wonder why this Indian restaurant has always been the most favorite choice of not only the Asian tourists but also the International ones as well since it serves the exotic Indian cuisine with sheer elegance. This authentic restaurant is the perfect choice for someone who is an avid foodie and wishes to try something new with the classic North-Indian dishes such as Aloo Gobi and Bhuna Gosht. Tandoor is one of the most well-known Indian restaurants in Kazakhstan that not only offers you great food but also a stunning ambiance as well. You can also check out the online reviews and rating of Tandoor which are enough proof of its popularity and wonderful customer service. So, what are you waiting for? Go and book your table online so as to avoid any last minute issue.

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2. Olivia

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Olivia is located in the Rixos Khadisha which is a 5-star Hotel and it offers you a wide variety of the drool-worthy Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. In addition to the flavorsome dishes, there is also a wine cellar in this restaurant where you have the access to an excellent collection of New, Old and Local Wines so that you can enjoy the meal with drinks. What adds to its beauty is a library and a vast range of study material on design and art on the surrounding shelves so as to keep you entertained and let you have a peek at the diverse culture of this spectacular country. You must taste the exquisite pasta dishes, grilled meats and risottos of this magnificent restaurant and make sure to make the most of your time in Kazakhstan. After a tiresome day of skiing, horse riding, hiking and a lot of fun activities, this breathtaking Kazakh restaurant will give you a much-needed relaxation.

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3. Alasha

beshbarmak with potatoes

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One of the major reasons why this place tops the list of top-notch halal restaurants in Kazakhstan is because of its commendable services and professional staff members. If you are visiting Alasha for the first time and do not have any idea of what to try, then you can fully rely on the useful advice of their staff that is always ready to assist you. It is an Uzbek-styled restaurant that offers you fun and comfortable dining experience. Located at the side street on the Dostyk Avenue, the entrance of Alasha is designed like a traditionally tiled mosque where the diners get to eat in a central Asian style on tapchans or raised platforms. If you are planning for a visit, do not miss the Lamb and Quail Barbecue as it tastes and looks delicious.

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4. My Café

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This is the best option for having a good time with your close ones after you are done with the exploring of Kazakhstan during the day where you can just sit, relax and offer a new experience to your taste buds. What more can you ask for? My Café is a trendy place to hang out with your friends after a tiresome day that provides you with pleasant music and splendid décor consisting of huge steel feathers. The atmosphere of this place is enough to lighten up your mood and offer you a comfy experience. The cold summer soup known as Okroshka is the most loved one of many locals as well as the foreign tourists and you can also try the inviting lamb burger that comes in the charcoal bun. But, what takes the cake is its buckwheat noodles with the grilled eel which is the most preferred dish of many locals as well as the tourists. Give it a try and there is no way you won’t be a fan.

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5. Kishlak

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A relaxed and cozy restaurant that specializes in the traditional cuisine of Central Asia with striking interior and mouth-watering dishes is the actual definition of Kishlak. There are 3 dining rooms and each of them is decorated in an enticing manner to give it a distinctive look which makes it one of the attractive and fine dining restaurants in Kazakhstan. You have the full liberty to choose from plenty of luscious delicacies like dumplings with the spicy lamb meat, Manti and hearty Shorpa etc. The availability of nicely designed tables and diverse range of conventional Uygur, Kazakh and Uzbek dishes is what makes this place more desirable. Kishlak makes sure that you get well aware of every Central Asian dish and feel overwhelmed with its delightful taste.

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6. Gakku

Gakku Restaurant

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Hard to find but even harder to ignore, Gakku is a restaurant that will blow away your senses with its astounding interiors and very palatable dishes. There is no denying the fact that it has always been one of the best restaurants in Kazakhstan and that is why you can always see an eager crowd of hungry and excited tourists at this place. This Kazakh restaurant is situated in the city of Almaty and is considered as an authentic one that is worth a shot. The main cause of its immense popularity is its traditional Kazakh delicacies that include Kuurdak which is made of potatoes and mutton, horse meat steak etc. Moreover, the local dish, Beshbarmak is a definite treat for both your eyes and taste buds which is worth every bite.

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Kazakhstan is a perfect blend of astonishing scenery, lovely people and incredibly savory cuisine that assures you to have a memorable experience with your friends and family. So, are in mood for a treat? Plan your trip to Kazakhstan with TravelTriangle and satiate all your food cravings at these best restaurants with your loved ones!

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