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    Latvia, like other Baltic countries, is affluent in medieval history, art nouveau architecture and breathtaking landscapes. The castles along the shores of the Baltic Sea are spellbinding while the Latvian forests are dense and filled with rare bilberry trees. The country celebrates art, architecture, food, and lifestyle unbiasedly and this can be witnessed in the numerous museums, galleries and scrumptious restaurants it owns. Restaurants in Latvia do not just limit themselves to the traditional meals but also bring in a modern twist to it to make it even more palatable to tourists.

    10 Finest Restaurants In Latvia

    Here are some of the best restaurants and eateries in Latvia that resonate the rich culture and flavor of the Baltic country. Which of these would you visit on your vacation?

    1. 3 Pavaru Restorans

    3 Pavaru Restorans

    Image Source

    3 Pavaru Restorans is a fancy fine-dining restaurant that runs with an open kitchen preparing delectable Latvian and European cuisine right in front of the customers. Undoubtedly one of the best Latvian restaurants in Riga, 3 Pavaru has three extremely talented chefs that put together a sensational 4-course menu every evening. The menu is subjected to changes every season as they believe in using the freshest local produce for their deconstructed menu. Fish fillets and pork are some of the bestsellers at this restaurant while one should not miss their amazing dessert consisting of chocolate ganache, orange marshmallow, and whiskey ice cream.

    Location: Torna Iela 4, Jacob’s Barrack 2B, Riga 1050, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 6500
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    2. Domini Canes

    Domini Canes

    Image Source

    Located right in the middle of the major tourist hub, Domini Canes offers the most delicious European and Latvian food in the capital. Overlooking the stunning St. Peter’s Cathedral, the restaurant makes a nice place to have a relaxing evening with friends and family. The interiors of the restaurant are subtle yet stand out with the delicate chandeliers and lights. The restaurant serves contemporary cuisine which can be enjoyed with their wide selection of wine and other cocktails. Some of the must-haves here are their scallops and chicken dishes. The restaurant even plays jazz music during the weekends.

    Location: Skarnu Street 18/20, Old Town, Riga 1050, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 5000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    3. Vincents Restorans

    Vincents Restorans

    Image Source

    Vincents is a high-end restaurant located just a few kilometers away from the Old Town. The restaurant has managed to grab the title as one of the best restaurants in Latvia for its specially designed Latvian menu. It boasts of serving its 5-course tasting menu to esteemed personalities of the world. Beautifully articulated foie gras ravioli, salmon tartare and trout fillets leave one wanting for more. Their extensive collection of wine and cocktails serves as a perfect accompaniment for the delicious food.

    Location: Elizabetes Iela 19, Riga 1010, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 8000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    4. Muusu


    Image Source

    Situated in a medieval building in the Old Town, Muusu has tried to bring the countryside of Latvia in the restaurant. The restaurant comes with a backyard and a terrace garden that is filled with beautiful plants and vines twining with the roof. The ambiance of the restaurant is very relaxing and friendly as the staff is very courteous and attentive. Muusu is one of the well-known Latvian food restaurants that serve the appetizing dishes with a Nordic twist. Mussu being one among the most cherished restaurants in the capital, reservations are highly recommended here. The restaurant has a limited menu that changes every few days.

    Location: Skarnu Iela 16, Riga 1050, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 5000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    5. Entresol


    Image Source

    Latvian restaurants such as Entresol in Riga have been winning hearts for almost two decades with their classic dishes in a modern environment. The interiors of the restaurant are designed with the most opulent and elegant decor. This fine-dining restaurant offers different knapas or appetizers along with their standard menu which is not to be missed. The rabbit pasta and the smoked duck along with sea bass are some of the best-sellers in the restaurant. Decadent desserts such as the white chocolate pudding are to die for. Pairing these delicious food items with a lovely glass of champagne or wine from their selection is going to work out perfectly for an epic night with the loved ones.

    Location: Elizabetes Iela 22, Riga 1050, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 6000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    6. Dome Fish Restaurant

    Dome Fish Restaurant

    Image Source

    One of the best Latvian restaurants in Riga, Dome Fish restaurant is famous for incredible seafood cooked in Baltic style. With fresh catch being delivered every day from a nearby coastal city, the restaurant creates sensational fish dishes that are well loved by both locals and tourists. The restaurant even has a terrace garden that is open during the summers. Unfortunately, this place does not serve any vegetarian alternatives. It is a perfect place for a romantic evening or to mark a special occasion. Fish fillets and crabs are a must-try here.

    Location: Meisneiku Iela 4, Riga 1050, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 7500
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    7. Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs

    Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs

    Image Source

    Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs is a Latvian Folk club that is well-known among world travelers as it is not only a restaurant but a place where the classic Latvian culture can be experienced in Europe. Every evening the club organizes a traditional folk dance and music session to entertain guests. Located in the Old Town, Folkklubs brings the Latvian culture to the tourists with its extensive variety of locally brewed beers and delectable food. Pork and duck are the fast sellers here. The ambiance of the restaurant resembles an old tavern that has all the modern amenities. This restaurant is a must visit place when in Riga.

    Location: Peldu 19, Riga 1050, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 3500
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    8. Riviera


    Image Source

    This Mediterranean restaurant, though located in one of the cobblestoned streets of the Old Town is famed for its eclectic Greek, French, and Spanish cuisine. The ambiance of the restaurants resonates a cruise along the Mediterranean Sea with simple yet colorful interiors. While the restaurant favors seafood dishes more than other meat, it strikes a point with the incredible flavors and portions. The restaurant is a bit expensive but worth a visit. Tiramisu and oysters are the most recommended at this restaurant.

    Location: Dzimavu iela 31, Riga 1010, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 4500
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    9. Neiburgs Restaurant

    Neiburgs Restaurant

    Image Source

    Neiburgs is a classic Latvian restaurant that blends the traditional cuisine and contemporary architecture of the place flawlessly. The restaurant uses the fresh produce cultivated by the local farmers to enhance the flavor in their cuisine. Summers allow the guests to enjoy the wonderful cuisine on their terrace garden. It is an ideal place to sit back, relax and people watch while enjoying the variety of food and wine the restaurant has to offer.

    Location: Jauniela 25/27, Riga 1010, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 4000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    10. Milda


    Image Source

    Milda is a small restaurant located by the riverside in Old Riga locality. Milda is known for its classic traditional Baltic cuisine that is served at a reasonable price. For budget travelers, Milda serves as a perfect stop for a taste in the local cuisine. The interiors and ambiance of the restaurant is nothing exceptional but are warm and comfortable. Oxtail soup and Cepelinai are the must-try dishes here. This is one of the restaurants in Latvia that serves traditional food in contemporary decor.

    Location: Kungu iela 8, Riga 1010, Latvia
    Cost for two: INR 2500
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    Latvia shares its borders with Lithuania and Estonia, giving it an opportunity to inculcate various cultural and culinary ideas. The restaurants in Latvia make sure to serve their guests with traditional Latvian and other European cuisine made from the freshest produce available. Plan your escape to Europe via TravelTriangle and experience the culture and flavor of this surreal Baltic country.

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